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Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus from $61,425 Delivered + On Road Costs (Was $64,425 + On Road Costs) @ Tesla


Tesla have once again done us all proud by slashing the price of the Model 3’s.

Standard Range Plus $59,900 (was $62,900)
Long Range $73,400 (was $77,900)
Performance $84,900 (was $93,900)

Prices above exclude on-road costs (varying per state)
and Tesla’s mandatory $1375 delivery fee + $150 ordering fee.

The Tesla Corporate Program will waive a further $1375 on delivery fees.

This is a record-breaking year for Model 3 deliveries and Australia still have more ships coming from Shanghai.

Drive-Away Prices with State Discounts on the SR+:

VIC: $61,968
NSW (starting 1 Sep): $59,473

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    • Mate I am in the same boat as you, however I have just gone ahead and scheduled pickup end of this week.
      Unfortunately the way things are going with Covid is not helping anyone but this is again poor planning from NSW gov rather than anything else. They do every bloody thing here in NSW unplanned !
      When this rebate was announced, they should have started the benefits from next day rather than making people and EV sellers wait this long. Imagine companies not selling eligible EVs for 2 months because everyone wants to buy after 1st Sep 2021 due to this rebate and stamp duty waiver. Come 1st Sep 2021 they don't have the bill passed even.

      This is an extremely poor policy implementation process by NSW Gov, don't know why they make such rules without thinking the impact these rules have on others.

      • Have you been invoiced yet? I got a message to book a delivery date but I might wait until tomorrow so that they don't invoice me.

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          I haven't been invoiced yet however my delivery booking is for end of this week and the online account has payment details with remaining amount $
          I will be making payment later tonight to get it sorted.

          Standard Range Plus Rear-Wheel Drive $59,900
          Order Fee $150
          Delivery & Documentation Fee $1,375

          Additional Charges

          Plate Fee $68
          CTP Fee $457
          Stamp Fee $2,175

          Driveaway Price $64,125

          According to this, my assumption is I will be getting the Stamp Fee of $2175 + Rebate of $3000 back when the NSW gov can get their act together on this.
          The final driveaway price comes down to - $58,950 (with business registration and standard plates) instead of $59,473 as there's no registration fees charged. Now I am not sure if the registration fee is also waived in NSW but this is how its coming up…

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    07/09 update: Cancelled my order, didn’t push to seek it delayed or my deposit refunded. Understood there was a risk legislation wouldn’t pass but only ordered on the basis that the overall cost could be rock solid under $60k. Now there are no signs until ‘possibly October’ I just don’t feel comfortable going ahead with it.

    I understand M3 prices could raise for the SR+ but more than likely they will remain the same, as an economic alternative, while the Y will be relatively expensive compared to overseas markets (but who knows maybe they will price the Y competitively and if they do and it’s under $68,750 then I’ll go for that but I doubt it - I expect around $72-75k for the base model).

    It’s a pity as I would’ve enjoyed having the SR+ but I cannot justify keeping the order when the deciding factor I based it on was being able to claim the stamp duty back and the subsidy.

    I understand for others out there price may be less of a factor because they claim with work or whatever but to me it was critically important that $5-6k saving and made the difference between me feeling good about the purchase and going ahead and not.

    • Tesla kept telling me it will be fine, just put the deposit in…

    • Does this mean you lost your $150 order fee?

      • Yep, you don't get it back if you cancel.

    • I did the same, I don't trust it will be passed until it actually is. I'm in the same boat, the $5-$6k risk isn't worth it. Who knows how many times they will extend lockdown too, my area has a 5km limit, so can't even really use the car anyway. I doubt the Model Y will be under the $68k limit in Australia, but hopefully it is.

  • I wonder if it’s worth waiting for Model 3

  • I wonder if it’s worth waiting for model Y

  • Lets assume the pass the bill down the track, would this apply retospectively I.e. To orders from the 1st of Sep?
    $5K+savings is i decent amount.

  • Is this deal still going? How does someone get the $61425? It's like 65k for me, I'm in Victoria btw

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