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Philips Airfryer XXL Digital HD9650/93 $399.20 Delivered @ Myer


Just for today

Philips airfryer XXL for $399 at Myer

Can price match at JBHIFI and get the $5 off with code ''925FIVEOFFJULY

The smaller model is also on sale for $319.20

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    Can this flash fry a buffalo in 40 seconds?

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        I'm talking about the Philips XXL HD9630/21 (analog) vs the Philips XXL digital. They're essentially the same machine minus the digital panel and the heat-sensing BS in this version.

        This one:

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          I agree with you there, you're probably getting negged because you should have elaborated in more detail.

          I didn't neg you by the way, it's always good to have open constructive discussions :)

        • Do they do the analogue one in black? That white one definitely needs storing in a cupboard.

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            @thestig: Don't think so. The white one is fine to be left in the open just chuck a thick cloth over it.

  • Thanks, bit the bullet!

  • $379 here and get discount gift cards from shop back swap card


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      its AU$ 446

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        Item price: AU $446.00
        -AU $66.90
        Your price: AU $379.10
        Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your voucher expires 14/07/21. Terms and conditions apply.

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    From frozen aldi fries to plate in 9 minutes @ 180C

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      Believe the hype. Never would of thought they work so well. Oven doesn't get much use these days, except for the odd roast.

      By the time the oven has heated up the air fryer is nearly done cooking.

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    Hopefully it will drop this low again around New Year


    • Wow that was a good sale!

    • It won't. In 2019, air fryers were the bees knees and the latest gadget so everyone was taking the punt. Once Philips realised their inherent value, they jacked all the prices worldwide.

  • What's the advantage of shelling out $400 for one of these when there are plenty of air fryers sub $200 of similar capacity?

    What exactly makes this premium ….

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      The extra layer and the digital panel and some technology about adjusting temperature that no one needs.

      Get the XXL Philips air fryer with the analog knob. Best air fryer on the market.

      • Okay, but what makes THAT one with the analog knobs better than the other air fryers on the market?

        Not to mention there are some people who are ardent believers that convection ovens are better - I can't even tell the difference between the terms.

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    If you get it, make sure to also claim the McCain 'Night In' promotion they're running. It brings 2x chips, 2x wedges, and 2x pizzas. Ends 31 July.


    Personally I reckon previous promotions have been way better (cash back) but at least it's something