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Samsung Q70A 75" QLED TV + Q900A Soundbar $3,448 ($3,118 after Cashback) Delivered @ Samsung


Samsung is running a TV + Soundbar promotion where you get additional discounts when both are in the cart.You can also claim a cashback via manual redemption when you purchase an eligible TV and Soundbar.

The best combination I've found in terms of value is:

To get both at JB Hi Fi at current sale prices is $3,494. This combo receives a $300 cashback.

But add them together to your cart on Samsung to get it for $3,448 before any further discounts (such as $50 off newsletter sign-up code), plus also the $300 cashback to bring it down to $3,118. Thanks for alpsz94 for confirming that pricing is $210 cheaper via the EPP, but does not include the $300 cashback.

I went to JB Hi-Fi with this and they eventually offered $3,298 for the TV + Soundbar combo including delivery, making it $2,998 after cashback. That beats the Samsung combined discounted price by a further $150. See receipt here. YMMV with negotiation.

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  • Hey OP, do you negotiate with outright purchase on the same day?

    • +1

      Yes, I've got until the store closes today for that price. Tricky cos I was initially to go with the LG C1 65" OLED but this package gives me a bigger screen and a decent soundbar, but with the (slight?) tradeoff on picture quality, for roughly the same price.

  • is Q70A in the same league as the sony 9000H? that's not a bad price considering the 75 hisense Q8 comes to 2.5k

    • they both review about the same. x9000h has ever so slightly better reviews but VRR support was meant to be added in via a firmware update which i think has never happened? someone who owns one can probably confirm. thats a pretty big drawback compared to the samsung if you game at all.

      • +1

        but VRR support was meant to be added in via a firmware update which i think has never happened

        This is a consistent complaint with Sony TVs - suggestion would be to purchase based only on what is available today, not potential promises that may never materialise

    • Pretty close only because the q80a line up have dropped the VA panel and now use the IPS like ADS panel. Otherwise the q80t would of been the better buy. But all of Samsungs lineup again this year doesn't support dolby vision and I've noticed the same WiFi bugs still persist in it

  • I got the q950a for $1217 so I'm not sure what the cheapest q70a 75inch was. Might be cheaper to find deals separately.

  • Not sure if it helps any one but Q70A is on sale for $2469 government portal!

    • +2

      $2,339 on Samsung EPP for Q70A 75". $899 for Q900A soundbar.

      Total - $3,238. Not sure if eligible for cashback if purchased via EPP.

      EDIT: FROM T&Cs.

      This offer is also not available on purchases made via Samsung Enhanced Partnership Portals, Samsung Government Store, Samsung Business Store and Samsung Education Store.

  • Thanks OP!!!

  • But be aware. Purchases under EPP might not be part of the promotion

  • +1

    Managed to get the 65" QN85A and Q900A soundbar for $3,833 from JB (includes 5% sitewide coupon), after $600 Samsung cashback, comes to $3,233. Would have gone 75" per your deal but it doesn't fit in my lounge. Now to play the price drop game with 28deg

    • +1

      Samsung got it wrong via live chat, it's only$300 cashback

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    Would you be able to show the store and receipt no as well?
    Then we can get the JB to possibly price match it with your receipt.

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    Do you get the full cashback offer for the TV? Looking at the T&Cs, a 75" QN90A is eligible for $500 cashback in the same transaction. If I purchase a $300 soundbar, will I get the full $500 cashback (ie, 'free' soundbar + $200)? I can't see anything in the terms that says otherwise.

  • I just got the Samsung 75" Q70A QLED TV with Samsung Q870A 5.1.4 two weeks ago. Pretty happy with the TV so far. Easy to setup and navigate around. Integrates well with Samsung Smart things.

  • Has anybody tried making a cashback claim for a purchase made on the epp portal? I know the terms state EPP isnt eligible but it just says Samsung on the invoice and doesnt mention EPP portal.

  • Has anyone actually gotten their cashback yet?

    • Yep, I got mine 2 days ago :)

      • Lucky!

        I had my claim go from approved, back to in review, and now it's just been sitting there for weeks :(

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