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Ryzen 5 5600X, B550 MB, 1TB NVMe SSD, RTX 3080 FTW3, 850W Gold PSU, 3200MHz RGB RAM 16GB $2699 (Exp), 32GB $2849 + Postage @ BPC


Edit — Was 16GB RAM for $2699 (offer expired), now 32GB RAM version for $2849 ($150 more)

This must be a deal!
For $300 more you get lots upgrade from techfast deal!

  • Ryzen 5 5600X (upgrade available to 5800/5900x)
  • EVGA 280mm AIO
  • B550 mobo (not sure model but can also source some x570 mobos for cheap)
  • Corsair vengeance pro rgb 3200mhz 32GB
  • 1TB nvme ssd
  • EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA! And confirmed non-LHR!
  • EVGA 850 GQ 850W 80+ Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply
  • Corsair 275R Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Gaming Case - Black

Not sure why the photo is mismatched with the specs but you should get what is described!
Plus in stock no need to wait!

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    seems pretty good!

  • Amazing deal i wonder how long it will last.

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    Getting the whole PC for pretty much the price of the graphics card??

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      Could be the sign prices for these way overpriced GPU's [3080, 3070 etc ] are on the way down

      • +9

        They definitely are. China banning crypto mining has had a huge effect. Prices are dropping pretty fast

        • There are theories that large scale mining operations are offloading all their cards in order to move to new regions that don't have the ban (and then obviously buy new cards). So I guess only time will tell if the price drop lasts.

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      I bought that card on launch from PLE for $1250. I had to wait a few months but don't validate the price gouging.

      • i had one on reserve for that price, got the dirts and sick of waiting and cancelled… the next day i realised… i'm an idiot.. won't see those prices again for a very long time.

  • Wow good deal

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    just after i built my pc on Sunday…….

  • OP, are you a rep?

    The photo of the system doesn't show the FTW3 model, can you confirm that it will actually be the FTW3 and not the more basic model in the photo?

    • Graphic Card EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra 10GB Video Card (10G-P5-3897-KR)

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        I know thats what the ad says but the photo shows a more basic XC3 model.

    • photo also doesnt match case, or mobo size…

      could be incorrect pricing here.

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        BPC has been selling 3080s for lower than other stores lately so this price seems in line.

        They had the iChill X4 for $2099 (sold out now)
        then the TUF 3080 for $2199 (sold out now)
        and the Gaming Z Trio 3080 for $2199 (still available).

        All non-LHR as far as I know too.

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    Solid system. Would have preferred this over my Bifrost 3070 system.

    Although the upgrade to a 5900x is expensive. BPC's 5600x list price is $419, their 5900x price is $839 - difference $420. But the upgrade is $489.

    • +5

      In the world of prebuild upgrades this is cheap. Most prebuilt upgrades are nearly the cost of the actual product from the majority of companies this is how they make good money.

    • Techfast upgrade to 5900X was $649….feel so ripped off & should've waited!!!

  • You can take this deal and sell the GPU for the same price as the whole system. Awesome freebies

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      Be aware the seller doesn't support request of unopening GPU boxes.
      So the card is essentially a "used" card.
      It would be hard for your future buyer to distinguish this to pre-mining cards.

      Personally i wouldn't buy an opened card at a time of miners trying to sell their hardware, which has been running 24×7.

      • that's an interesting fact. Never thought of that. Thanks

      • +3

        Is there any way to confirm these GPUs haven't been mined on?

        • +4

          Just to clarify, I meant the card would be an "used" card to your buyer if you try to re-sell it.
          Don't think BPC would take the risk to sell used card to you as brand new.
          This is still a great deal for the price if you would keep all the parts which all under warranty.

          • @Mandalorians: There is a way to prove that you didn't mine it or at least mine it for long. Show them the order / show them the receipt date and show them the delivery date.

            Honestly, there is a difference between mine for a long time versus a short time. Also Nvidia does quite well in terms of safety for their cards anyways. Even if it was mining forever as long as it wasn't from a huge mining operation and only from some dude who seems to take care of his stuff (can definitely see this from pick-up cause I wouldn't buy anything until I see it and test it on their computer from gumtree) it should be fine.

  • Case listed in their description appears to be wrong though.

    • think the pic is wrong rather than the description.

      lists mATX mobo and pic mobo sure looks like ATX.

  • Any idea if you could fit a second 3 slot card in that case and with that motherboard? Not concerned about the psu I can use my own.

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    I don't need this (i need this).
    Still running 2070 machine i built - but i really want this and then sell my other rig

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    FYi pic is completely wrong, the mATX board/case would look more like:


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      go on ebay check finished listings its not rocket science.

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    So I confirmed this is the NON-LHR.

    They have only about 40-50 units remaining.

    They will be using the exact model number for GPU.

    And they do allow pick up and pick up of all boxes too.

    2 year warranty for labour but varies for the individual parts (probably 1 year unless you can convince the manufacturer to do 2 years)

    I've ordered one :)

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      FYI; GST is included in the price, not added on after.

      • +3

        oh, yes the total increase was Bec of the added parts. My bad

      • -1

        +1 what Matty says

  • Regret not waiting for this lol

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    Was thinking of buying a laptop now and building pc start of next year but this is making me think I should get this instead. What do you all think?

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      Are you thinking what I am thinking B1?

      • +4

        I think I am, B2.

        • +2

          It's maxing out the credit card time!

    • +1


    • +1

      I was spewing about missing out on previous deals when I saw what it would cost to build my own. But now that I have a 2nd chance, I'm like nah I need to get the components I want.

  • Do people buy Windows 10 these days ?

    Can you use the serial off an old unused Windows 10/7 computer instead?

    Is there other ways to get Windows 10?

      • +4

        Gotta love comment sections meant for discussions that say "Go look it up". I've often found I've searched for something, found a post 10 years ago has the same question, and the only answer is from an idiot saying "Use Google".

    • just use the windows 10 installation media from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10I... and download onto a usb. Then simply boot from that on the new pc

      • +1

        And buy a key from eBay global for like $7.

        • lol more like $2-3.

          Its dodgy as BUT it has worked fine for me for YEARS. except you might see some settings turned on/off by default like "managed by your organisation" like auto updates.

          You can override them.

    • Get a windows 10 OEM key, it's cheap like few dollars. And I heard MS offers upgrading to windows 11 for free if you already have windows 10.

  • edit: rep responded below

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    Is this worth it? I reckon pc deals will go down further soon

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    Link now redirecting to homepage?

  • +3

    Did they just jack up the price by $250???

  • +5

    They jacked the price lmfaooo

  • they added ram from 16GB to 32GB and increased the price by $150, so it's not a price jack

  • +1

    about to check out and price jacked of course…

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    Hi Guys,

    Many of you were asking for the RTX3080 system for a very long time, finally. We work it out :) And hope you like it when the build arrived.

    We've already run out of the 16GB ram. Therefore we gonna use the corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (2x 16GB) DDR4 3200MHz Memory, and the price will be adjusted.

    Apologies for any of you who missed the V2 deal, but we will keep pushing better deals!

    BPC Team

    • Hey rep link isnt working though?

    • Hi, what's the deal on the case? Is the case the one in the image?

      • +1

        1+ on this, or, can we have better case options?

        • Seems its a no as the picture has been replaced now.

      • Hi!

        We've noticed the wrong picture been updated on the system, we already fixed the issue :)

    • Please make a very good deal on a 3070 build next something along the lines like this type of deal

    • Any options for a Motherboard upgrade? Also any active discount codes?

    • Hi, when does it ship?

    • Hi Rep,

      I made a purchase for the V2. I was wondering if you could swap the case to the Cooler Master case pictured?

      • Its not pictured anymore. May have been a mistake.

    • Is there an option to upgrade the RAM (to 3600Mhz, not to 64GB)?

  • Link is going to the home page?

  • Good sign of the price going down. Waiting more weeks for more down.

    • +5

      I'll wait until a new 3080 is back to RRP of $1150

  • Is this no longer available?

    • +4

      It's on their website…
      EVGA CLC 280 RGB LED 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler

  • +2

    Keen on one for pickup!

    Any option of RAMLESS with the previous deal as I already have RAM?

  • -1

    Deal of the year.

  • +1

    Sorry techfast, cancelling my order…

    • How are you avoiding the 25% "restocking fee"?

      • yeah how do you avoid that?

      • I selected bsb payment cos I wanted the avoid the 1.5% cc fee and didn't get around to paying.

  • Anyone dealing with upgrade option issues the price keeps reverting to the original price ?