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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Dual OC 12GB Palit GPU $840 + $5.90 Shipping ($756 with MightyApe Targeted Discount) @ MightyApe


$5.90 shipping Australia wide.

The coupon will bring it to a price of $756 if you previously purchase an item from the site within 30 days:
"10% off your next order (must have previously purchased within 30 days), minimum order $19.99 applies."

Prices getting closer to MSRP.

MSRP RTX 3060 Palit: $574
Current price of last gen RTX 2060 Palit on MightyApe: $749

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    HODL…prices will soon be at MSRP my fellow apes.

    • -30

      cringe factor 5000

      • +17

        Pot calling the kettle back don't you think?

        • -5

          i do not think that

        • Why, is the pot desperate?
          I never call back

        • +1

          No, "hodl" is cringe.

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      Apes, stay together. STRONG!!!!

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    Why does this have more RAM than some 3080s?

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      Because of the memory bus, on a 192bit bus which the 3060 has memory chips are in groups of 6. I think they decided 6GB of video memory (1GB chips) was too small in comparison to AMD's offering so they went with 2GB chips.

      edit to reiterate -

      192-bit bus (6 or 12 modules) (3060)
      8Gb modules = 6 or 12 GB
      16Gb modules = 12 GB or 24 GB

      256-bit bus (8 or 16 modules) (3070)
      8Gb modules = 8 or 16 GB
      16Gb modules = 16 or 32 GB

      320-bit bus (10 or 20 modules) (3080)
      8Gb modules = 10 or 20 GB
      16Gb modules = 20 or 40 GB

      384-bit bus (12 or 24 modules) (3090)
      8Gb modules = 12 or 24 GB
      16Gb modules = 24 or 48 GB

      You can share the bus and over provision chips, but Nvidia has learnt from that mistake.

      • You're on the right track, it's that with the memory bus, each memory chip uses 32 bits of bus width. So that means on a 192 bit bus you can only have 6 memory chips maximum (192/32 = 6). Whereas on a 256 bit bus, you can have 8 chips maximum and so on.

        Yes, the reason this has 12GB is that they use 6x 2GB chips to achieve the 12GB and it was chosen because the 6700 XT has 12GB of memory and likely the 6600 XT will have 8GB of memory, which is where this card, sort of, is supposed to sit at MSRP.

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      When I found out that the man was saying hold the door all along, my mind was blown. What a twist. Such a crazy layup. Whoever thought of that was a genius. Hold. The. Door.

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    Hold ze line

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    Give me MSRP or give me death!

  • +2

    Going to bite the bullet on a 3080 this week, give me them deals.

    • Why not hold and give it a month or two?

      • +2

        Been needing one for months if not years now (on a 980 TI for approx 6 years now) and I'm getting into video editing so need something ASAP :/

    • +1

      Why not a 3070 Ti instead? This store has one for $1399 and the performance difference shouldn't be very noticeable.

      • +4

        I can see a 3080 on sale now for $1.8K so I'd rather spend the extra $400 for that

      • +2

        It's pretty noticeable. 10-11% at 1080p and around 20% at 4K. Considering if you wait a bit a 3080 will be around 1200-1400 at MSRP it's better to wait it out imo. Prices have come down pretty quickly lately.



      • The performance difference may vary actually, depending on the video editing app used and the amount/stress of GPU-related effects you are using.

        Overall the video editing performance of a 3080 is not that much better than a 3070 (10% increase) in a normal Premiere Pro project. Apps that rely more on your GPU, such as DaVinci Resolve, will have a more noticeable improvement (up to 50%). That being said, the 2GB (10GB 3080 vs 8GB 3070) extra VRAM will be useful for video editing, especially at higher resolutions.


    • Pcbyte has a preorder for $1899. Eta later this month.

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    hold my calls

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    Only about $200-300 more than sales price should be..

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    Yeah lets smoke em' out boyz. MSRP I know you're in there somewhere.

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    Do not spend a cent on any of these boys! HOLD!

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    Looks like either MightyApe have fixed the problem of their system adding GST at checkout or they don't do it for items under $1k?

    • I was looking at a 3070 Ti on Might Ape a few days ago, and they still added GST at checkout… I wish I could filter them out of Google Shopping results.

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    Does this code apply to everything on the site and is it capped?

    • I believe it does apply to everything on the site, not sure if its capped tho.

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    If we all hooooold, prices will keep droppingggg

  • lets just hope with the decrease in prices, the AUD doesnt tank also

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    Hey everyone, seller had requested the EVGA 3060 listing to be removed. Price was jacked to $999 as well.
    My apologies, I have sent a request to the mods to remove the EVGA listing so this is the best price at. The moment :)
    Thanks eshayslayer 👍

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    chill out it's palit. shitty material made.

  • +5

    Amd 6700 XT is so much better than this card

    • Did you take DLSS into account?

  • I thought paying $800 for MSI Gaming X 3060 was overkill. That leaked driver really bumped 3060 pricing.
    And agree with kungfuman, 6700xt is a better gaming card (sold the 3060 to replace with)

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