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Free 4 Months Spotify Premium (New Users) @ Xbox (App & Game Pass Ultimate Required)


Android app link

iOS app link

Also 30-day trial of Disney Plus

Scroll to perks section in the app after logging in, to redeem these offers.

Game pass ultimate required. ($1 for one month)

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    Cool. I'd buy that for a dollar!

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      I wonder how many people get that reference

      • Google says Robocop. Not one of the most memorable quotes from that movie, surely?

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          You'd be surprised, very popular pop culture reference.

      • Smash TV SNES?!

  • how does this deal work?
    log in on the mobile app and there's an option to redeem?

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      Yes, there’s a perks section on the app

      • great, thank you!

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    Once you’ve signed up, you then need to navigate to the Perks section – the problem is, this isn’t available through a browser. So without that option, you can access the Perks section through an Xbox Console, the Xbox Game Pass mobile app, or the Xbox app for Windows 10 PCs.

    You’ll find Perks in the account information section of each device – if that’s hard to find, it’s easy to access from your account icon. From there, you’ll see a section labelled ‘Perks’. Navigate to this, and there the perks will be.

    For the Disney+ 30 day free trial, click the ‘Get link’ or ‘Redeem online’ button, and you’ll be sent through to the Disney+ website. From here, enter your email, then set up your account and add payment information. Once this is all done, you’ll get 30 days free. Keep in mind that it will automatically renew after 30 days unless cancelled. This deal is only available for new subscribers. This offer ends on September 30.

    For the Spotify Premium four-month free trial, click the ‘Get link’ or ‘Redeem online’ button, and you’ll be sent to the Spotify website. From here, just click the ‘Start trial’ button, and follow the steps to set up your account. Spotify will automatically renew the subscription every month after the free four-month period, again unless you cancel first. This deal is only available for new subscribers. This offer ends on May 3, 2022.


    • Thanks, found the perks in Win10 app :D I got 3 months ultimate for $1 :D

      No Disney+ though, only got Spotify and some other game skins etc.

  • If I've deleted my Spotify account in the past. Can I use this trial and on a newly created account?

    • How do you think they’ll connect your old and new accounts? They keep track of email ids.

      • Nevermind. Got it after creating new account but using PayPal this time

        • Yeah gotta use new cards everytime.

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      New email new credit card.
      Copy across your old playlist

      • is there a way to copy across the old playlist without going through it one by one?

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          Click on a track then press CTRL/CMD + A to select all and drag into your new playlist.

        • Use Soundiiz mate.

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    Offer not available if you’ve previously tried Spotify Premium. Required purchase of Xbox GamePass. Offer valid thru May 1, 2022. Terms and Conditions apply.

    No use for existing premium users.
    At least it was only $1 wasted. 😬

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      Cancel the subscription, they're gonna give you a refund.

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    Does it work only for new subscribers for spotify and Disney+?

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      Disney can add to old account. Spotify has to be new.
      These offers have been posted b4. See the comments

      • Thank you

  • Can I use the same paypal account that I've used for previous trials?

    • Just tried this, worked fine. Used same PayPal account that I used for Spotify last year and had no issues signing up to the 4 month trial :)

      • I tried and didnt work. Tried a new account, same paypal didnt work. Wouldnt even let me use my credit card, must have used it previously.

        • I used the same PayPal account for Spotify Trial about 7 months back. Used the same PayPal account to create a new Spotify account on another email address.

  • I had been a Disney+ subscriber in the past and was able to use the 1 Month offer from Game Pass in Jan this year. My cancellation was at least 3months prior to taking up the perk, not sure if that makes a difference.

    I'll try again with the latest Disney+ offer. I cancelled the 1 Month in Feb so at least 3 months has passed again, hope it works.

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    The Disney+ offer was absent from the Xbox App for Win10 for me. Had to download the Android app for that one.

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      Spotify shows on my PC App but Disney doesn't… Disney shows on my iOS app but says to claim it on xbox or PC. Don't have an xbox so I guess I just have to wait for the PC app to show the perk or miss out, haha

      • I tried it on an android (I have iphone) and it worked fine! Maybe it would work for you, too

        • Nope :( Still won't show on the PC app and the iPhone app says to claim on PC or Xbox

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    Tried this on the game pass app on an iPhone.

    The perks tabs for these says “claim this perk on your Xbox or PC”.

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    To top this deal off, if you cancel your the Game Pass right away you'll get refunded the $1

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    When I was redeeming the Disney plus code, I was unable to enter the email verification number regardless of how many times i tried.

    I had to screenshot the redemption code and do it on PC.

    • Yeah its very buggy. I'm on PC and saw the code flash on the screen for a split second then got redirected to a signup page with the offer, but it wouldn't process my paypal payment method for some reason.

  • Thanks OP!
    Have no clue about XBox, followed the steps and helpful comments and got 4 months of Spotify.
    Superb deal!!

  • Heads up, this works even if you have a US or non AU Xbox account. I have a US account and it verified fine for Disney+.

  • Thanks!
    Only really buying it for the Spotify premium and Disney+ :)

  • Why don't people use VPN and sign up for YouTube premium? You get YouTube music as well? Only downfall is no podcasts

  • I have a voucher if someone would like to use. Invalid for my account and I cbf using alt accounts.

    • Pls pm me if still available :) thanks!

  • How's Tidal vs Spotify? There's another thread with 4 months free Tidal.

    • Tidal heavy focus on DnB, RnB & hip hop music. They also offer FLAC audio if you pay extra for hi-fi streaming. I had it for awhile but not really my favorite genres.

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      Spotify for casual listening and Tidal if you want to make the most of a good quality sound system with the caveat of a reduced music library. Spotify, even at its highest quality setting streams at ~320kbps. For the majority of pop music and anything that gets radio airplay it's unlikely you'll notice much difference given it's already compressed and clipped to buggery on the original track to maximise loudness at the expense of dynamic range.

      In those cases streaming at 24bit 192KHz isn't going to make a bees dick of a difference if the original mix is shit. The better quality audio system you have, the more you start noticing the difference between good and poorly recorded music.

      • So for the purpose of just listening when driving, spotify would be more than satisfactory I suppose?

        Also, does cancelling Spotify straight after signing up will still let you enjoy the sub till the end of 4 months?

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          Definitely. For a car stereo or listening while driving it won't make any difference. In that case go for Spotify because it's got the largest music library of all the streaming services.

          And yes, you are correct. Cancel the subscription straight after signing up and you'll still get the 4 months. Just be sure to remove it from the automatic payments page on PayPal to guarantee there are no unwanted billing surprises at the end, because it removes any linked payment they can fall back on.

  • I don't know why but did new card and new e-mail signed up for free trial and its 1 month not 4 didn't relise till after anyone know how to fix or why that happened

  • Just curious does this still work? Don't want to waste $1

    • i tried it but i dont have a PC nor xbox so couldnt claim it. I only have iphone and mac lol. it works if u have a pc or xbox. u can also get it refunded instantly if it doesnt work . at least in the first 24 hours upon subscribing for the trial. after around a few hours figuring out i couldnt claim it i went to 'manage subscriptions' and clicked cancel my subscrption and then it has the button to "cancel subscription and refund $1" and i clicked it and got my moneys back :)

  • Even though it says ends in May 2022, I signed up and I can’t see any Spotify offer in perks, just the Disney one