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TicWatch E3 $259.99 (up to 100% Cashback by Completing 21-Day Exercise Program, Twitter Required) @ Mobvoi


Interesting deal - complete a 21 day challenge and post Twitter updates and get up to 100% cashback depending on how many days you complete.

NOTE: You have to show an average heart rate of over 130bpm for each 20-minute session, which will not suitable for a number of people. As an intense exercise, HIIT is suitable for experienced contestants. Contestants should consult their physician or healthcare provider before joining the challenge.

Details -

Order Period: July 12, 2021 — July 18, 2021
Challenge Period: July 12, 2021 — August 18, 2021
Result Verification: Before August 18, 2021

During the 21 successive days challenge period (weekends and public holidays included) complete the 20 mins HIIT workout for (only 1 time per day) -

18 times = 100% cashback
15 times = 50% cashback
10 times = 20% cashback

Start the Challenge:
Order a TicWatch E3 from the Mobvoi Official Website (before July 18).

#1 Post your challenge announcement on Twitter, with

  • Unboxing pictures or video of TicWatch E3
  • Hashtag: #hiitchallengewithTicWatchE3
  • Tag 3 friends and @Mobvoi_Official on Twitter

21 successive days after your challenge announcement are defined as your challenge period.

#2 Daily Check-In:

  • Complete the 20 mins HIIT exercise with your TicWatch E3 (TicExercise —> Choose "High Intensity").
  • Share your HIIT exercise record Watermark or Chart (from the Mobvoi App) on Twitter and @Mobvoi_Official.

#3 Challenge Verification and Refund:

DM @Mobvoi_Official (Twitter) to verify all your check-ins and the challenge results after 21 days (before August 18).

You will receive a full/partial refund within one month. Congrats!

Referral Links

Referral: random (40)

Referee gets 5% off. Referrer gets 10% credit.

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        • Ordered 13th , got tracking info but no updates since. Emailed support , they replied with tracking number but no other useful info.

        • Contacted them today and they've given me a tracking number. Was picked up by Aus Post on 28/7 and has had no updates since…

    • Ordered on the 13th - The site is showing as Order Pending and Payment Pending?
      There is no way I'll get this in time to get 18 days???

  • +1

    FYI this deal is good to combine with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/604636

    Did the Centr Boxing workout was great

  • Do you need to be following a person and they need to be following you? Or can you just tag 3 random ppl that aren't following you?

    • Just tag 3 people. Loads of us have provided our Twitter handles earlier in the thread and don't mind you tagging us.

  • +2

    FYI, Google confirmed that the E3 will be eligible for an upgrade to the new Wear OS 3 next year

  • Can anyone get the Google voice commands to send text messages through their phone?
    I keep getting some 'Couldn't connect to the phone' message when trying to send a text.

    • Maybe try a reset or a full power off?

      • So it works for you? There's heaps of people complaining about it over in the WearOS Subreddit/

  • +4

    Just FYI:

    • Program "#11 Others" six times
    • Set time for 120 work/0 rest
    • Do two sets with 0 rest between
    • Gives you 24 minutes of work out where you just need to focus on heart rate, not doing anything particular (i.e. go for a bike ride/swim/run)
    • I've got 30 minutes worth in my routine and was glad for it today when the heart monitoring gave me bad reads for at least 5 minutes during todays workout. https://twitter.com/PeterWilkinso18/status/14191605806408212... Having the extra time meant I could make it up after it started reading properly again. I'm with @JuryWheel and really wish you could see your average heart rate instead of having to guess…

      • +1

        Same here. During the most intense part, my heart rate apparently dropped to the 90's which made no sense.

    • @LanMandragoran: You're cutting things pretty fine with some of your workouts. What's your strategy to make sure you're over 130?

      • Hahaha! I got lucky yesterday. I don't have any strategy, just trying to stay over 130 mostly.

    • FYI tic watch mentioned heart rate change and calories burned will be a criteria. https://twitter.com/Mobvoi_Official/status/14164468508491530...

      hopefully they dont need actual HIIT type results..

  • +4

    Annoying that it doesn't show average heart rate until you end it…..always a little nervous…

    • +1

      I was so run down and really busted my arse yesterday, ended up bang on 130 - which I'm pretty sure wouldn't qualify as all the terms specify OVER 130. So I passed the watch to the misses and made her dance for me (asked politely and gave her a massage following)

      • +1

        I got one that was 130 exactly too. Still uploaded it but not confident they will approve it so treating it as a missed day.

  • Hi guys, I am on my day 9 and I didn't know that we have to DM Mobvoi and send order number and Mobvoi ID through Twitter. Anyone know if I sent DM today I would t any problem?

    • Same for me, has that always been a condition?? It's wasn't detailed in the deal post.

    • +1

      I dm'd them 4 days in - didnt seem like an issue (they took 2 days to respond btw)

  • Anyone else find the uploading of excercise data to the phone app to be quite slow - its stuck on "uploading" on the watch for aggggges. Any fix?

    • Yes, I found sometimes it takes ages! It takes so long after a workout that I've almost forgotten to upload the challenge. A "sync" option would be great.

    • Yep. I usually go for a shower after the session and then check the app. My theory is that the activity takes a bit of time to process on the watch which is why it doesn't sync to the app instantly as soon as the time is up. Give it 5 mins.

    • I've found now that if it doesn't sync in a minute or two with some refreshing, I have to reboot my phone.

    • Big yes, and it also doesn't seem to be able to access previously acquired information (like yesterday's exercise). I have to open the watch and repair bluetooth with Mobvoi app running to kickstart the transfer, otherwise the Mobvoi app just says no data for everything, then when it transfers, the previous data is visible. Worse, today it wouldn't work at all - then more and more connection features deteriorated until I had to hard reset the watch and lost today's exercise.

      • Just to update, after giving the watch and my phone a good hiding (see my other post), the transfers and exercise history are behaving more functionally - still encounter minor issues but nothing absolutely breaking like before.

    • restart the watch usually fixes this

    • Yes, I have found though if you go into Tic Excercise then swipe left, it will show you all your workouts. If you click on the latest workout then share, it shows up on mobvoi instantly then you can share.

  • +1

    I'm having major connectivity issues affecting watch functionality and capacity to continue the challenge, and wasting a lot of time trying to fix.

    Mobvoi app is failing to update properly, phone & watch bluetooth connection suffers issues even when connection displays fine and after repairing.

    Not able to sign into my google accounts no matter the combination of resets, repairing, cache clearing etc.

    At the stage now of having to hard reset the watch, which caused losing today's exercises.

    This is all after successfully doing & tracking the challenge for 2 days and using the watch regularly, including phone calls.

    EDIT: Looks like I've managed to resolve this issue for now. Successfully paired and signed into google account. Required the following: multiple restarts, disabling 2 factor authentication on my Google account, removing and re-adding my Google account on my phone, disconnecting watch in WearOS app, clearing WearOS cache, connecting watch in WearOS app and signing into google account on WearOS.

  • +3
    • +1

      the double tapping the screen which results in skipping the excercise is a huge one.. i think thats why my first workout ended early..

  • +4

    Day 5 today, body is sore, but the pain of paying outweighs the body pain, lets fken go!

    • Yep same !

  • Ordered on the 15th (thursday), just got a email about my order. yay!

  • +2

    Is anyone else's heart rate seemingly quite inaccurate?

    The first couple of days, I did like intense workouts at home (sweating), and I could barely break the 130 mark.

    The last two days, I've just gone on a slight jog outside, then walked and my heart rate remained above like 160-170 easy. I even got to 190+ without breaking a sweat, I went back home, sat down, counted my heart rate (counting with a timer to be around 70bpm), yet my watch still said I was 150. I'm writing this post now with an apparent 130 heart rate, on my 16th minute of when I'm supposed to be doing the challenge…

    At times it seems to be accurate, while others, it seems way off.

    • +2

      Yes, the heart rate is a hit and miss in my opinion as well. I would be out of breath during the workout and the watch will report 110-120 and while i would rest in between the sets it would say 140-150.
      I think the watch is late to pickup the change.

    • In the first 5 minutes of any HIIT workout I cannot get the reading above 80-83 bpm. This has happened in 5 out of 6 workouts.

      I only start the workout on the watch after warming up so I know that my heart rate is definitely at least 150. Then after 5 minutes the reading shoots up to the right reading.

      Extremely frustrating that my effort in the first 5 minutes does not count for anything, and puts me in danger of not achieving an average of 130 bpm.

      Anyone else? Have a look at my charts here

      • My first workout with the watch today and I had noted the same problem - I only started the "workout" on the watch after my HR was around 130 (on the TicPulse app so it is using the same sensor) but it still had a lag time between my alleged HR of 80 then it shot up after 2 minutes. I also get ozpg's problem of registering the HR more accurately when there are rest periods (assuming you are more still and therefore the HR sensor can detect HR better) So during rest periods it can be 170 when during the actual work it might be 160.

    • I use a heart rate strap at the same time and they've both been spot on (Wahoo Tickr).

      The watch is a little inaccurate at the beginning when I haven't warmed up (or started sweating) so perhaps wetting your wrist first will help? I've noticed that this helps the heart rate strap too.

  • -1

    I ordered this within the required purchase period and it has still not shipped. I am very quickly running out of time to complete my workouts within the required timeframe.

    Very disappointed in this. Seems like the refund is becoming unobtainable.

    • +2

      Send them an email, they will reply with a standardised email stating that as long as you ordered within the correct dates, your challenge will start once you receive it and you won't be penalised for logistics issues.

      • Thanks for the tip. I'd reached out to them on social medial over the last week or so and hadn't heard back. I'll email them now.

  • +1

    So my watch won't boot up anymore.
    Waiting on support to get back to me.

  • So I've been posting a screenshot of the exercise itself which still shoes the avg heartrate and duration and no the chart or watermark. Is that still okay?

      • I'm the Twitter image is says you need to DM them before starting but here it doesn't say that only after completing…

        • The website states all the requirements of the challenge and sending them a DM for step 1 was always there. As were the instructions on exactly what to post with a YouTube video on how to do it.

          You'll have to DM them to see if you're still eligible but most likely not. Alternatively you could delete all your Twitter posts and start again if you haven't DM'd them to say that you were starting.

          • @jon:

            The website states all the requirements of the challenge and sending them a DM for step 1 was always there.

            No, it wasn't. It was added retroactively.

  • hows everyone finding the battery life?
    I'm getting less than a full day that's pretty annoying.

    There's a few confusing things in the settings as well.
    battery saver screen - which doesn't work with tilt and always on screen.
    but sometimes when i turn that on, tilt to wake turns on by itself randomly.

    Also sometimes i feel like it drains super fast for no real reason, then other times its saving a lot of battery. (while doing relatively the same stuff)

    • Mine was lasting about 35 hrs on a charge before it stopped working.

      • same here - about 1.5 days.
        I dont wear it whilst sleeping (too bulky imo) so just charge it over night.

        • that with always on screen?
          i'm only lasting really 1 day, its down to 20% by the end of the day for me - with always on screen

          • @quasio: nah, i dont dig always on. Just use raise to wake and touch to wake.

    • +1

      A few things I have done that drastically improved battery life:

      • Disable all GPS

      • Disable all those pesky notifications

      • Keep the brightness to minimum whenever practical (I only bump it up to see how I'm doing for a workout, otherwise I can read the time in daylight on minimum brightness)

      • Change the watch face to something more streamlined, with no colour and preferably no other info on the screen like 'steps' or whatever - those things need to be updated which will chew battery. You can find more watch faces on the play store (better ones than the goofy ass stock TicWatch options) - the one I am using is called Pixel Mini, it is very minimal so it's not pumping out light & colours, and the always on display is even more minimal, and looks quite neat.

      • Another one from the playstore is "toggle" (or similar name, can't recall), with which you can set the second hardware button (the one that opens TicExercise, which is already trivially easy to access) to a shortcut for always on display or tilt to wake. Makes it super easy to turn those off when not needed, saving heaps of battery life.

      • Disable bluetooth if you don't actually need it syncing to your phone all the time (I keep mine on for calls & messages, but it's really not necessary)

      With all those changes, mine is easily lasting over 24h on a single charge, including 1 or 2 exercises. It's also worth noting that I wear it overnight for sleep tracking & the sleep alarm.

      And yes, the settings are confusing, with a bit of engrish mixed in to boot, but just keep playing around until you understand the interface.

  • +1

    Is running ok? Can I run rest run rest…. Etc?

    • +2

      Yes you can, running or cycling is ok, I checked with them. I just select "Other" workout program and make it longer than 20 min mark.
      For me it was actually easier to get my heart rate up (and maintain it) by doing cycling sprints then doing their HIIT workouts.

      • +1

        yea much easier to go for a run for me as well

    • +1

      I have mostly just been running. I honestly struggle to keep my heart rate over 130 doing squats, burpees etc

  • I have an issue with my watch but not sure if there is a solution - anyone can help?

    I have a Ring doorbell and get movement notifications on my phone. No sound, just a silent popup (which I generally ignore).

    But as I have set my Ticwatch to vibrate, it vibrates every time I get the notification from Ring app.
    It does not vibrate for email or other app notifications. From memory, it only vibrates for calls/texts/whatsapp.

    I have tried to find a way to fix it via "apps and notifications" but Ring is not an option there

    • +2

      Open WearOS on your phone and turn it off in the notifications there.

      • +1

        Thanks Vavoom - that worked great.
        I was able to get rid of other unnecessary notifications too!

        Appreciate the help

        • No worries. I've also found that apps only appear in that notifications list only when they've "rung" once. So if you have apps that only rarely gives out a notification you'll have to wait before you can turn it off. At least it seems to be the case for WearOS on iOS.

  • hey
    it doesn't say we have to use the

    hiitchallengewithTicWatchE3 hashtag

    daily check in yeah? everybody seems to be using the hashtag but it doesn't say it in the rules?

    • +3

      just read and it doesnt appear so - cant hurt including it though

    • +1

      nah you only need to tag mobvoi

  • +1

    God…. I need a rest day.
    Is there a way to cheat out of this

    • +1

      Get a friend to do a day for you?
      Build a model arm that simulates blood flow and control the pulse rate as required?

    • Don't know what exercise you're doing but remember it doesn't necessarily need to be squats, burpees and push ups. You can just do a fast run for 20 mins and you'd be good for above 130bpm.

      • i thought run is not part of HIIT program?

        • +3

          You can do whatever you want if you make a HIIT program in the watch and fill it with "Other" activities.

      • It doesnt need to be fast at all!
        I did one lap of an oval running, 1 walking, 1 running, 1 walking etc and that got me the 130. Easy

    • Getting someone else to do some for you is probably the only safe bet.

  • Hey all, my watch just arrived today, hoping to get some help from everyone! Please follow me here and I'll follow back! https://mobile.twitter.com/baddychuu

    • Got mine too do we have to start today or can be tomorrow?

      • Just got mine today too, will start on Monday!

      • Start the day after you make your challenge announcement. Don't forget to DM Mobvoi with your details as per above.

      • Hmm it said that we need to start the day after we receive the watch for late arrivals, but I suppose they have no way of checking.

    • When did you guys order? I still haven't got anything

      • +1

        I ordered on the 16th - it arrived yesterday.

        • +1

          Thanks - I also ordered on the 16th,but haven't received any shipment notifications

          My order status has changed to success, wonder what that means

    • I'm in the same boat, feel free for anyone to tag me! https://twitter.com/therainyparade

  • +7

    Just got mine yesterday - kicked off today.

    Is anyone else thinking that the ultimate OzB move is to kick off a HIIT workout at 11:39pm, knock out 20 minutes, then start another workout at 12:01am? Then you only have to go out and exercise 9 times instead of 18 for the free watch.

    Sleep is overrated anyway.

    • Good idea, might use that to actually get some rest in.

  • So does the challenge start when you receive the watch AND then make the initial announcement post on twitter. OR does it start when mobvoi confirm it via dm's?

    • 1) Receive watch and post on twitter your announcement.
      2) Immediately afterwards, DM Mobvoi stating the required details.
      3) Start challenge. The FAQ says the day after you post your announcement but I don't see how it makes any difference if you're keen and want to do it on the same day as your announcement.

  • +11

    Hi all - I've finished my 18 daily checkins. I've just DM'd them on Twitter for the cashback to start.

    I'll keep everyone posted on how quick the process is!

  • Am I the only one waiting for my watch to arrive, or even get a notification saying sent? Have emailed them today

  • +2

    After finishing the 18 days and DM'ing them, they told me I have to wait until the 18th of August whether all my check-ins have been valid.
    It would really suck if they nitpicked and said 1 or 2 days didn't fit their criteria or whatever.

    • +5

      I would be doing the full 21 if possible!!
      Ive missed 2 days so far but hope to do the rest to get 19 incase 1 is invalid

    • They didn't tell me to wait until the 18th of August - they said they would verify my results now.

      • did they verify?

  • hmm

    i didn't use the hashtag for my first few because it didn't specify it, most people are using it though, some not.

    • This is what the official site says even now and this is what i am going with (have captured screenshots)

      1) Start the Challenge:
      Order a TicWatch E3 from the Mobvoi Official Website (before July 18).

      Post your challenge announcement on Twitter, with

      • Unboxing pictures or video of TicWatch E3

      • Hashtag: #hiitchallengewithTicWatchE3

      • Tag 3 friends and @Mobvoi_Official on Twitter

      DM Mobvoi_Official (Twitter) by sending your Order Number + Mobvoi App ID (User Name + Email) to confirm eligibility.

      21 successive days after your challenge announcement are defined as your challenge peiord.

      2) Daily Check-In:
      Complete the 20 mins HIIT exercise with your TicWatch E3 (TicExercise —> Choose "High Intensity").

      Share your HIIT exercise record Chart (from the Mobvoi App) on Twitter and @Mobvoi_Official.

      3) Challenge Verification and Refund:
      DM @Mobvoi_Official (Twitter) to verify all your check-ins and the challenge results after 21 days (before August 18).

      You will receive a full/partial refund within one month. Congrats!