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Sony 85" X9000H 4K UHD Bravia LED TV $4295 (+ Bonus 10% Bing Lee Gift Card) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bing Lee


Another deal for Sony 85" X9000H 4K.
Free delivery for anyone lives in Greater Sydney Region.

Purchase a 75" TV and above (“Participating Product”) from a Bing Lee retail store or online at www.binglee.com.au and receive a Bing Lee Bonus Gift Card (“Bonus Gift Card”) equivalent to 10% of the purchase price of each Participating Product. Promotion available on purchases made between 08/07/21 to 18/07/21 or while stocks last. Bonus Gift Card must be redeemed at a Bing Lee retail store or online at www.binglee.com.au within 3 months of qualifying purchase. Conditions apply

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    Sony has them on sale 4046 incl. delivery. Not a bad deal comparing to this.

    • Plus further 5% off with code PLUS5WQCLNZMMSQM (Ebay Plus)

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        Not an Ebay Plus eligible item.

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          Coming as eligible for me

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            @Karansingh: those PLUS*** codes are targeted with various % discounts. For me I have a similar code with 3%, if it was 5% i would have bought that box damaged one already lol.

            • @PrasangaD: I just tried it and it gives me $5 and not 5% discount LOL

              Subtotal (1 item) AU $4,045.95
              Postage Free
              Vouchers/coupons -AU $5.00
              Order total AU $4,040.95

    • Yep for sure.

      One can also price match Bing sale price of $4295 with JB HiFi. And take advantage of 5% additional discount (ends tonight).Which will bring down the price to $4080 :).
      Any ozbargainer stocking up on 10% discounted JB cards… Can bring down the price even lower.

      • Any ozbargainer would also have the JB / GG gift card from Telstra contracts 😜

    • Indeed; and Sony will price match anyone (though not on the gift card).

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    Hi guys quick question hoping someone can help me out

    Do I need a 4K 85” TV?
    Thanks in advance

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      Just one?

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      Yes. All of the yes.

    • Thanks everyone I’ll let my wife know!

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    Is Frozen on repeat any better at 85"?

  • Anyone thinking of getting a Sony, this is the model to get. Premium build with x1 and hdmi 2.1 for 4k/120.

    This one is built much better than the newer 2021 model x90j

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      Premium in what way?

      Genuine question. I own a x9000H. I would say build quality is standard, not premium. Also it is considered mid range. X9500H is to me much better.

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        I've already written its built much better than 2021 model equivalent. And i think future models as well.

        The is the last low-mid range Sony tv to be made of metal. Look at frame and stand and the textured back of tv.

        If you see this years replacement x90j in the stores, you'll immediately know why.

        • I haven't kept up to date with this TV, but after the first update or two it never fully got compliant hdmi 2.1 software.

          Has that been fixed yet or not? I've been holding out for a proper implementation before getting a new TV

          • @twig: It works well with PS5, probably not xbox. I dont have xbox other than a 360 so it doesn't affect me. The way I see it, if you're getting a Sony tv why would you get a Microsoft product rather than a Ps5. This tv has 4k/120, eArc and ALLM (if paired with ps5). VRR coming at the end of this year or early next year.

            Hope this helps.

            • @fuzor: Some people might like the option for both. Xbox has Gamepass which is incredible value compared to anything Sony has to offer. Not that anyone asked but I don't own either console.

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                @Xastros: Im a little bit of a Sony fan but i dont judge or care if you own one or both. Was just trying to help answer the question above.

                Anyhow the x9000h has 2 hdmi 2.1 ports and one is for earc so unless you have a super new audio system to passthrough 2.1, the tv wont really work with 2 next gen consoles.

                • @fuzor: Thanks for the info. Yeah Sony has the best exclusives (or at least did for last gen). XBox now is trying out this Gamepass thing to compete on a different front.

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            @twig: To my knowledge it hasn't been fixed. Still no VRR (they keep pushing back the ETA on that), and any resolutions at 120hz are blurred and not completely clear, not just 4k120. We used this with both a RTX3080 PC and PS5 and were really disappointed with the 4k120 and lack of VRR, so refunded and got a CX. CX did VRR and 4k120 flawlessly out of the box.

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              @kittymtd: Yeh still not implemented VRR and the 120 is crap. I'm guessing it's hardware issue why the XR have dual processors now

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              @kittymtd: Ahh that's a shame, I knew it was a good idea to not buy into the idea of "we promise to patch it later".

              Thanks @kittymtd

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                @twig: No worries. We believed the promise at first too, but Sony eroded all their goodwill when they removed VRR as a feature for this model from the specifications page. That was the reason we were able to get a refund, as we asked why they had removed it and they couldn't answer.

                • @kittymtd: Out of curiosity, who did you complain to in order to get that refund?

                  I'd hate to be in a situation where features get removed from a device post purchase

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    Today only I have got it for $3646 excluding delivery from TGG

    • That's a great price. Did you negotiate in store?

  • $3539.40 if you know anyone that has access to Sony partners program. Free delivery too.

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    85 inches of WOW ! I can only dream of delivering so many inches, but man if I could I'd be king of madagascar

    • You'd dream of 10% of that I reckon.

      • too many inches could spoil the fun anyways i reckon

        • its how u use them, always…

  • Anyone plugged in an energy meter for real world power consumption figures once setup?

    Must be getting up there

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    Wait 6 months and pay half as Ive seen the 75" for 2k now on SALE, also X9000H is the OLD model too; 90J is the replacement with XR processor.

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      Woah you can read the brochure

  • Nice TV in every way apart from the silver frame, not a fan but yet I own one lol

  • How does this compare to the LG CX? I read that the CX is more game-oriented.

    • LG CX is much better for gaming, so would suggest that if you can afford it. 4k120 and VRR worked flawlessly out of the box with our PS5 and RTX3080 PC, whereas the Sony has no VRR and all resolutions at 120hz were blurred as Sony just upscales the image. We had the Sony originally and had it exchanged for the CX after being very disappointed in it for gaming.

    • You will be losing 8inches and paying an extra 2k for a 77" LG CX though, but undoubtedly OLED is the superior tech unless you are in a very bright room.

  • I was able get good guys to price match their deal and also got Sony approval . I don’t need two TV

    I still have Sony approval .. in case any one interested

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