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15% off Storewide @ TGG eBay (Nvidia ShieldPro $296.65, Sony WH1000XM4B $294.10, WF1000XM3B $186.15, Breville BES870B $594.15)


Ozbargain's most preferred/despised marketplace is back with another sale.

Some deals -

Full T&Cs -

Offer Period. This offer is available from 10:00 AEST on 9 July 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

Conditions. The offer entitles you to 15% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items sold by the The Good Guys eBay store (“Seller”) except for the Exclusions, with up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (with a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

Exclusions. For the avoidance of doubt, this offer does not apply to items listed by the Seller in the following category: Gift Cards (184609).

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  • Nice! Great timing for Friday..

  • Isn't Nest Hub V2 retail for $129? GG sell it for $149.

    • Bunnings sell it for $124

    • Google store have it for $149

  • +1

    No click and collect option. Can I request this?

    • Yeah they appear to have removed Click and Collect at the new Financial Year.

    • I can still do C&C in WA stores… checked a couple of items.

  • Thanks!
    Finally bought the 10KG Bosch front load washer I'd been eyeing off.

    Don't judge me!

    • +2

      I'm judging you, how embarrassing you bought a 10kg one smh

      • +1

        I know right!

        • +2

          What are you washing? A tent?

          • +4

            @Puglife: Queen sized bed linen ie fitted sheet, flat sheet mattress protector, 4 pillow cases and a doona cover.
            Thats 2 loads in the current little washer

            Times that by 3 as theres 2 other queen beds in the house which makes it 6 loads in the current washing machine just to do bed linen in the house.

            id rather be gaming than swapping loads in the washing machine.

            Some Front loaders go upto 14kg. Honestly considered buying one so I could all the bed linen for 3 beds in one load but then I'd need a bigger clothes line and dryer….

          • +2

            @Puglife: We have an 11kg… kids = big loads of washing :)

          • +1

            @Puglife: All those pairs of StepOne underwear. Since you have to buy dozens to make it worth it

    • +1

      Judge? Excellent choice, my Samsung bit the dust after about 5 years, Bosch replacement is as solid as a rock, quieter and has loads more options.

    • +3

      Pfft, washing clothes, over rated.

      • yeah. not like we going outside anyway. amiright.jpg

    • +1

      Weak. My washer weighs WAY more than that.

  • +1

    Is it just me or have eBay stuffed up the discount wording when you click through the app on "take $xx off this time". Shows 20% but calculates at 15%

    • The banner on mine says ends 12/3

    • I can also see 20% on banner but discount is reflecting %15

  • +1

    Keep in mind that the Shield now has auto play advertising on its home screen.

    • +1

      That is an Android TV thing. All of them have it now.

      • +4

        Not many android TV boxes are $300 though

    • I don't mind it. Discovered new content through it and if I really hated it could just change UI skins

    • +6

      Google, where even when you pay for the product, you still are the product.

      • You're not the product, you're the revenue.

  • +2

    The Sony X9500H 65" seems to be a good price
    Comes down to $2,290.75 + $55 shipping

    Direct Link

    • Great price! I just had mine delivered yesterday - amazing TV.

  • Hmmm I just paid $237 for a pair of XM4 "refurbished seconds" from the Sony store. Are the "firsts" worth the extra $60 odd ?

    ie are these actually "reburbished" or is it just package damage/imperfections?

    • just got some the other day, honestly i just think they are older stock from overseas markets dumped in australia……no issues for me and would buy again.

  • I think this is the first time in years that I've seen a discount code not start with "P"

  • Brings the The Breville Smart Grinder Pro down to $264.15 delivered for anyone that might be interested. I am hoping to find it cheaper though in the near future

    • +11

      Thanks, already have Grindr though.

      • I know lots will already have it. I'm looking to pick one up to pair with my Delonghi Dedica as I've recently got a bottomless portafilter and my current grinder just does not do the job. For this reason I'm keeping a close eye on it

        • +3

          I think he was making a joke about the messaging app.

          • @CheeseBeans: Indeed, it seems that way… Whoops

          • +1

            @CheeseBeans: lol "messaging app"

            Yeah, Whatsapp, Telegram, Wechat, Kakaotalk, Grindr. Those messaging apps.

            • @Munki: teams, messenger… oh yeah grindr. ofcourse those messaging app.

            • @Munki: Hey, I'm not wrong…

              • @CheeseBeans: dont you mean dating app?

                like rsvp, eharmony, tinder.. oh and grindr.

  • +1

    77" C1 for $5995! Get in boys!

  • Good price for Delonghi EC685 @ $170 pp

  • Is Miele hx1 pro worth buying at 1029 after discount??

  • +2

    This offer is available from 10:00 AEST on 9 July 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

    Don't you hate it when they don't give you a time frame and expire it on a whim, like they have done for the last few codes.

    • caught a few out in the last 10% off. luckily i went in quickly so i didnt miss out.

    • The last Afterpay 15% code I was disappointed with the early retirement .

  • +2

    Ebay used to give us 20% off TGG ebay. Now they are very stingy.

    • times are tough.

      • Times are good. Poor sales means more discount. Good sales means less discount.

  • Dyson Supersonic $466

  • +1

    Damn, no breville dual boiler again. One day…

  • No dualshock 4 controller?

  • $1,100.75 for Hisense 65Q8 - great price.

    Tempting as I missed the Afterpay sale.

  • Guys.

    There a cash back promotion from LG when buying a fridge but will I get the cashback because this is ebay? below is the DEFINITIONS.

    d. Purchase means the purchase of the Participating Products with payment in full during the Promotion Period from a Participating Australian Retail Outlet or from LG Online Store (only available to customers within the LG Online Brand Store serviceable area in Australia. Purchase does not include: (i) rental payment plans under 18 months; (ii) lay-buys or pre-orders; (iii) commercial or business transactions involving the purchase of more than three (3) units total of Participating Products; (iv) purchases via eBay or other online bidding or auction; (v) second hand products or ex display stock; (vi) purchases from retailers not authorised to participate in this Promotion; or (vii) purchases made in conjunction with any other LG offer or promotion.

    • +2

      I think that you will still get the same invoice as if you bought it from the store with 'web' as salesperson to claim the cashback.

    • +1

      It's fine you still get a TGG invoice. It might mention ebay on the notes it but doesn't matter.

      • the camera i bought from camera house ebay store only mentions paypal payment. no mention of ebay.

  • -1

    Purchase does not include: (iv) purchases via eBay or other online bidding or auction

    Lol are you kidding ?

  • +1

    I see where you are coming from, it says no ebay or online auctions. I think it means from unauthorised sellers. In my experience, an ebay Good Guys store purchase is considered the same as walking in store and purchasing a product from them as you get an actual Good Guys purchase receipt in addition to the ebay reciept. Not 100% sure though.

    • +1

      from other promotions. the invoice given from ebay is the same shop invoice. this was true for wireless1, mobileciti, camera house and good guys i believe.

  • Mmmm. Take $60 for a Dyson stick vacuum, add $15 for delivery. Not as good.

  • Looks like no MacBook stuff?

  • Thanks OP, got the Google TV for $81.63 (instead of $99) with Suncorp giftcard plus hopefully a modest cashback of $0.99 (bringing it down to $80.64).

  • Any affordable laptops recommendations for study purposes for uni students please???

  • any recommendations for dryer, fridge, dishwasher??

  • TGG eBay suck, they cancelled my MX Master 3 order citing that Logitech wont fulfil the order as they no longer make the item (which is bullshit).

  • Thanks OP. Bought one Google TV

  • What’s the chance TGG match these prices in store? Or is ebay giving the discount?

    • could be part ebay part TGG.

    • Went instore and price matched with ebay.

      • good to know

  • Anyone know when this ends?

  • Any thoughts on what to buy to expand PS4 storage: https://www.ebay.com.au/str/thegoodguysaustralia/Storage-Mem...

    Any performance difference between running it off an external hard drive vs shucking these and installing them internally?

  • Can you choose when to get it delivered?
    I don't want for a few weeks.

  • Damn just bought the Bose QC 35 II and wanted the WH1000MX4s. Tempted to get them as well…

  • congrats on your 4000th post

  • They were more than happy to price match in store. Got a neochef and a fridge. So good! Thanks

  • Nvidea pro coming in at $349

    • did you apply the code TGG15OFF

      • Oops no I didn’t. I’m a bit rusty, haven’t been on ozbargain for a while. Recently I moved my obsession to crypto 😀 Now that it’s tanked I have more time on my hands

  • Ordered the Sony WH1000XM4B Headsets on 9 July, haven’t arrived and
    no notifications from no Good Guys. Tried Ebay messaging, no response.