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50% off Selected Opolar Desk Fans @ Opolar (Discount Applied at Checkout)


My first post here. I noticed the 2 Opolar blower/vacuum items listed here are very popular but there was no links to their other items on sale. I believe these are good quality fans and they're all 50% off (not just the blower/vacuum). There are 28+ models to choose from but most are desk fans with similar specs, the main distinction being if they're USB only powered or come with rechargeable battery

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    I've used the 10,000mAh clip on fan earlier in the year during summer - it works great and battery lasts a while. Highly recommend. Bought it for USD34 in Oct last year.

    • Same but mine is 1000. Great for the caravan and less than a third of other caravan fans that are over $150

    • Do these fans run while being charged? I want to use it next to the bed while sleeping in summer, so would be able to be plugged in all the time.

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    i've gone through heaps of the cheap, sub $20 fans over the years on my desk at work and home. made the shift to Opolar two years ago, and they have been great. they put out a good amount of power and haven't dropped in efficiency. some of the cheaper fans last about a year before their power starts to drop off.
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    to be more specific - i own the below fan -

    • How long does the battery last on the one you own? Is their an another version with charging with USB port rather than AA battery operated?

      • Read the Ad (link above)………it says:
        Multiple Power supply options - It comes with a charging cable that can be used via a power bank, car charger, computer, or a 5V wall USB charger

    • Thanks, grabbed this one for $13 delivered to try.

  • $67.02 AUD with Bankwest Mastercard

  • Anyone know how much postage is?

    Edit: nevermind read that it is free

    • Free

  • What's the general run time on 10,000Ma batteries for these fans?

  • Thanks mate, bought a clip on for camping. Great first post!

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    Hi all,

    Just got an email from [email protected] that my order (10000mAh 8inch fan) placed on 9th July has been cancelled as they have run out of stock, but seems I can still place an order on their site :-/

    Has anyone else got received a cancellation notice or have they received their order?


    • damm that's unlucky mate, I ordered on the 8th and just asked for an ETA…

      • Thanks, hope it was just my order that got cancelled. I emailed them that I didn't mind waiting a bit for the stock.

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          Got told by their FB rep, prep'd and ready to be sent. Emailed today: Sorry, cancelled expect refund….

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      @NewbiefromVic, Just saw your message. I am having a similar issue, I was waiting for them and emailed them "How about my order?" and they came back with a late but similar explanation. Out of 3 items I bought 2 are out of stock but still available on their website for purchase. I emailed them already why are you still selling it if its out of stock and lets see what they say.

      They offered to send the one item that is available and refund the rest :(

      • Thanks for your replies, but sorry to hear you are in the same boat :-(

        I have not seen the refund in my account either, and no replies to my queries about waiting for stock or what is in stock.

        @J4ek, which is the item that's still in stock?

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          @NewbiefromVic, its the 2in1 vacuum air duster that they said is in stock and can send me, but the fan with light one was not in stock.

          In their system the vacuum air duster has the code Tad05

          • @J4ek: Thanks again @J43k, I got the vacuum air / blower duster from the other deal, it works pretty good (compared to my other Xiaomi one), but really wanted a standing fan with battery that I can move around in summer :-\

    • I ordered on the 8th but so far I haven’t received any shipping information. I’ve sent them an email to chase them up but so far I haven’t gotten a response.

      • Hope you have better luck, I'm still waiting for my refund from the cancelled order which they said would take 3 - 5 working days.

      • Hi,
        Hope you are doing well.
        I am so sorry to inform you that this order has been cancelled and refunded for you because the product is currently out of stock.
        I have finished the full refund for you.
        The refund will arrive your account in 3-5 working days if you pay through credit card.
        The refund will arrive your account immediately if you pay with paypal account balance.
        Warm regards,

        • ahaha I got the same reply. I msged their FB page and their rep told me it isn't cancelled, its still in processing. It should take 1-2 weeks for shipping….

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            @tanzy: FYI - I finally got a refund today after 20 days from when I ordered the item.

            • @Squ1shy: Unlucky mate. Are you gonna try your luck again?

        • I got the same message, but still no sight on the refund yet :-( Contacting the bank to see if they can help with chargeback ..

          • @NewbiefromVic: They definitely need to work on their comms. Their FB rep told me it's still processing and not cancelled, and their CS rep told me it's cancelled expect a refund. It's been about 20 days as well.

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              @tanzy: No sight of the refund, so I contacted my bank to initiate chargeback .. it was a painful process (1 hour on call hold, 30 mins explaining, another 30 mins gathering evidence to support the claim) ..and I'll still lose the international transaction fees which is luckily quite minimal .. sigh

  • Fyi if your orders were cancelled some items are now cheaper than before.
    Sounds like there are issues with checking out though.

  • My orders have been cancelled due to "Out of stock".
    I suspect Opolar never had any stock to begin with.

    • have you gotten a refund yet purple?

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        I ordered 2 items on 7th & 8th July, neither was fulfilled.
        I enquired via email on 18th July.
        Opolar responded on 23rd July, stating that a full refund has been completed and should appear in my PayPal account immediately.
        However no PayPal transaction have come through to date for either order.
        I have emailed Opolar again yesterday requesting for an update, but given their track record, I don't expect a response till next Monday.
        Their customer service is lacking to say the least as with their dodgy business practices.
        In the meantime I keep getting spam emails from Opolar with these fake $2 Sale deals.

        • Any updates?

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            @ozhunter68: Since I did not hear back from Opolar, I raised a PayPal dispute on both of my orders and PayPal instantly provided full refund back to my original payment card within 10 seconds of submitting the disputes.
            Then a day later I received an email from Opolar offering to assist with my enquiry :)

            • @purple1: Thanks. I have never done a PayPal dispute, but might have to do two for later orders in

              comming weeks then by the sounds of it.

  • So got an update for you guys who are still interested. I have been haggling them both on Facebook and email since July.

    • 16/7: Hi, your item is prepared and waiting for transit. (FB)

    • 17/7: I am so sorry to inform you that this order has been cancelled and refunded for you because the product is currently out of stock.
      I have finished the full refund for you. (email)

    • Same day: your order is in processing, it hasn't been cancelled. Due to we receive a lot of orders in summer sale, your package is a bit delayed, and it will arrive in 1-2 weeks. (FB)

    • 4/8: the fan you ordered will be restocked in 5-7 days. (FB)

    • 11/8: I'm sincerely sorry for the trouble. We got news there is no available channel for the shipment now. So we can't send the order parcel to you. For your case, how about refund you right now (email)


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    Ordered the fans at 50% off on 20th July, just got randomly refunded today…

    Also managed to score a duster during their flash sale at ~$20 AUD and also refunded.

    They promote flash sales when they can’t even fulfil it. Dodgy

  • Like above, my order just got refunded out of no where with no email as to why.

  • if you guys are after the flexible tripod fan I bought this one from Amazon https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B083Q2CPXB/ref=ppx_yo_d... product is actually Opolar and from an AU seller. Isn't as cheap but least you get it.

  • Opolar should be banned on OZBargain!

    All orders from this deal have been cancelled. I contacted their support channel, no response. I opened a PayPal dispute, they asked me for the order number just to delay processing the refund. The PayPal transaction is linked to the order in their records, why did they have to ask for the order number? After providing the order number, they did not reply at all even though it was a PayPal dispute. They are just holding on to your money without any products in stock. We as OZBargainers should not be taken for a ride by this mob ever again.

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