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TicWatch E3 $259.99 (up to 100% Cashback by Completing 21-Day Exercise Program, Twitter Required) @ Mobvoi


Interesting deal - complete a 21 day challenge and post Twitter updates and get up to 100% cashback depending on how many days you complete.

NOTE: You have to show an average heart rate of over 130bpm for each 20-minute session, which will not suitable for a number of people. As an intense exercise, HIIT is suitable for experienced contestants. Contestants should consult their physician or healthcare provider before joining the challenge.

Details -

Order Period: July 12, 2021 — July 18, 2021
Challenge Period: July 12, 2021 — August 18, 2021
Result Verification: Before August 18, 2021

During the 21 successive days challenge period (weekends and public holidays included) complete the 20 mins HIIT workout for (only 1 time per day) -

18 times = 100% cashback
15 times = 50% cashback
10 times = 20% cashback

Start the Challenge:
Order a TicWatch E3 from the Mobvoi Official Website (before July 18).

#1 Post your challenge announcement on Twitter, with

  • Unboxing pictures or video of TicWatch E3
  • Hashtag: #hiitchallengewithTicWatchE3
  • Tag 3 friends and @Mobvoi_Official on Twitter

21 successive days after your challenge announcement are defined as your challenge period.

#2 Daily Check-In:

  • Complete the 20 mins HIIT exercise with your TicWatch E3 (TicExercise —> Choose "High Intensity").
  • Share your HIIT exercise record Watermark or Chart (from the Mobvoi App) on Twitter and @Mobvoi_Official.

#3 Challenge Verification and Refund:

DM @Mobvoi_Official (Twitter) to verify all your check-ins and the challenge results after 21 days (before August 18).

You will receive a full/partial refund within one month. Congrats!

Referral Links

Referral: random (37)

Referee gets 5% off. Referrer gets 10% credit.

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    • +4

      Pure financial genius.

    • CC takes too long to approve and arrive.

    • +1
      1. Buy 4 watches -
      2. Strap em onto each of your 4 limbs (get 5 if your fifth limb can accommodate)
      3. Complete the challenge
      4. On-sell additional watches
      5. Mucho beneficio

      The real challenge here would be going through the process of falsifying and coordinating all the twitter skullduggery

      • Too many twitter accounts for me to handle.
        OR I recruit more people to do the same, get a cut from them and create a very short lived MLM

  • Who uses twitter anyway

    • +7

      From where I am sitting, plenty of new Ozb users - at least until 18 Aug.

    • +1

      Trump. and that Elon

      self explaining :)

    • -1

      Egotistical ex-PMs desperate to maintain relevance and the young Left.

      Unfortunately, lazy journalists think Twitter is a good source for judging the entire population's opinions on topics.

    • +2

      Ha just went to sign up and apparently I do. Can someone else who doesn't have friends please message me their @ so I can tag you in my super interesting challenge announcement πŸ™‚

      • +2

        My twitter: echipbk

  • Ordered! I need some more exercise anyway!

  • +2

    And have to enter the cess pit that is Twitter? No thanks.

  • +10

    My twitter: echipbk
    This is for anyone who wants to add me.

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      Added you.

      This is me @AaronThatPacer

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      Are we starting a chain? My twitter is: lpaul_nz

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      lets do it boyz lol

    • Followed you all - @93Beanz

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      My Twitter is @D_train_D

    • I'm @VindictiveLaw! I'll be adding you guys lol

    • My twitter: bountycrawler

      This is for anyone who wants to add me

    • Can you guys add me pls? :) @MartinT54844157

    • Same here pls @jim_burke

    • My Twitter: @Dom39935044
      If a few people add me.

    • +1

      @lsyl18 - never been this excited to exercise!

    • same here, my twitter: @Owen2Caleb

    • Me too! @cropmy5

    • Have added most of you, I'm @GordanoDadog

      Thanks all!

    • @kevin8grain

      Making my way down the list, follow for a follow folks!

    • Mine: @Cahl01
      Cheers all

    • @SuPz


    • @palipali3

      Thank you

      • @BigL33048626

        Can some of you add me please and I will add you. Cheers

    • @sushisurfer625 thanks

    • Cheers

      • @SimBer02684554

        will add you all!


        • Followed, feel free to follow back @Charmzie5. Thanks.

    • Mine is @OzBargs

    • Added a bunch of you! Please add me @dofdaus cheers

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    • Following you all, happy to be tagged! @josh_kiba

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    • Following you all, happy to be tagged! @emeraldpiggy

    • Added a whole bunch of you if I could a follow back that would be great! Going to start tomorrow hopefully.



    • Add me guys, will follow you as well!
      Let's get this!

    • Will follow back @HIIIIIIIIIT1

      Already on a few ozbhiiters

    • Added a bunch, pleaee follow me

  • Has anyone done the HIIT via the watch and how did they like it compared to doing a HIIT class

    • and what people do in HIIT classes?

  • +2

    Isn't that black widow pose?

  • +1

    followers = friends on Twitter?

  • +2

    i still dont see any comments giving example of easy to do activities to achieve 130bpm.
    anything we can do indoor, alone? or must go to gym to do the static bike ?

    • +1

      HIIT Bodyweight Moves
      Mountain Climbers. These are quintessential HIIT moves β€” the kind of bodyweight move you can't keep up for long without collapsing on the ground. …
      Forearm Plank. Start with 30 seconds and work your way up. …
      Air Squats. …
      Reverse Pull-Ups. …
      Push-Ups. …
      Split Squat Jumps. …
      Jumping Jacks. …
      Jump Lunge.

    • They won't know exactly what kind of activity you've done. Likely running in place would be sufficient for me to get to that heart rate.

      • +1
        • The heart rate changes and the calories burned will also serve as verification criteria.

        Probably you'll need to do some stops to make it more similar to a HIT exercise

    • +2
      1. Drink a strong coffee 15-30 mins before you start
      2. Play Hardcore Techno or Speed Metal and turn it up to 11
      3. Watch some Horror with plenty of Jump Scares
      4. Lightly jog on the spot for required intervals
      5. When your housemates or neighbours complain, enjoy the nice extra boost in heart rate!
  • This vs Apple Watch?

    • +4

      This is free, potentially? Shrugs

      That seems like the big positive, and 3 weeks of exercise too.

      • Yeah, but if it's crap, it's crap. Free or not.

    • Honestly, the biggest decider is whether you daily drive an Android or Apple phone.

      Apple Watch is objectively better in almost every respect, but it's also at least twice the price. And using an Apple watch with an Android phone means that you can't use a lot of the features.

  • +4

    I am really unfit, will a brisk walk to Krispy Kreme get me to 130bpm?

    • +5

      relevant username

  • +7

    Use the code WELCOME as well for $13 off.

  • +4

    We will verify your exercise records based on the following criteria:

    • The HIIT workout should be completed under the HIIT mode of TicExercise.

    • Each HIIT record should last at least 20 minutes, with an average heart rate above 130 bpm.

    • The heart rate changes and the calories burned will also serve as verification criteria.

    damn bro, cant get it done due to having a lot of KFC/HJ voucher use recently

  • +3

    You're essentially getting the only WearOS watch in the last four years that comes with a crappy LCD screen. Also no ambient light sensor. Rest of the package is fine though. And who knows if it will receive the new Wear update slated for later this year, even though it has the Snapdragon 4100?

    It's a good viral marketing campaign, but they are essentially acknowledging it's a crappy watch, by running this promotion.

    • There’s been a big question mark as to whether the E3 is one of many Google Wear OS smartwatches that might not be in line to get the upcoming Wear OS 3.0 update – expected in late 2021 – with no official confirmation. However, Wareable reports that both the TicWatch Pro 3 and TicWatch E3 will now receive the Wear OS 3.0 update. This is a relief to anyone interested in the E3 – without it, the E3 might have got very old very fast.


      The article quotes sources close to the matter so I don't know how ironclad that is - but it seems pretty likely.

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