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2 in 1 Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum (Compatible with Makita 18V Li-Ion Battery) - US$26.34 (~A$35.64) Delivered @ Banggood AU


Went looking for this after getting the mini chainsaw/pruner.

Won't be buying it myself as I want a green one but others might not be so pedantic about their tool wall.

Edit: Cheaper at Kogan, see comments! Also, Green!


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    everybodys favourite brand…screams quality

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      I have a makita drill, grinder, impact driver and rattle gun. Im happy to pay the money for good tools that I will use and require quality internals. This is literally a motor attached to a fan, not much can go wrong.

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        User name checks out

        • I use makita every day. Best tools I have owned and I have been through dewalt and metabo.

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            @Buyingcrap: Thought you might have a sense of humour with a username like that…oh well

          • @Buyingcrap: Genuinely curious. What did you dislike with Dewalt and Metabo? I own both brands and they have been great. Don't get me wrong, both brands have a couple of tools that aren't as well thought out as you would expect, but, I imagine all brands have a tool or two that aren't that great in respect to the competition.

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              @MoPar: Metabo I found the skins to be durable but heavy and bulky. Had battery issues and the batteries were very expensive.

              Dewalt I just found to be underpowered, I do a lot of metalwork so I probably work them a lot harder than a chippy would.

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    Cheaper at Kogan, sorry was, I got this for$25 with free shipping. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/maysarah-680w-18v-cordless-leaf...

    • Is it powerful enough for leaf blowing?

      • It looks like an exact replica of the makita leaf blower I have, it works well

        • Also looks identical to the Ozito blower which I have.
          It's a pity I don't think the batteries are quite interchangeable or I'd consider this if it only required rewiring the connector.
          Even if it isn't quite what it looks like it is (have to change nozzle & bag around for suction).

      • I've had a Makita for years, very handy and use it frequently but don't expect a lot of power from 18V.

        Works great for dry hard surfaces, blowing dusty tools at the end of the day etc. Convenient size means you'll have it with you more often.

    • Nice, gonna order from there!

    • Are they same specs though. The banggood list better specs, slightly different size, maybe different motor?

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      Shut down the internet for the day. This guy wins.

  • bought one from Kogan with free delivery. Thanks OP.

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