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70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500S English (GPS, ADAS, Dual Channel) US$70.71 (~A$98.39) Delivered @ 70mai Official AliExpress


Apply US$2 discount store coupon to get the title price.

For comparison with other models


  • 2 Inch IPS Screen
  • 1944P Resolution & 5-Megapixel Camera
  • Dual-Channel Front & Rear Recording
  • 24H Parking Surveillance
  • Built-in GPS with ADAS
  • Sony STARVIS IMX335 CMOS sensor

Official page: https://70mai.store/products/70mai-dash-cam-pro-plus-plus

Mod Note: Update price in title to include GST.

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  • Can this be hardwired?

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      With 70mai hardwire kit. Price: $105.77 inclusive of Dash cam

      • is this one capacitor powered or battery ?

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          the specs including the way it is powered is in the official page link…

      • $116.34 for me with hardwire kit.

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    got the first model. still going strong after 2 years daily use.

    yes, survived 2 aussie hot summer , parked outdoor.

  • How long would battery last without charging?

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    This vs the other OzBargain popular Viofo A129? Any opinions?

    • Viofo A129 is lot expensive. Its $190 currently.


      GPS is not included in Viofo A129. Has Bulit in 2.4GHz WIFI.

      • Soz I must have meant the A119 that goes on sale around $120 or so.

    • I have mine xiaomi for more than 3years, still going strong!

      Recommend xiaomi!

    • I have this one in my car, and the A129 in my wife's car (both with rear cameras as well). I had a Xiaomi 1S in my previous car, and am a big Xiaomi fan.
      But I find the Viofo is just a better quality product, particularly wrt to camera / app integration. The app feels much nicer, seems to work much better. A higher quality app, but you it's a more expensive product.
      I like the Viofo so much that I'm tempted to replace the Xiaomi in my car, even though it's still working. Certainly if/when it dies that's the way I'll go.

  • is this 2021 model?

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    Careful with this seller on AliExpress.
    I've purchased both the lite and pro versions from them (2 different orders).
    My pro is still working fine, however, the battery in the lite died and the camera is a POS.

    When attempting to raise a warranty claim via the 'amazing 365-day warranty' policy, they told me there was nothing wrong with the camera or battery. Funny, as the device is still sitting here in AU.

    They rejected the warranty, AliExpress wouldn't do anything, as it's past the 90 day period, and the attempt to raise a buyers protection claim via PayPal resulted in PP rejecting this also. The seller tells PP that the buyer (me) 'modified' the device! LMAO… it's still sitting here in AU!

    Requested a refund via AMEX and waiting for a response from them now.
    Only $80 odd, but the rude attitude and lies from the seller are crazy!

    Buyer beware…!

    • Isn't this 70mai's own AliExpress store?

      • There is various "70MAI Official" shop, store, whatever's on AliExpress.
        So yep, sure… it is! ha!

        It's like saying, look, X product is "on sale". Of course, it's on '"sale" it's been for sale for ages. That doesn't mean it's legit or discounted.

        Such a bad seller IMO. Buy from AliExpress and Alibaba a lot. Use sourcechina and a few others for business purposes and never had someone act the way this seller has.
        They even had the nerve of calling out other sellers as bad when I first inquired about specs and details on the device before purchasing.

        Just my feedback and experience…

        • I'm on your side Micky, just wanted it clarified.
          Not good if this is how the (if it is) the true "official" store treats customers and honours their warranties.

          From bottom of webpage

          About US
          70mai Official Store is the only official store authorized directly from 70mai without any transfer link

          • @alidli: Yeah, read that too. I'm not sure, but either way, such a $#17 level of customer service. I've had better service from Telstra's call centre and that's saying something… bang bang… shots fired there!

          • @alidli: Some comments for you:

            Hi Team, Looks like the 70mai Lite I purchased from you a few weeks ago has a faulty battery. Could you please assist with advising on how i raise a claim for a replacement unit?
            I note - the PRO version I purchased prior is currently working fine. So not sure what has happened with the LITE unit.
            Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

            Dear friend, The device has a built-in battery, but it is only used to supply power for final video storage when the device is turned off. It is not recommended to use the device without an external power supply.
            so when you disconnect the power supply , it will turn off ,it is normal .

            Hi Frannie, aware of how this device works. As mentioned, I have a Pro which was purchased from your store also (the Pro is working fine). The Lite (2nd device) reports that it has a flat battery all the time and needs to be charged. It has been and is always plugged into the car. Obviously, when the car is off the device runs from the battery charge as intended (installed in the device).
            However, over the past 2 weeks, the device has not been holding charge and fails (turns off) when it enters video mode after a few mins of the car being driven and will not turn back on. Therefore, it's clear the battery is not holding much more than a few percentages of charge (few mins).

            The device has also been removed from the car and charged via another source and when disconnected from an external charger it has the same issue. Battery problems…

            hi,the dahs cam battery has no problem ,the cam need to be charged then it will work well ,wehn you disconnect it ,then the cam will turn off .

            Hi Fannie, I'm sorry - but I don't think you are understanding correctly. The battery will not charge. It only holds approx 1min of charge before it dies. When leaving on charge for many hours, disconnecting the cable, the device instantly reports a flat battery. This is from both the in-car method of charging and an external charge source. This was not a problem for the first few weeks.

            hi, we have explain to you already
            the cam battery is not for save battery, it is only for emergency video recording ,wehn you turn off power supply,the cam will turn off ,it is normal

            ….Then things got pretty rude after that… I'll refrain from anything further.

            As mentioned, they then went on to tell PP that I had 'modified' the unit… Lol…

            • @mickyb80: I would get everything in writing before I purchased, personally. That way if they try to pull any nonsense you can at least show Paypal, your CC provider, whoever.

              The burden of proof is on the company themselves to show that you modified the unit, the fact that PP would believe (their claim) without any evidence is really crazy. I would dispute it and cause this store as much trouble as possible.

              • @Bamboozle: That's all been done. Their add/sale listing is still up, notes 12 months warranty etc. All other comms have been via AliExpress chat (PM) with the seller and handed to AliExpress, PayPal and now AMEX.

                Waste of my time! The Pro is not starting to play up also.

                I wouldn't buy or recommend anyone buy from this seller, or this product/range. Works, but not very long!

                • @mickyb80: Ouch.

                  ACL over China sold items IMO.

                  Hopefully your CC pays out.

                  I would still give them a shot if your CC company comes through.

                  Keep us updated.

    • Well.
      That's odd.
      I purchased 2 s800 last year and one had a problem at the rear camera connector on the main body.
      They sent me a new rear camera even though I told them I was suspecting the connector.
      It took a month to come to Australia and it didn't work.
      I took the video from opening box to connection to prove it is not working.
      They sent me a main body and asked me to return the malfunctioning one.
      I agreed and received the new one a month later again.
      I took the video and this time it worked.
      They didn't ask me to return the camera since then.
      Old one still works without the rear camera, so I am planning to give away to my friend.

  • can I check the footage via wifi´╝č

    • Yes. Via the phone app. Connected via Wifi.

  • Am I correct in saying this doesn't include the rear camera. You have to get it separately?

    • You can choose at the buying options.

      • the price on title is single channel or dual channel ?

        description says front and rear ?

        • It's for single. Dual for $125

  • Do I need a hardwire kit for the rear cam? Or the purpose of hardwire kit is to let the front cam running after you turn off the car?

  • Anyone had issues with this in Aus heat?

    • own the very original xiaomi 70mai, no problem at all
      (used to do delivery in my car, and always parked under the sun, went thru quite a few product, and this xiaomi is the one that stayed , still going strong now.