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[iOS] Free - Sleep Sounds: Relaxing Sounds (Was $2.99) @ Apple App Store


Sounds was recorded in most beautiful places around the world.

All sounds recorded with high quality stereo condenser microphones and preamps. (besides generated sounds: white pink brown noises and binaural beats)

Additional features:
Auto off timer
Reliable alarm clock

white noise
pink noise
unicorn music box
teddy bear music box
ballerina music box
cat purring
morning forest
creek in forest
tropical jungle with tree frogs
loro park
heavy rain
heavy thunder
distant thunder
rain under umbrella
rain near window
light rain on street
rain on city street with traffic
sea with seagull
sand beach
baltic sea beach
underwater volcano
night sea
wind in open window
wind at the door
london train station
australian subway
moscow subway
chinese bus
new york silent street
highway bridge
oscillating fan
3D printer
old radio tuning
old english clock
vacuum cleaner at work
wind chimes
gong 40"
gong 38"
binaural beat 1Hz lethargic
binaural beat 2Hz deep sleep
binaural beat 3Hz dreamless
binaural beat 4Hz drowsy
binaural beat 6Hz fantasy
binaural beat 8Hz relaxed
binaural beat 12Hz conscious
binaural beat 16Hz focus
binaural beat 24Hz active
Roscoff port
Amazon rainforest at night
Pazin, Istria (Croatia) at night
Eidar river (Iceland) Collapse

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  • Thanks OP, always appreciate a good soundscape collection.

    The sound seleciton in-app being a set of pictures is a bit naff, no text to correspond which picture to the list of sounds in the description, but sounds themselves are good.

  • +6

    Free - Sleep Sounds

    My wife jabs me in the ribs when I make "Free Sleep Sounds" during the night…

    • *mum

      • +1

        Hi mum…

        • 😘

  • Shows as $4.49? Expired?

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