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50% off eero Secure+ Subscription $7.99/Month for 12 Months @ eero


Bought the Eero 6 during prime and the trial is about to run out. If you're thinking of signing up, found a %50 off discount code to use on reddit. Still works when I tested it this morning.

I'm still a bit iffy on signing up, dont really need the features, but with the secure+ plan you get 1password families, Encrypt.me, Malwarebytes and DDNS subscription as well. Works out to be $7.99/mth which is 50c more than a 1password families sub if paying monthly.

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    So you're essentially paying Amazon to collect your digital footprint?

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    I bought the eero during the prime sales and I've been trying to work out if you really need this? What does it do that Windows Defender doesnt.

    I'm using the free month trial and I thought the ad blocker would be useful but it annoyingly blocks a lot of useful ads that appear in google when you search for prices.

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    raspberry pi zero with pi-hole installed is a better option IMO


      Love mine, great for $20 to get snappier home internet with ad blocking. Way too complicated for the average user though


    unless you have them installed in Bridged mode, then you can't subscribe. :(

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    or you can use bitwarden for free