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½ Price Darrell Lea Assorted 160-280g $2.20, Kettle Chips 150-175g $2.32 | Quilton Gold Toilet Tissue Pk 30 $13 @ Woolworths


Darrell Lea Chocolate Coated Bites, Bullets, Liquorice, Allsorts or Twists 160-280g - $2.20

Darrell Lea Milk Chocolate Raspberry Bullets 250g
Darrell Lea Milk Chocolate Liquorice Bullets 250g
Darrell Lea Dark Chocolate Liquorice Bullets 250g
Darrell Lea Allsorts Liquorice 270g
Darrell Lea Chocolate Raspberry Balls 160g
Darrell Lea Bullets White Chocolate Raspberry 200g
Darrell Lea Milk Chocolate Coated Original Liquorice Twists 200g
Darrell Lea Twists Dark Chocolate Liquorice 200g
Darrell Lea Batch 37 Liquorice 260g
Darrell Lea Liquorice Twists 280g
Darrell Lea Twists Raspberry Liquorice 280g
Darrell Lea Bb's Chocolate Mint 185g
Darrell Lea Bb's Chocolate Orange 185g
Darrell Lea Chocolate Liquorice Balls 160g

Kettle Chips 150-175g - $2.32

Kettle Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips 175g
Kettle Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream 175g
Kettle Classic Herb & Spice Chips 165g
Kettle Original Sea Salt Chips 175g
Kettle Chilli Chips 175g
Kettle Honey Soy Chicken 175g
Kettle Thai Chilli & Lime Potato Chips 150g
Kettle Parmesan & Garlic Chips 175g

Quilton Gold 4 Ply Toilet Tissue Tissue 30 Pack - $13

This item is not available online, please visit your local store.

Note: this deal has most likely started, as my local store had them on display last Friday.

PS: 45 Pack of the Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue is currently $20 ($18 S&S) @ Amazon AU

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  • +3

    Darrell Lea Twists Dark Chocolate Liquorice - this stuff is pure evil. Delicious.

  • Quilton must have the inside info, that lockdown not going to go on:)

    • Nah Woolies pre-ordered too much and based on their weekly shipments which is ordered in quarterly batches. They'll have to get rid of the stock otherwise they'll have no room to stock in the back store. Many people think it's simply just cancelling an order. But that's not the case. Because each pallet packed in the warehouse is designed that each pallet maximise the room for each pallet that is delivered to each store.

      If the stock is cancelled they it'll take hours of man hours to reconfigure the stock across the nation.

  • +2

    What ever happened to the stix licorice? Every time I walk past the aisle and don't see it, I feel a deep sense of sadness.

  • +1

    Does the Kettle Sweet Potato Chips never go on sale anymore? Feelsbadman

  • +1

    The white chocolate raspberry bullets are the absolute best. Almost impossible to stop eating them once you have started though.

  • Trust Woolies to put toilet paper on special?

    They can't even hold stock on their shelves.

    I wonder if you could get a raincheck on this?

  • +1

    The raspberry twists are divine!
    Thanks OP, had to hustle a bag.

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