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Sony Xperia 10 III (Black) 6GB + 128GB $559.67 Delivered (from HK) @ Expansys


I stumbled upon this while looking for an Xperia 1 III, seems pretty cheap for a new phone.
It comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack!

Specs: https://www.gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_10_iii-10698.php

  • Only black is on special.
  • This is the midrange phone with the Snapdragon 690, not the flagship (1 and 5) which are coming out soon.
  • There's some doubt about whether or not 5G works in Australia on these grey imports right now.

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    Sony probably has the worst naming when it comes to their products.

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      Yeah. Can't argue with that.

      The Xperia line up is alphabet soup. Though their other products are no different.


      I mean. Whoever comes up with these naming really need to try again.

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        I still called the "Option" button the "Select" button on my DualShock 4 controller.
        In the future, I'm sure I'll be calling the PS5 controller the "DualShock 5".

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        Sony have 1000’s of products they keep track of dating back decades, it’s not as easy as you might think.

    • Yep, I thought the 10 was the flagship at first, that's why I figured I'd better point it out in bold in the deal post.

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      For sure, guess their marketing and branding team never got together for Friday arvo drinks and then get on with work! 😂.

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      As long as they stick with this naming, then its fine. They have 1, 5, and 10 models and then the III is mark 3 ie. next ones should be 1, 5 and 10 then IV.

      If it goes as per this convention, I prefer it over other brands eg. Samsung's S8, 9, 10, 20, 21, 22, A10, M10 etc…

      Example of sony's naming is their cameras RX100 series which is now up to MK VII? or maybe later

    • maybe this is the Japanese way to name the products,

      Canon 1D MK2, 5D MK3, 50D, 500D
      Nikon D1, D300, D7500
      Olympus EM1 MK3, EM10 MK2

  • 12MP back and 8MP front camera?

    Seems kinda low.

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      Pixel 5/iPhone 12/Samsung S21 (non-ultra) all feature 12MP rear cameras so not sure why this is a concern for a mid-range phone.

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      Didn't we learn years ago that megapixel count hardly matters

    • The quality of the sensor and lens matter, the megapixels don't and never have.

      Unless you're printing your photos to fit on a highway billboard; 12MP back and 8MP front are plenty (and use a reasonable amount of space too).

      • Don't forget post image process as well.

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          "I'm gonna need you to pump up that sharpening a bit more."

          To which, Scotty would reply, “I'm giving her all she's got Captain.”

      • It matters somewhat, you just cant compare easily from a mp count.

        With a fixed lens, more pixels means effectively more ability to zoom without needing a dedicated lens.

        You can't however say a Redmi note 10 pro has 108mp so that means it captures more detail than some other cameras 12 mp sensor. It may well not.

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    @OP - Where did you end up on the hunt for a 1 III (international version)?
    I'm keen too.

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      No, not yet. I don't think there are any at this time, but the site I linked in this deal say they expect to have some by the end of July.
      I'm probably going to buy a 5 Mark II soon instead.

    • Same here, though I had thought to get a Sammie Xcover for MTB//cycling/escooter duty and a Fold 3 as a main phone or just the Sony 1 iii..

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      Would love to know if you find one too! From what I've read so far UK/Europe will include free WH-1000XM3s with pre-orders while US will include WF-1000XM3s.

      Waiting on Clove UK to start their pre-orders but looking for other places too.

      • I've been following this phone too as a replacement for an aging, but nonetheless beautiful Xperia 1 i.

        To blatantly thieve from Whirlpool… and credit to zehoo on there.

        "a USA model as it has all the bands of the asian and EU model plus a couple of extras (-79). Something I never thought I'd suggest as USA models tend to always lack some of our bands."

        And as kaladinseye suggested, it comes with a pair of WF-1000XM3 for free;


        Although another pair of WH-1000XM3s from European sellers is also tempting…

        • I ended up getting scammed trying to buy the 5ii, so I'm now in the market for the 1iii instead
          Is pre-ordering from these guys the best bet for getting one soon?

  • I thought this was the new one for a second, the new one looks pretty decent have never really been interested in a Sony phone before either

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    That side mounted fingerprint reader is enough to sell me on this. More manufacturers need to implement that

    • Yeah, my last Sony was the XZ Premium which had this, and I miss it all the time.
      Behind the screen fingerprint scanners are the worst thing since sliced dick.
      I'm glad Sony put the headphone jack back in so that I can buy their phones again.

    • I really miss this (and probably only this) from when I had Sony phones. From memory I think they had a patent or some other sort of exclusivity in the US for side-button fingerprint sensors which is a real shame for everyone else.

  • What is the spec of this phone? Are they good in comparison to Samsung? Are they equivalent to Note or Galaxy S?

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      The tech specs are here: https://www.gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_10_iii-10698.php
      This is mid-range specs, not a flagship phone. It'd be equivalent to any similarly-spec'd Samsung phone.

      Personally, I hate the modifications Saumsung make to Android, I find their roms to be clunky, and the interface to be laggy, where as this Sony will have a pretty unmodified / clean UI.

      But if you're not too into the tech specs, etc, you're probably better off buying something within Australia to be honest.

  • Sony phone is great in a lot of ways, but sales like crap, not without reasons…

    • Seems to happen to all the brands I like.
      I hate that Panasonic don't sell TVs here anymore for example.

    • Really its the price and the fact they have almost no brand awareness (no advertising)

      • I think it's the lack of advertising. Everyone I know who bought a Sony over the last 10 years, only heard of them by looking at my phones lol

    • I havent gotten a new sony phone the last few models due to the simple fact that they reduced the squareness. GIve me my edges

  • Would totally get a Sony phone if VoLTE can be enabled but it was a complete no go on the 1 II and think it's going to be the same again.

    • What's the deal with this?
      Just higher quality audio?

      • I think 4G - LTE is usually for data and 3G used for voice and data. The Vo in VoLTE stands for Voice over, hence you can use the 4G towers to make a phone call and not rely on the 3G towers.

        Of course I could be wrong.

        • Yeah I looked up what it means. You can do voice calls over the LTE/4G network instead of just 2G/3G.
          And hence more bandwidth, so I figured, clearer sound?
          You're saying there are also areas with poor 3G coverage where you could use 4G?

          • @idonotknowwhy:

            there are also areas with poor 3G coverage where you could use 4G?

            Everywhere soon once 3G is switched off in a couple of years. Which is why I'm holding onto my XZ Premium till the big 3 carriers allow grey market Sony stuff to work on 5G/VoLTE.

            • @GS9891: XZ Premium is still a great phone, I loved mine and only replaced it because I broke it.
              Haven't ever had a phone as good as that one.
              Thanks for the warning about when 3G turns off. I hope they'll just enable 4G calls for everyone at that point.
              Otherwise I'll have to setup some VOIP phone crap on my phone I guess.

          • @idonotknowwhy: Nah, just think of it as mainly a back up but there are probably areas where there are only 4G towers.

  • I assume its gone back to $644

    • Yep looks like it. I've marked as expired.