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Gigabyte AORUS 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen4 M.2 SSD $189 Delivered ($0 VIC C&C) @ Centre Com


Centre Com have reduced the price on this high end Gen4 SSD that offers a very fast 5000/4400MB/s read/write speed, DRAM cache, an impressive 1800TBW endurance and a quality copper heatsink to keep it cool.

Edit: Price reduced.

As a comparison it's currently $219 at Amazon, $259 at Umart and $295 at Mwave.

Specs with technical information below:

  • Form Factor: M.2 2280
  • Interface: NVMe PCIe Gen4
  • Total Capacity: 1000GB
  • Seq Read Speed: 5,000MB/s
  • Seq Write Speed: 4,400MB/s
  • NAND Flash: 3D TLC Toshiba BiCS4
  • Controller: Phison PS5016-E16
  • Cache: DDR4 1GB SK hynix Cache
  • Random Read IOPS: up to 750k
  • Random Write IOPS: up to 700k
  • MTBF: 1.77 Million Hours
  • Warranty: 5 Years or 1800TBW

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    • +15

      heh at the bottom of the listing it has this:

      WARRANTY NOTE: Using storage devices for non consumer / commercial work loads and purposes such as CHIA MINING will void warranty, our returns department will be actively checking for this scenario.

      • Gees they were quick to add that in. I remember Kingston and OCZ adding server use would void the warranty back in the day.

    • +9

      Why would you buy a great consumer SSD and then waste it in Chia farming?

      You'll dramatically reduce the lifespan of your device just in the plotting process, and then let it sit there, all its performance capabilities wasted, in the hope the latest crypto bubble will earn you a few dollars a month. https://chiacalculator.com/

      • +1

        Looking at my 20tb ssd graveyard


        • Damn, obviously turning a profit still or else you wouldn't be murdeering SSDs.

          • +1

            @bumbandito69: Yeah, when I was plotting, the profit far outweighs the cost of the ssd

            • @ln28909: Out of curiosity, what sort of profit are you talking for the investment?

              • @BillyG687: when i started in April, the profit was unknown as the coin was not trading yet, I got my money back on the the day the coin got listed, so less than a month

                Now, profit is about the same as Ethereum mining

      • So.. Why does chia need a drive instead of working in ram?

        64gb ram > killing dozens of 64gb ssd's…

        • 128gb minimum if you want to use ram

          • @ln28909: Fair enough. Sounds like a good investment though.. Vs destroying ssds

            • @justtoreply: Depends, your burn out you ssd but it's faster per dollar than if you do it with ram

  • +3

    If anyone is curious:

    Quick summary: super fast, good heatsink, long warranty. But need to be on X570 and Ryzen 3000 platform to get the full benefits of PCIe 4.

    I'd be tempted but I just picked up the 2TB Samsung Evo 980 Pro in the Amazon sales, so getting another SSD past the missus isn't going to fly.

    • +1

      I wish I had jumped on that. Great buy!

    • +10

      You can get the full benefits of PCI.e gen 4, on b550 boards as well. However, you are limited to only 1 slot that is capable of running at gen 4 speeds (the top slot). However, on x570 boards all m.2 slots should be wired for gen 4 speeds.
      11th gen intel on z590 boards act similarly to b550 boards, in the sense that 1 m.2 slot is capable of gen 4.

      • +1

        What is it with Intel and gimping on memory bandwidth?

        • +1

          they had no competition for too long

      • Good clarification, thanks. I was just plagiarising a few of the pros/cons from the link I posted! :)

      • This is the exact question I had re: the B550 board.

    • +1

      I just picked up the 2TB Samsung Evo 980 Pro in the Amazon sales

      2TB 980 Pro or 2TB 970 Evo Plus? What was the price of the Amazon deal? (just wondering if I missed something epic)

      • +1

        I paid $478 for the 980 Pro. It was a pretty good deal rather than an epic deal, but I'm still glad I jumped on it.

        I also bought a $20 NVME to PCIe adapter because I shifted my 1TB 970 Evo over to the second slot in my motherboard, but I discovered that's only PCIe gen 2, so sloooooooow… With the adapter I get full gen 3 speeds again. (I'm only on an older X470 MB and Ryzen 2000 series, so no gen 4 until I upgrade.)

  • The full copper body is beautiful, but I guess it's chunkiness would prevent it being used in most laptops

    • Yes that's right. it is removable.

      • +2

        Voids warranty to do so, despite many doing that online. Confirmed by a Gigabyte AU manager when I finally found one

    • It's very sexy for a piece of hardware

    • +1

      People failed to point out that this drive would likely be pointless to add to a laptop because there are very few laptops that support pcie 4.0 drives. Unless you have an Intel 11th gen or a ryzen 5000 series laptop this drive would be wasted. Better to go for a pcie 3.0 SSD.

  • Been at this price for a while now at a few different stores (BPC and PCCG too). BPC have it for $209 on eBay if you have gift cards to use (5%+).

    • +1

      The benefit of this deal over BPC and PCCG is the free shipping so I don't have to pay $20+. Not all of us can C&C ;)

      • Yeah which is why I only linked the eBay deal. This Centre Com deal is indeed best with the free shipping.

        Just tried some codes to try to get it cheaper on eBay but seems none work for it.

  • +8

    I've got this and also a 1TB Kingston A2000 and honestly in terms of gaming (on a X570/Ryzen 5800x) I don't notice any difference between them. I'll plus vote as it's cheap for this SSD but don't waste money like I did if you're mostly gaming from it.

    • +1

      100% this.
      I have the exactly same two SSDs. I absolutely love the look (and the heavy weight) of the Aorus. But the real world performance compared to a cheaper one isn’t very noticeable.

      Would I get this again? Absolutely. I love looking into my case and seeing this.

    • +1

      It's not a thing currently, but supposedly some upcoming games will be able to take full advantage of direct storage using a pcie 4.0 SSD. You cann still use a pcie 3.0 device but all the marketing hype has been around pcie 4.0 being able to achieve this. I guess we will need to wait and see if it's all marketing and again you won't be able to tell a difference between pcie 3.0 and pcie 4.0 for direct storage access.

    • yep came here to say exactly this.

      I knew that in real life scenarios no one really will feel the difference between v3 and v4, so I am fully loaded with A2000 drives and not even interested in v4 drives.

      don't waste your money folks.

    • Well this is another exact scenario I would've been heading towards lol

      Currently got a 1TB A2000 so yeah… Cheers

  • +8

    Is this better than the Domino's 50% of premium pizzas deal?

    • I don't consume their pizza often but I can tell ya the shakes and sundaes are amazing.

  • its 199 at BPC in store too
    269 for the newer version which has read speeds up to 7000mb

  • Do you think this would be fast enough/compatible for the PS5 M.2 expansion slot? Still haven't heard anything from Sony about this…..

    • Definitely going to be fast enough with this having PCIe 4.0 speeds. Heatsink might need to be removed.

    • So this is faster to Samsungs offerings?

      • +2

        Not their latest 980 Pro IIRC, but it's still close and certainly better gbps/$

  • So I'm guessing this would have an easy life (and a waste) in my Gigabyte AORUS x470 Gaming 7 motherboard but I want more AORUS, dam what a great deal,.. but I've over done the EOFY sales this year and have to give it a miss but still tempting :(

  • +1

    Great price, so tempted. Must resist! Already have 5 ssds in my system..

    • Just curious. What do you use your 5 SSDs for?

    • Yeah I'm trying too resist too, I would've bought it mainly for the fact its another AORUS product in my AORUS system/motherboard even though wasted as my motherboard is a x470 version but even more so I won't be able too see it as the m.2 port is below the graphics port so would be completely hidden by my graphics card :( love the sll copper heatsink

    • +1

      Well I didn't buy this AORUS 1TB Drive, sort off well I ended up buying the 2TB version so I sort off kept my promise too myself not too buy this 1TB drive lolz, but another reason I'll replace 2 of my 3 NVMe drives, well the 1TB and 500gb ones with this one 2TB drive,.. now the problem of selling second hand drives well one of the drives I have the 3rd one another 1TB drive is still new, should get back most of my money, sort off πŸ‘πŸ˜

      Other Ozbargain deal includes AORUS 2TB NVMe version @ $395.10

  • +2

    Word of warning. This fits the Aorus B550i perfectly, but will not fit the Aorus X570i unless using the rear m.2 slot. I suspect only an ITX issue

    Mount plate for the VRM fan will prevent correct contact so either the VRM gets reduced cooling or the ssd needs to be removed from copper heat sink voiding warranty and difficult to use thermal pads

    • Yeah it's not an issue on the Aorus X570 Master (ATX) It'll fit any of the three slots.

  • Good Deal!

  • Can I use this on R12 or pointless? I know R12 uses Z490 mobo but unsure if Dell's version of R12 mobo supports or can take advantage of 4.0 NvMe.

  • I wonder how this would work with an NVMe enclosure to USB C.

    • I think you would need to shuck the heatsink to make it fit. Also over USB C you are not really going to see the performance of PCIE 4.

      Probably better getting a cheaper model that will perform almost identically in an enclosure

      • Thank you

  • How's this comparing to the Samsung 970 pro or 980 pro?

    • +1

      980 Pro is faster @ 5000 - 7000 MB/s but is more expensive.
      I am waiting on a good deal for 980 Pro

      Looking at the comments here, it could be had for $220

      • is the 980 pro a gen 4 ssd?

        • +1

          Yes Pcie 4.0

  • Is this what PS5 uses? When is ps5 getting the additional hard drive activated ?!? I’m nearly full with 5games!

  • will this fit the top m.2 slot of rog strix b550-a?

  • $189 now. But you can get it for like $160 shipped at PCCG with the Klarna deal.

    • There's free shipping at PCCG now?

      • Nah, I was factoring in the delivery cost (for me it's $15). The SSD itself would be $149.25 after the 25% off.

        • Ah yes of course. I was failing at numbers.

    • whats this klarna deal, how do you get it at that price

      • Front page deal posted earlier today.

        • all good i figured it out, was already keen on buying at $199, this sealed it for me, cheers.

      • Klarna is like Afterpay, though Klarna seem to be more strict with there credit check and wont let me use them while afterpay I had no issues

  • Whats ones thought on buying this for the SSD and not using the heatsink. But keeping the mobo heatsink?