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15% off Masterskil Angle Grinder Stand $29.75 + Delivery @ Topto



[Metal material] — Made of metal material, strong hardness and very durable to use.
[Multi-angle cutting] — Cutting angle up to 45 degrees up to 80mm.Clamping Angle: 0-45 Degrees; Cutting Depth: 30mm; Clamping Width: 80mm (Clamping Width Is 60mm At 45 Degree Tilt); Applicable Angle Grinder: 100/115/125 mm angle grinder.
[High strength spring] — Good toughness, strengthen the spring, easy to cut, durable.
[Adjustable type] — Adjustable lock switch, rotating screw can be adjusted, save time and effort and convenient.
[Protective cover] — Large size protective cover, cast iron protective cover, effective protection against flying debris safety.

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    Ordered a couple for the kids to play with on the holidays…

    • Too bad the grinder isn't included

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    This, plus the price of an angle grinder ($40ish for a cheap and cheerful one) plus disks is going to take you near $100. For about $130-140 you can get a metal cut off saw with a 356mm blade capable of cutting about 14cm thick and will last a long time (my drop saw cut several hundred pipes before the disk that came with it needed replaced).

    • This takes far less space and many people already have an angle grinder. I bought one for smaller jobs to use with a 1mm cutoff blade - I haven't seen such a thin blade on a 356mm cutoff saw!

      Whether it is worthwhile depends on what you want it for; it takes a bit of time to set up so is not all that convenient if you want to use your angle grinder from time to time. Handy to have, a permanent set up is definitely better if you have room.

      • Absolutely, definitely get what's appropriate to your use. I only added what I did to put it into context in case people didn't realise how little extra they could get a bigger, more versatile bit of kit for.

    • Which disks do you use? I normally use makitas, last time got Bosch which turned out to be of quite poor quality.

      • After years of using whatever didn't seem too expensive at the time (I tend to go for cheaper than the average price) I splurged and got one of these -

        Haven't needed to buy a replacement since and I've cut a lot of stuff.

        • I've used that one for laminate. Seems the laminate burns the teeth fairly quickly. I've done 500 sqm of laminate with that blade and it's no longer as good as it used to be. Do you have any experience with Diablo blades?

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            @Winston100s: Laminate is one of those funny materials; you think it'll be easy on blades but it can really chew through them.

            I've used Diablo blades in my hand held circular saw for timber and they've been pretty good. As long as you match the tooth count to the job then most blades shouldn't give you any problems.

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    You can find same price on eBay, with FREE shipping.

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    Made of metal material, strong hardness. Its important to realise the difference between value and price. I really think we need to stop buying this kind of stuff.

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