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Ryzen 5 5600X, B550 MB, 1TB NVMe SSD, RTX 3080 FTW3, 850W Gold PSU, 3200MHz RGB RAM 16GB $2699 (Exp), 32GB $2849 + Postage @ BPC


Edit — Was 16GB RAM for $2699 (offer expired), now 32GB RAM version for $2849 ($150 more)

This must be a deal!
For $300 more you get lots upgrade from techfast deal!

  • Ryzen 5 5600X (upgrade available to 5800/5900x)
  • EVGA 280mm AIO
  • B550 mobo (not sure model but can also source some x570 mobos for cheap)
  • Corsair vengeance pro rgb 3200mhz 32GB
  • 1TB nvme ssd
  • EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA! And confirmed non-LHR!
  • EVGA 850 GQ 850W 80+ Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply
  • Corsair 275R Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Gaming Case - Black

Not sure why the photo is mismatched with the specs but you should get what is described!
Plus in stock no need to wait!

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    • Sounds like a good deal… so long as you get the upgraded parts for the original price hahahaha.

  • Is there motherboard upgrade to include wifi?

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    Can products be shipped unassembled?

    • I PMed the rep asking if I can pickup unassemble because I want to use some of my components, but no reply yet. keen to cancel my Dell order now, and order this if it is still available before I get my pay tomorrow.

      • I got reply and answer is no

      • Not trying to be a [email protected]$$ … but isn't it easy enough to swap out the components you want? or is it so that you can re-sell the unused items as brand new?

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        Cost more money to send unassembled, and they can't test to see if parts are doa

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    Is this Windows 11 compatible ?

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    Why do you need water cooling for 5600X?

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      Because you cannot exclude it if want the GPU

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    How exactly do you fit a wifi card in there (+$49 upgrade), the GPU, in the pic, seems to be blocking all the PCIe slots.


  • Price gone up?

    • title was for 16gb ram, needs to be updated as only 32gb ram option remain.

    • Only because they added an extra 16GB of RAM

    • Yes, if you read it it says they are using 32GB modules now since they've run out of 16GB RAM, so the price has been adjusted accordingly. Price is still good tho,.

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    I do appreciate the value in this prebuild but can anyone shed some light as to how the price is much lower than each individual parts' costs?

    Assuming the below are the lowest retail prices you could obtain the individual parts for this build, it works out to be $3350 which is still around $500 more than the prebuild price $2850.

    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - $350
    AMD B550M - $100
    EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 10GB - $2100
    EVGA 850GQ 850W PSU - $200
    Corsair 275R Airflow - $100
    EVGA CLC 280 AIO - $150
    Corsair Vengeance PRO 32GB (2 x 16GB) 3200Mhz - $250
    NVMe SSD 1TB - $100

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      They would buy in bulk.

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      They usually get bulk discount and deals on selling certain number of GPU's or units.

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      From au partpicker, the cheapest for all the parts is closer to 4.2k, so its a great deal. Only issues could be the motherboard and possibly case/cooling. As others have said, retailers and companies can source parts at cheap prices (wholesale).

      • I had assumed supplier discounts/deals/wholesale costs would be one reason for lower final costs but I'm not certain if it could fully explain such a lower cost in this instance. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm just curious if there could be any other reasons they were able to achieve this kinda price. This is a fantastic deal though, not denying that.

    • The original sale price for ftw3 ultra 3080 was $1259, at ple.

      Presumably the bulk discount will bring the price considerably below PC part pickier quoted $2100 price.

      • Did you also find a time travel machine for $841?

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          You misunderstood.

          I'm answering thevietjesus's question on that the retailer will be getting the GPU prices below the listed price in PCpartpicker and thus is not selling these at a loss.

          This system is a good deal.

          • @lawyerz: Oh sorry, its on the other page. I think OEM's also have to pay more than $1259 RRP atm.

            • @Levity: Yeah definitely think so too. But lower than $2100 for sure.

              Ple can sell them at $1800s now so maybe $1500-$1700? Maybe.

  • are these all-new parts or some have used before as per an earlier post ?

    • Can you please share the link of the post?
      Don't think they could sell used ones as brand new. But may be a concern for pre mining cards.

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          That link says that they are essentially used since they are in a pre built system. They aren't actually used (other than tests to make sure they work) but for people who want to sell the parts separately, they aren't sealed in a box so they can't sell them as new.

  • Didnt buy, upvoted. Got my system for $2400 in November.

    Only difference being 16gb ram, 750W psu and the Asus TUF OC.

  • Lol bring back 16gb and maybe a deal.

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    Panic selling, love to see it. This build will be worth 2.2k in 3 months. :)

    • Getting a non LHR card in 3 months will be night impossible though. Tis worth a condisderation.

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        I wonder if non-LHR cards will still be in demand in a few months

    • what do you mean panic selling? Arent 3080 in demand at the moment?

  • How are you guys making money on this?

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    Does anyone know how to cancel orders on the BPC Tech website?

    • Hi Ransworld,

      You can contact our sales team by phone call/email/FB to cancel.

      BPC Team

      • Thank you—I have sent an email to sales. I chose pay-on-pickup, but didn't realise there would be a 1.5% surcharge; so I placed a second order and paid by card.

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    Just received my new PC from BPC a few hours ago and haven't been able to get in touch with them but for what it's worth for potential buyers:

    Was more than happy with service, delivery times, parts etc BUT assembly was absolutely terrible.

    My GPU had been inserted into the case incorrectly, and came bent (the plate that exits the case) to the point I couldn't get it into the slot on the motherboard. Had to physically bend it back with pliers. Then spent 4 hours trying to figure out why the rig wouldn't turn on. Turns out the safety lock on the motherboard had been snapped off on installation, luckily found it in the power cables. With the lock on I actually managed to insert the GPU properly, as I was worried about forcing it before.

    Everything is now running fine, but definitely would have preferred a bit more care in the initial build.

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      damn son you really took a risk…

      I would have not touched it at all….

      Given you had to use pliers they could have rejected warranty if something happens unexpectedly. Did you take pictures before you tried fixing it?

      • +1

        Yep absolutely took pictures.

        Look was probably riding the adrenaline high of my first upgrade in a decade, thankfully it's worked out.

    • scary.
      many thx for sharing.

    • Thanks for the info, I'll wait and see how everyone's pc/delivery goes this time.

    • Hi Leor44,

      We are sorry to hear about your experience. Would that be possible for you to share the order number with us?

      Our warranty team will contact you later and looking into this issue.

      BPC Team

      • Just curious, do you need any qualifications to work for a computer builder?

      • I've sent you a DM.

  • People hoping prices will drop dramatically are too optimistic…

    I just sold my 6 month old 3070 non-LHR 2 days ago for $1520 on ebay (i kid you not)… will be upgrading to 3080 with this.

    • Sold my 3080 for $2200, waiting it out with an inferior back up card til I can get a 6800 XT Nitro+ for a reasonable price 😎

      • I got the asrock 6800xt from umart the other day for around 1600. Still tossing it up which one to use.

        Dont know what reasonable will be though… I think back in January it was like 14xx

        Damn… My Harvey Norman pre-order 6800xt is still waiting to be fulfilled and that was 1069.

        • Nice, I saw that deal when it was posted but sadly discovered my case only fits up to 315mm GPU :( All still inflated prices though it seems..

      • Hi @Dsiritz, Can I ask why you want to switch from the 3080 to 6800XT?


        • +1

          Hey Hotshot, I mined on it for the last 6 months in between gaming and wanted to sell it at a profit still as I've noticed the mining profits getting significantly worse. This in turn with AMD's software putting the 6800 XT in front of the 3080 in non-RT games makes it a great switch in my opinion.

          Plus the Nitro+ would look great in my build!

  • @budgetpc Any chance to have this build without an AIO?

    • Hi Miragee,

      You can contact our sales Team through Email/Tele/FB, we will see what we can do with the aircooling:)

      BPC Team

      • Thanks! I just sent an email, hope to hear back soon :)

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    Looks like I'm finally a macho man!

  • How's this EVGA 3080 compared to the techfast gigabyte 3080?

    • Twice as good.

  • +3


  • Thanks, ordered one!

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    Finally the high end GPU market is crashing. Good times ahead.

  • I am so tempted.

    Running a 2700x on a crosshair hero vi.

    I have a 3080ti.

    Buy this system, swap out the gfx card, sell the 3080 for 2k.

    Upgraded system for 850…

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    Seems to be sold out.

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    now V4 version available:


    V4 changes: 1. From Corsair 275R Case to Corsair 4000D Airflow White Case
    2. Better and Faster NVMe SSD
    3. From 280mm AIO cooler to 360mm AIO Cooler
    4. From Semi-Modular PSU to Full Modular PSU

    • Nice price creeping to make that money out of add ons people don't need ;)

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    Any chance they can ship the gpu in the original box? Also any chance with this version 4 to do a X570 motherboard?

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    Do you know how long it will take to ship the V3?

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      I just got an email saying 10 working days for pickup. I assumed it would be ready to go since the website said it was "in stock".

      • Same.

    • I called up to check as I also thought it was ready to go.

      10 working days to build and dispatch.
      3-5 working days for delivery (across AU).

      • +2

        It's a bit of a scheme that it didn't mention 10 business days to build and send. It said in stock but i guess not any faster than tech fast

        • Indeed, but can't get this type of deal elsewhere right now, especially for non LHR.

  • When will this be shipped?

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    i called today. found out it will take over 10 working days before it will be shipped… Add the shipping time it could be almost august before i get it so i cancelled mine. Best of luck to the rest who might be in front of the queue.

    • +1

      Was in the same boat, almost cancelled when I found out about the 10 days but I held out. Got shipping notification, arriving today.

  • This was a nice surprise.

    I got in the 2699 deal and just got email :

    “Your service job is now finished, it will be shipped out soon with the next available courier”

    • Awesome! Thanks for the update. I got the V3 deal—hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

    • When did you place your order?

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        Around 6ish on 6/7

        • Nice! I ordered several hours later, hopefully get the email tomorrow 👌

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    just got mine today

    • Nice, what time did you order? I ordered mine around 7pm on 6/7 still yet to receive a shipping email.

      • I ordered at 6pm according to the email and it still hasn't shipped.

    • Did you get it shipped or pick up?

    • +1

      I ordered on 6/7 at about 4:15pm. I ordered the 2699 model - picked it up from their office in mount Waverley!

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    My v2 got shipped today - collected from warehouse around 2.15pm via TNT

    Hopefully it will arrive Sydney by Wednesday.

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    Delivered 90min ago. Very impressed!!

    PC was packed well. They even stuffed padding underneath GPU to prevent flex/movement.

    Overall excellent buying experience.

    EDIT: Thank you Dell for falling through on the R11 deal!!!!!!! LOL

    • +1

      Cheers for the updates, keen for my v3 to ship

    • That’s great to hear! BPC Tech Mount Waverley are within walking distance from my new workplace, so I’m hoping they’ll become my new go-to PC store.

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    Has anyone else gotten any order updates? The wait is killing me!

    • +2

      Yes the wait is killing me too, I think there are probably a few of us…

      I ordered v3 at 5pm on Tuesday 6/7. I got an email yesterday at 4pm and still waiting for the shipping update.

      Dear x,
      Your Order # x has been updated.

      Thank you for your support!
      Your service job is now finished, it will be shipped out soon with the next available courier.
      Or if your order is for Instore Pickup, it is now ready for pickup.
      Our trading hours, Mon to Fri: 9:30AM to 6:00PM, Sat: 10:00AM to 3:00PM, Sun: Closed.

      • +3

        Just shipped.

        • If you don't mind me asking, what was the last 3 digits of your order number so I can know if mine will be coming soon?

          The suspense is killing me

          • +2

            @ThatOneAsian: Mine shipped today, V3 ordered 5:55pm no …163

            • @storeyv34: Thanks! I ordered at 1AM, no 300. Looks like another week or two away

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                @ThatOneAsian: Mine order was #143. I ordered a v3 at 5pm on Tuesday 6/7, shipped 3pm 15/7 and it was delivered to me (in adelaide) at around 2pm on 16/7.

                Notes for those craving more info
                Came well packed, GPU was supported with bits of foam packing shoved in every nook.
                They included all boxes for the components folded up apart from the AIO box.
                Had minor issue with the AIO usb header not connected properly - just had to plug it in
                Mine has Asus Prime B550-A motherboard
                Ram speed was set to 2133 so just put it to 3200 for now.

                This might save some of you some hassle.
                I have never had RGB before and don't care much for it. Software is required to control each component separately - took me too long to work that out… I just assumed that the preinstalled ASUS Armoury Crate software would control all of it but it does not so just I just uninstalled it.
                RGB software:
                EVGA Precision for the GPU
                EVGA flow control for the AIO
                Corsair iCUE for the RAM
                There is also one motherboard Audio LED that you can turn off (On, Pulse, Off) in the BIOS.

                I also had issues with transferring my old windows 10 pro key to the new build, which did which did not work. I thought it might be to do with the preinstalled win 10 home, so I reinstalled a fresh windows 10 pro and tried again with no luck.

                YMMV but based on my research, my key couldn't be transferred to a new computer because it was a free upgraded key from a legit win 7 pro. You can transfer your key if you bought a specific win 10 key though. So I just bought a new key.

                It's a nice new fancy fast rig - very stoked.

                • @elfelf: Thanks a lot for the update! That's going to save me a bunch of time setting up the RGB.