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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Gaming Headset Green $49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Hi all, looks to be pretty cheap for the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Gaming Headset Green @ $49 from Amazon. Colour may not be to everyone's taste, but I gave it a Kraken.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Price in title please.

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    Tell 'em the price son.

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    $49 is hell good, got one for my boy.

  • Awesome price, great find.
    Great job, Detective! :) ♥

  • Well done. I have this in another colour and keep switching it for work and play. Cheaper clone now. Thanks OP

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    buy now think later - ozbargainPay

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      you called?

      • dad, is that you?

    • Or OzPay, this website created other words like ozbargained, and phrases like Broden is that you? Or username check out which I still don't understand

  • Thought 62 bucks when i ordered on the last sale was a great price

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    This is an excellent price, have the same one and very comfortable

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    Upvoted for the Kraken-g pun and also for the find! Great job!

  • I've got the non tournament edition and paid more than this. Been pretty happy with it, especially as it's been the most comfortable headphone I've worn in ages, so ordered one of these and will keep the old one as a backup. Great find, OP.

  • Got it for $44 with the recent $5 Amazon promo.

    Thanks OP

  • $79 when I add it to cart now.

    • Still a good price.

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        But knowing that a couple minutes prior the price was $49 makes it very hard to click that purchase button :)

  • Price showing $79

  • Nice find OP

  • Ozbargained?

  • Damn, gone?

  • No1 son has tried them and says they are very heavy compared to others

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    The only 30mins I am not checking on OzBargain and this happens…….lol

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      Good news, they look and sound awful :)

      Stretch and buy a pair of MH752’s.

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        I love these comments that are like "buy this that's at least twice as much because it's better". Well nah shit.

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          Ah yes, I forget no-one wants to know about whether a products any good or just e-waste here.

          If the MH752 was made by Razer, it'd be double the price, easily eclipsing Razer's more premium Blackshark range. But it can't be a bargain because consumers like yourself only look at the marketing, RRP and "discount" to tell you whether it's a good buy.

          $100 for a premium headset which closely follows the harman curve, vs $49 for a pair with no sub-bass, flabby mid-bass and practically zero treble.

          Easy decision for OzB!

          • @seerious:

            consumers like yourself only look at the marketing, RRP and "discount" to tell you whether it's a good buy.

            If by "marketing" you mean past people's experiences and specifications then sure.
            You're saying inflating RRPs and then discounting them is a "bargain"? Lol.

            Sounds like you're the one buying into the marketing, you just don't realise it sadly.

            If you're just chucking out these after they don't conform to your vastly superior standards then yes e-waste is a problem.

            In fact, why don't you post your suggestion as a deal and see if it performs better?

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              @pennypincher98: Yeah okay, lets not argue. No-one ever convinces the person on the other end over the internet.
              I'll just post some links and data in case anyone gives a shit.

              Here's some actual frequency response graphs on the Kraken TE:

              Bass Accuracy - 5.6
              Mid Accuracy - 4.6
              Treble Accuracy - 1.8

              Just look at their treble measurements.

              Have a look at another budget headset, the Steelseries Arctis 1:

              Bass Accuracy - 8.4
              Mid Accuracy - 7.1
              Treble Accuracy - 6.5

              Available for $57 here:

              And here's another - the Razer BlackShark V2 X

              Bass Accuracy - 7.8
              Mid Accuracy - 8.4
              Treble Accuracy - 4.1

              Available for $68 here:

              Both frequency responses and considerably smoother than seen on the Kraken TE.
              RTINGS might cops it occasionally for their stupid weighting system, but their sound targets are actually solid - closely tracking an approximation of the harman curve.

              Sound is every bit as important as input and visuals. The Cooler Master MH752 (actually a rework/rebrand of the TakStar Pro 82) is excellent value considering it's likely the most comfortable headset on the market and has excellent tuning stock (see here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3doahjo53vjzxxl/Coolermaster%20MH7...). My point was that, if Razer sold these, they'd very likely have a huge Razer tax on them. Nothing Razer makes sounds as good or sits as comfortably (except perhaps their Opus, but that's not a headset).

              Just looked at your post history. You're username checks out. We're coming at this product from very different angles, audio enthusiast vs deal enthusiast. My initial point was simply that this particular headset isn't a great deal at $50.

              • @seerious: Not going to lie I didn't read that at all besides some random benchmarks by a random person. Remembering this is just a gaming headset, not my full time audio headset. For my audio headset yeah I'd be looking for better but I'm playing games and not music, mic quality seems to be good from reviews and that's the main thing for me.

                That and I also got it for $29 from the Wireless1 deal.

                • @pennypincher98: So yeah… $29 is a good price.

                  I’d be tempted at that price. But I have a crippling headphone addiction.

  • I must have glitched the system, I still have 1 in my cart at $49, i can also change the quantity and the price goes up in $49 increments. Even at checkout its still glitched

    • Betcha can't checkout…

      • i just had it in cart, not checkout. In saying so i can refresh the page and even go to the place order page, price still $49 for me

    • Same, I had it in cart and purchased for $49 after the price had already increased

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    Aww man, I missed out cause I was watching "The Tomorrow War" on Prime Video.

    • -1

      I was third way through watching this and I got the dreaded " Oppppssss we have a problem" looks like a good movie.
      The aliens look like mother in law hehehe

      • what the (profanity) John what did I say about calling my mum an alien

    • Oh I hope somebody created an ozbargain post for that!

  • Hehehe

  • Same price as bing lee I believe

    Edit: My apologises looks like a different model.

  • Still can buy it at $49.

    • Technically a different model, the Tournament Edition vs the regular Kraken

      Same as the Bing Lee one above

  • Spewin, bought the Razer Kraken X USB for $69 (which are now $59) a week ago, and also went to bed just before this deal went live. Has anyone reached out to Amazon after purchasing something that then goes on sale and got a credit for the difference?

    • Yes, they will give you the credit.

      • Thank you, Will give it a crack!

        • didnt work for me, i got it for 75 the other day and they wouldnt give a credit as it's back to 79 now

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            @191919: The Razer Kraken X USB is still $59.95 and I thought it would take 2 mins on live chat but they were very resistant… I wasn't going to give up that easy though. Managed to get a "promotional credit" applied to my account. Initially they told me I had to return it and repurchase at the lower price before another person took over the chat and obliged as a "one off"

            • @supersaverdude: Nice, to be honest i have no problems with Amazon so far, amazing service and prime is worth every penny.

      • Not true. They only give credit out of good faith if the order hasn't been delivered yet

  • That spacial audio work well?

    • Have watched a bunch of reviews and all say it works really well.

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    Got one last time. Embarrassing quality. Sent it back.

    • I've watched/read a bunch of reviews praising the Quality compared to other headsets, full Aluminium body etc

      How is it Embarrassing? Interested to hear your Thoughts/Experience.

      • +1

        Well, the built quality per se was fine. The problem was with the sound experience. I've been using a non-gamer headset (Audio Technica
        ATH-MSR7) and after installing like 3 different software, the Razer still sounded teeeeeerrible. To unlock the surround, you need to scratch a code a put it in the program, I kid you not. I'm not a big gamer, I just play CSGO but I was horrified at how the cans performed.

        Don´t know mate, YMMV :)

  • i complained as i had got the $79 deal a few days ago, they just gave me a full refund and said to keep it and apologized.

  • Just got mine and they have not shipped the tournament edition.

  • This is now 119 bucks, so it was a great deal!