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Dyson V10 Animal Stick Vacuum $660.45 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Very good price for a Dyson V10 Animal. As far as I understand Animal is the same as Absolute except the "fluffy head":

  • Dyson V10 Animal 369399-01 has powerful suction to deep clean everywhere, It has 30% more suction than the Dyson V8(1).
  • With up to 60 minutes of fade-free power(2).
  • Whole machine filtration.
  • Hygienic point and shoot bin emptying.
  • Quickly transforms to a handheld.
  • Includes Direct drive cleaner head, Combination tool, Crevice tool, Mini motorised tool, Stubborn dirt brush, and wall mounting Docking station.

(1) Suction power tested in most powerful mode. (2) In suction mode one with non-motorised tools.

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  • +13

    Quickly transforms to a handheld.

    As opposed to what, a legheld? How else do you operate a vacuum?

    • +3

      Must be a decepticon.

    • I think they mean the nozzle for a handheld can be attached

    • Ride-on

  • Pity it doesn't come with a fluffy roller head. Useless without it on my wooden floors to get the fine layer of dust pumped through the ducted heating system etc.

    • Does v11 do this? Trying to work out whether to go v10 or v11

      • +2

        Any of the 'Absolute' models have the fluffy roller head included as well as the regular head. The 'Animal' models come with a mini-turbo brush to use on furniture. That's the core accessory difference.

  • Is this an overkill for timber floor no-pets home?

    • +11

      Nothing is overkill when it comes to cleaning.

    • No, I use one in the same setting and the amount of hair and dust it sucks up is actually both incredible and somewhat nauseating.

    • for timber a cheap kmart and dyson does the same job when I had both

  • Currently have the v6, worth upgrading to this for a house with tiles and carpet rooms? We don't have a cat/dog.

    • Same boat. But I think my v6 is dying

      • +1

        I would highly recommend just buying a new battery for $80 from Dyson, shipping is super fast and my V6 is back to exactly the same as when I bought it ~4 years ago, I can use it on Max for 10+ minutes easily.

        • Did this too, and it’s brand new again!

        • Thanks I’ll do that.

          Might blow the cash I shouldn’t have been spending anyway on a commercial wet dry vac my mate found one that is incredible 2000w pure suction dual motor

        • I picked up one from ebay for $30 and it works well again. I think the only concern I have now is the motorhead accessory for my V6 is dying slowly, as it occasionally loses power whilst i am holding the trigger. Might just need it a good clean around the connections though.

      • +4

        Same here, my v6 wand recently broke at the plastic connection bit. Got a replacement wand from Dyson but I think the vacuum starting to wear out..
        Got the spare part from Dyson - pretty quick delivery: https://www.dyson.com.au/dyson/parts/step3/id/665/

  • Thankyou OP. I was in the market for a replacement for my ageing Dyson V8 and this has made the decision a lot easier.

  • Thanks Op!

  • Has anyone used an after market fluffy roller head with this instead of the genuine Dyson head?

    • I personally have not, but a good mate of mine recently purchased one via amazon. Not a good experience, used it for about a month before giving up and buying an authentic one second hand from someone.

    • I bought an aftermarket fuffy head on Amazon for my V8. Works fine, no problems.

  • I have timber floors throughout. Have read that Dyson without fluffy rollerhead scratches wooden floors. Can anyone comment on this?

    • +6

      Here’s your comment.

      • +2


    • +1

      Nah, but I’ve got kids who take care of that for me.

  • +1

    anyone wanna convince me that this is better than getting dreame v10 or the like?

    • just bought the dreame one and it’s good but i think battery is less than this dyson. 15 min maybe on high.

      • I think this dyson lasts <10min on high

        • maybe similar then because i’m guessing it’s around 15 min maybe 10 min, wish it was longer.

          • @kamoy: So do you have both Dreame and this? Similar in performance?

            • @Kingfield: only the chinese dreame one ,
              couldn’t afford the dyson but i’m happy with it for lazy people in house that can’t be bothered pulling out the miele big

  • Anyone purchased the fluffy head separately? If so, from where?

    • +2

      Amazon, 3rd party and not genuine though

  • I’ve got timber floors and a dog that’s malts a lot (lab) should I go this animal model or the absolute model with the fluffy roller head?

    • After some research decided to pull the trigger! Good price and is ready for click and collect already!

    • +1

      For hard floors the standard roller is fine but the fluffy roller is better to the extent that it was worth buying a replacment genuine fluffy roller when the original one got a soaking and the motor died. The fluffy roller is better at picking up fine particles. Lab hair is medium length so standard roller should be fine.

  • Reviewers always say the fluffy head if essential for hardwood floors but its rubbish.

    The standard head is better for general cleaning of hardwood floors, much more stable as it moves in a straight line when you push it forward unlike the fluffy head which flops about, but probably does scuff the floors a little as the rubber mat at the back slides on the floor.

    The fluffy head is good for picking up larger spills, typically the reviewers test it on breakfast cereal, but I never use it.

  • +1

    Vacuum's cost $660 these days ??? Been too many decades since I went shopping.

    • Get the v15 for a cool $1499 rrp

  • what was the cheapest price for this model so far

  • Hi all. Is there a way to get the extended warranty post purchase (ie when collecting? ) going to get for work and may cop a hammering. If you have done this with a good guys, ebay deal, please let me know process or if possible. Thanks

  • I've had a Dyson before and I hate cleaning out the cyclone container. I'm never going back to cyclone vacuums again.

    Has anyone seen a high performance stick-vacuum that uses disposable bags?

  • Tempted, having gone from a super old Dyson hand held to a dreame v9 can confirm quality is night and day.

    Dreame is also starting to die at about 14 months old so tempting to come back to a Dyson.

    • did you mean the super old dyson is better than the dreame v9?

  • Ordered an hour ago but they called up since they ran out of stock now. Unknown ETA on more stock so I've cancelled and will get in on the next deal :)

    • was that for a click and collect or delivery?

    • It looks like it is back in stock.

      • Looks like it. I ordered for delivery.

        I haven't had the order actually cancelled on eBay so maybe I'll have it shipped soon if they have stock. Looks like a lot of orders in the last 24 hours as well.

  • +1

    it is showing in stock for delivery is that accurate?

  • Just purchased through delivery, C&C is out of stock.

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