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Breville BES878BSS The Barista Pro Espresso Machine Stainless Steels $704.65 + Shipping @ The Good Guys eBay


Cheapest in a while since COVID hit. Unforunately, no breville promotions currently. Shipping +10$ for MEL

Don't forget cashrewards/shopback.

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    I love my machine!

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    These are great machines. For me personally, the only down side is the size of the unit, it takes up too much space on the kitchen bench. Having said that, if you have a large kitchen, this will go so well with other appliances.

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      Having an in built grinder makes it smaller than having a machine to grind and a machine to make the espresso. Not sure what you're comparing it to, but the footprint of this machine is actually quite small.

  • Are there any disadvantages of this compared to the similar older model BES870 Express?

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      From previous deals, it was mention that the heating time is the main difference with 878 taking 3 secs as compared to 870 taking 30secs or more.

      • The digital vs analog preference

      Edit: sorry not really a disadvantage just a difference

      • I'd say the digital display is an advantage. Definitely makes it easy to keep track of pour times…

    • The grinder is better in this one though not as good as a seperate grinder. But the 870 has a pressure guage which is better in my opinion for dialing in shots.

      • Do you know if the grinder good enough for pour-over/aeropress as well? This looks pretty pretty tempting if it is.

        • +1

          not sure sorry regarding the bes878 grinder but the smart grinder pro would probably be good enough.

    • The milk froths much faster on the newer one (I got the new one when the gasket on my old one broke off instead of a repair).

  • Best price seen in a while for this model.

  • seems like decent price. ill continue to wait for bambino + smort grinder

    • bambino + smort grinder

      Oh. Memories. My uni days last century. sigh

  • I have been on the fence for a new coffee machine. Currently using an old Philips Saeco Magic DE LUXE fully automatic machine. I have been considering the BES878 and DeLonghi Dinamica fully automatic. I have only been using beans from supermarket.

    Is it still worth to upgrade and which should I go? Fully automatic has been very easy to use, but not sure will I miss much on taste especially the type of beans I use.

    • +2

      I'd absolutely go the BES878 if you want a simpler set up.

      If you want to go 'better' though. Here's what I'd recommend doing.

      Get a Breville Dual Boiler and a separate grinder (something like a Breville Smart Grinder Pro, Baratza Sette 270, etc).

      It'll be a huge step up. Having a separate grinder is super helpful as if your grinder breaks, you don't have to throw out the whole machine.

      But, if the cost isn't quite for you - start with a BES878 and you'll certainly enjoy it.

      • Thanks. What about Bambino Plus + Smart Grinder Pro compare to BES878? Both options seem popular here.

        • Can't really go wrong with that combo too if you're comparing it to the BES878.

        • Yeah I could get around that as a starter set up. And then that way you're not hamstrung with either if one breaks on you.

        • I reckon bambino plus with smart grinder is a better option than the BES878.

          The bambino plus has the auto froth feature which im pretty sure the bes878 doesnt have.

      • +1

        this 100%. If you're in anyway inclined to really delve into home espresso, then the dual boiler & baratza is an ideal way to start.

        Barista Pro/express are okay for what they are (simple to use, decent quality espresso without being top top), cheaper, and yes, great for limited bench space.

      • If your grinder breaks with either machine the outcome is identical, you buy a new grinder…

        • Kind of. If you're still in warranty you're going to be without a machine as well while it gets fixed.

  • Paid $855 from TGG a few months ago. Great Machine & Price.
    Had a Jura J9 one touch previously was a good machine and lasted 6-7 years, easy coffee. Breville is a little more work but give a better coffee.

  • I'm stuck wondering if I am happy with a heat block versus a boiler or double boiler. And if the extra money is worth it, have been on the fence for an Oracle Touch but reluctant to spend the money.

    • +2

      Comparing a BES920 (dual boiler) at work :) v SunbeamEM6910 (dual thermoblock) at home - smart grinder used for both:

      • Extraction is a slight win to the dual boiler - good fresh beans and non-pressurised baskets, it's really hard to get wrong with the dual boiler, rare to get wrong with the thermoblock
      • Milk texturing - huge win to the dual boiler
      • Thanks for the feedback, milk texture for me is very important as I'm a latte drinker, so will likely go for something with a boiler or double boiler.

    • +1

      I can say from experience, I have a Breville Dual Boiler + Baratza Sette 270. Way way happier.

      When my Breville carks it in a few years I may upgrade but the above set up gives plenty of flexibility to play with.

    • I think boilers take longer time to heat up, that's why they have timers preheat in the morning.

      Thermo blocks are generally instantaneous, so no warm up required. Though it is still good to run a blank shot to head things up, especially in winter mornings.

    • For me, the quick heat up time is worth the few small disadvantages. It's so nice to have the speed of a nespresso, but still be able to make a real coffee.

  • Good price. Don't worry about the Breville promo. Last time I waited 3+ months and they said they run out of promo stuff, replaced that with 2kg of coffee or so.

  • My 2 yen…

    Had one for over a year - its awesome - would buy again if this dies

  • I have the Barista Touch but would get this one if looking to buy again.

    • Mate. I got the Touch recently. Love the machine, but trying my best to be a barista 😃. One problem is, no matter how hard I try with different grinding, I can’t get their recommend 8-12sec brewing start time. It is always 4-6sec. Any advice?

      • +2

        Freshly Roasted Beans. Grind Finer, Increase Ground Weight…

        I play with these on my Barista Touch and my extraction normally starts at 7sec. I aim for around 36-40g espresso in 25-30 sec extraction with 18-20g of ground coffee…

      • I can’t get their recommend 8-12sec brewing start time. It is always 4-6sec. Any advice?

        Most likely the problem is old beans.
        Try fresh beans. If you were told the beans are fresh try different beans supplier.

        • That’s interesting! I’m still using the beans they sent me with Mother’s Day promo. Well, when I got it they were roasted with 14 day. I will try a different brand. Brevile staff at the TGG said Campos is best to try.

      • Try finer grinds, but puck tends to stick to the shower screen the finer it gets.

        But don't use your hand, you can use the portafilter to sort of hook it out.

  • Do people think this model is worth it over the regular Barista Express? If both are RRP that is.

    • RRPs are $999 vs $1,299, but no one ever pays RRP.

      On sale they are $600 vs $700, for $100 more it is worth it.

    • I have a barista express and love it. However my best mate has the pro and it just seems that little bit better in every way, so for $100 extra if I had my time again i'd go the pro

      • +1

        Similar here
        I have a bambino plus and mate has the barista pro.
        When the time comes I will replace with the pro without a doubt

        • In the market to upgrade from nespresso to a real coffee machine. Looking at entry level, hence the Bambino plus and the pro are on the cards.
          Why the pro over bambino plus?

          • +1

            @Bargainizer: I have an entry level grinder (sunbeam grind fresh) and the barista pro is better at that point.
            Being all in one is a plus for me as well.
            The Barista pro has the option for hot water to make long Blacks and the milk frother seems better as well as I am doing manual frothing now.
            But when I bouth the bambino I went for the smaller machine as apt had a small kitchen
            And now I have a space for bigger machine.

            I also was getting into the cooffe environment
            And now I would for sure be happy with a barista pro. Back then a 700 aud machine was not in the discussion.

            Overall, if just learning I would go with the bambino. If you love coffee and keen to be a home barista, get the pro

  • On the image it said faster pour slower pour. What does that mean? Is it just the speed it extracts the coffee

    • A finer grind gives you a slower pour and that dial adjusts that.

  • What kind of life do y'all expect from one of these? Had a BES870 for several years. Didn't expect it to last this long given how much it's used. Thinking of buying this and throwing it in storage ready for that sad day this one dies.

    • +2

      Keep using it until it breaks, no point making the purchase now as it could last you a few years and by then warranty on this one will be finished.

    • I'm actually still running my BES860 (its now been 11 years)!
      However it definitely is ready to retire.
      I've now also moved to straight espresso, so the steam wand isn't used and
      Flair Signature Pro 2 is what I'm thinking of getting as my replacement, since I'm looking for a solid espresso for as cheap as I can get, with minimal bench space.
      But if looked after correctly, these machines can last a long time.

    • +1

      Go for the dual boiler next. 58mm portafilter, slayer mod for flow control etc.

  • Coffee experts,

    Need your advise,

    I am Nespresso drinker. But I don’t find it so strong anymore. I just drink espresso.

    Does coffee come stronger with this coffee machine compared to Nespresso Napoli capsules

    • One Nespresso capsule is only 7 or 8g of grounds?
      Many people will use 2 capsules in a cup to make it stronger, like a cafe.

      This machine will also let you make 1 or 2 shots at a time - 2 baskets are provided. So same choice as Nespresso, but a lot cheaper per shot.
      The amount of coffee is not continuously variable like you can with filter coffee.

    • +1

      Once you've passed that point, then pods wont satisfy your tastes. Like manic said, the capsules use little amount of coffee; more like 5 grams.
      If you want to stay on pods, then cut your shot shorter and use two pods.
      I posted above regarding my next purchase - flair signature pro 2, but I did use a nespresso as well for convenience. But after seeing all the waste, I decided to go back to brewing my own and have really enjoyed it so far. Especially the aroma of grinding fresh coffee beans…

      • I get free Nespresso capsules. And i drink 4/5 of pods a day. But it doesn’t satisfy me anymore.

        I may get this machine. I don’t drink or smoke. coffee is my passion

        • Yeah…it wins in convenience, but it doesn't do it for me anymore. Taste is pretty bland with no body. And that waste just doesn't sit well with me.

          Free nespresso pods is a great perk :)

          Just be mindful on bench space - this would be larger (a lot infact depending on your nespresso machine) and if you're not using the steam wand, then its essentially wasted space. I'm also not sure about how well the grinder on this machine fairs for espresso drinks so make sure you do some research. Based on my research into espresso's, your grinder will be one of the most important equipment to helping you get that great shot.

    • I've had a few Nespresso machines, they are great at convenience and tidy. That's for sure. However the feeling of fresh beans and the joy of making a cup of coffee is anything you're willing to trade off, the barista machines is the way.

  • Can you make the equivalent of a cafe bought extra large flat white with one of these? With a small amount of practice?

    • +1

      Sure can. Just depends on skill level and how much you’re willing to learn and practise. You can’t get much more than 20g of coffee in these baskets though so it’ll be a rather weak flat white if it has to be a large.

      • Would it be quick enough to do 2 lots then the milk and still be a decent hot coffee?

        • I would say yes as you can steam and heat the milk to be extra hot

  • Newbie here. Just got this and it's my first proper espresso machine.

    What coffee beans would you recommend as well as the grind settings please? I am a fan of latte in general.

    • +1

      Start with half price supermarket ones first (Vittoria, Lavazzo, Grinders etc…). Once you have mastered the coffee, then spend on those fancy with twice the price.

      • Start with half price supermarket ones first

        Don't do this. You will waste your time.
        Get something fresh. There are plenty of deal on beans these days.

        Grind settings depends on your grinder and your beans - you have to try and adjust (google "grinder dial in").

        • Yes I actually have tried those fresh beans that cost twice and also the overhyped Aldi beans, but sorry not impressed. I can't tell the difference or even if there is, very little within the first few days. Hence I'm suggest someone who just starting to walk down the beans path, just try everything until you find a taste that stick.

          • @itstuan: Yeah, coffee taste is so much up to personal preferences.

            But my point was supermarket coffee is too old to get consistent extraction.
            So when you are new and just trying to learn supermarket beans are the source of frustration rather then training material. :)

            • @SickDmith: You might be on point for the inconsistency there. I was thinking the coffee machine did that but after trying a new Costco beans it was all over the place.

              • @itstuan: Probably.
                But you don't have to take my word for it - check other more reputable sources.

                I've been using Breville Dual Boiler for 8+ years and I went through all these stages of trying different beans from different places, different grinders, different baskets, different milk… Supermarket beans were waste of time in my learning curve.

                You don't have to trust me - do you own research.
                But until you know what you are doing I would
                1. avoid supermarket beans
                2. avoid Breville single dose basket

                • @SickDmith: Tried Aldi's "Brazil" beans. Not a fan. Prefers smooth tasting coffee - what would you recommend?

                  • @Dr Acula: I drink milk based coffee so I prefer lighter roasts. If you drink raw espresso the roast has to be a bit darker.
                    Unfortunately I could not find any roaster around me to satisfy my taste.
                    So I ended up ordering from Two Cracks coffee for the last few years. The downside - they are in WA so even express post takes 3-4 days and ordering less than 2 kg is less economical.

                    I tried Aldi beans a couple of times when I was able to find fresh batch - they were Ok. But milk masquerades a lot of issues with espresso shot.
                    Do you drink milk based coffee or black?

    • +1

      There's a little section in the manual that talks about how to adjust your shot, grind settings, resultant crema depth and colour, etc. I found it actually pretty useful to get a baseline until I got more experience with the machine. You'll have to pour a few shots while you experiment, but it's time and coffee well spent.

    • +1

      Get ALDI Dark or Medium beans as a starter, not sure what grind setting. Far better and fresher than lavazza, vittoria which are quite frankly really bad.

    • +4

      Depends on what you like? Light, medium or dark roast? Lighter roasts tend to taste better when extracted at higher temperatures and vice versa.

      For starters, I'd recommend Aldi beans before diving into speciality coffee. They're value for money considering you'll end up wasting a fair amount of coffee initially.

      There's never a definitive answer when it comes to grind settings as there are too many variables which would affect this, such as how fresh are the beans, roast level, ambient temperature and so on. However, a ball park figure is 18g of coffee in, 36g out in roughly 25-30 seconds. I'd recommend getting a scale for consistency.

      Also note that the internal bur of the grinder can also be adjusted. Factory default is 6 so I'd leave it at that until you become accustomed to it and may want to further tweak later on.

      Lastly, weigh and grind exactly how much you need only (single dose), don't leave the beans in the hopper. Double shot basket is also easier than single.

      Check out some youtube videos, especially related to your machine.

      Hope this helps.

    • I don’t own one of these machine I use an Ascaso, however as people have said above this will produce a decent cafe like coffee with some practice. Personally having good beans is going to be key once you learn how to pull a good shot. I would recommend getting some Dukes Market Espresso Beans. Yes you’ll pay more than getting beans from aldi and Safeway etc but it will be chalk and cheese and you won’t regret it. No point buying a machine if you’re going to run $4 beans imo

  • The code doesn't work

  • That went quick. 2 more left in stock …

  • Getting out of stock error now even though there's local stock?

    Nevermind, worked for delivery.

  • +1

    Has anyone seen the black one at this price?

  • Bought one. Thank you.

    BTW, should I buy anything else for this to go along with it? Like, we do I need to buy a portafiler ?

    • Required: Fresh coffee beans
      Optional: knock box, tamp mat, distributor, coffee scales

      It comes with a portafilter already.

      • Thanks.

        Dont know what you mean by distributor but got fresh beans, knock box and ordered coffee scales as well.

    • Did your coffee machine get shipped yet? I called up today and they said they were out of stock…

      • Yes, it was shipped on Monday and delivered yesterday.

        (I live in Sydney).

        • My order was placed on the 11th of July and i'm in Sydney too. Grr how frustrating

      • Yes ordered on 12th and got on 14th in Perth.

  • Been waiting for a deal on this. Thanks op

  • I grabbed this deal and have been using the machine for two weeks with Allpress beans and I love it. I used to buy 2 coffees a day and have not felt the need to buy a takeaway coffee since.

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