Fell off Bike and Doctor Told Me to Get X-Ray - What Do You Guys Think I Should Do?

Hi Guys,

I just recently fell off from my bicycle two days ago, a few brushes, and cut. But now my left hand is so pain when I move it around I can't even lift my MacBook Pro.

I went to see GP and the doctor take a look they charged me $80 which Medicare will refund $35. The doctor only told me to do x-ray at some other place. I live up North Shore.

What do you guys think i should do in this instance?

Thank you

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  • Well back in the day we used to trust the advice of doctors but lately it's been pretty fashionable to make up your own medical advice so just do what you like man.

    • Dr Google has lots of Patients.

  • 'I can't even lift my MacBook Pro … I live up North Shore'

    yo bro - I feel for ya bro

    I feel like dancing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmqvQfcxZl8

    you should be - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI68A-rntIk

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    WOW…why is this even a topic of discussion…? Are you looking for a discount or deal on Xrays @ Ozbargain.
    While you are getting xray get your brain tested too… might be empty

  • Is there a way to disable forums from my home page? It’s always a stupid shitshow of questions from idiots or people at fault in road accidents. It’s somewhat depressing to read!

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    In this instance. You should sell your Mac book to cover the immediate $45 out of pocket expense. Try Gumtree.
    Then you should sell your bike and buy a tablet so there's less strain on your hand.

    You should also probably start self diagnosing online from now on instead of seeing professionals as they can often give you silly professional advice on what to do.

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    Take it from someone who fractured their finger putting on their pyjamas (lol). Get the X-RAY and go and see an orthopaedic surgeon for further advice straight away. I waited a week before getting an x-ray and 3 weeks before going to hand therapy and my index finger has still not fully recovered 2 years later. With hand injuries you need to act quick. I cheaped out and went to a hospital for an X-RAY and listened to their advice which was incorrect. They incorrectly splinted my finger which slowed down the healing process astronomically. I've lost about 15% range of movement in my index finger now. Poor man pays twice.

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      Thank you for sharing, it's crazy sometimes you need to do due diligence for expert opinion.

      The specialist I saw, did tell me that, all of the excellent doctors most charge and are not cheap. So what you pay for is the peace of mind that you have the correct opinion.

      I agree with that statement, everyone is a doctor in this dain age. Don't choose a doctor based on price , but based on trust and expertise.

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        Definitely the case. Unfortunately for a lot of people it's a lesson they learn the hard way.

  • I fell off the swings at my local park.

    Had no idea why I was in so much pain.

    Turned out I had fractured my wrist.

    Since you're in a lot of pain, definitely go get an x ray.

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    yes OP go to the ED, wait for 4hrs in a waiting room full of possible covid patients in the middle of the pandemic to save $35 that you would have spent on a deal on ozb that you didn't know you needed anyway

  • If $45 is make or break to your decision to whether you seek medical treatment for an injury which prevents you from using your $2000 macbook, you should see a bulk billing doctor.

    Additionally, most radiology venues will bulk bill an x-ray with referral, and often don't require an appointment.

    If you have a serious injury (but not urgent) have him refer you to a specialist in the public system, which will mean you generally won't be out of pocket much, if at all for follow-up treatments, scans, appointments or medication.

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    I think your hands are fine. It's the MacBook Pro.

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    you should ask facebook op

    the doctor telling you you need an xray is just a scam, punch him with your hurt hand. Then youll be able to lift the macbook.

  • can't believe that this debate is still going after 4 days…

  • I had similar injury. I went to the local hospital here in Canberra last week at about midnight and waited 7 hours, but they still didn't get around to seeing me so I had to go back to work. I returned that evening and only waited 5 hours, but still didn't get in. So I went back to my GP and decided to pay the extra $$

  • Wait, why did you go to the doctor again? If you have to ask on the forum then why did you go to the doctor?

  • Fell off Bike and Doctor Told Me to Get X-Ray - What Do You Guys Think I Should Do?

    Get X-Ray

  • Flip the doctor the bird with your left hand.

  • need to pay high attention to it in order to avoid unnecessary negative impact on future life, and go to the official hospital for checking and cure.

  • OP has ceased replying, comments closed.

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