12 Months Free Access to Chris Hemsworth's Centr App for AmEx Australia Card Members (Value $120) @ Centr


American Express has just launched a new app offer for eligible Card Members: 12 months complimentary membership of Centr By Chris Hemsworth, a health and fitness app. This benefit is valued at $120 p.a.

How to redeem this offer

To redeem this offer, you must subscribe to Centr using an eligible American Express Card via the offer link between 15 Feb 2021 and 14 Feb 2022. You must enter your card details as per the Centr app subscription process, although your card will not be charged if you are eligible for the offer. Limit of one complimentary subscription per card, and one time per Card Member during the offer period.

This benefit is available to American Express Card Members with active consumer, small business, or corporate Cards issued in Australia by American Express Australia Limited. We've been advised that supplementary cards are eligible.

Auto-Renewal & Cancellation
Your Centr App subscription will default to automatically renew at the conclusion of the complimentary membership period, and your American Express card will be charged at the standard rates published by Centr. If you do not wish to renew, you must cancel your Centr subscription no later than 24 hours before the end of your subscription period.

Existing Centr Members
If you already have a Centr subscription, you will be eligible to redeem this offer upon the expiration of your current Centr membership plan between 15 February 2021 and 14 February 2022.

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  • Great stuff, just signed up. Cancelled to avoid surprise renewal and all good, full year listed.

  • +113 votes

    12 months free access to Chris Hemsworth

    My wife just signed up…

  • Seems to work fine with cancelled cards too, thanks OP.

  • Does this work with essential card?

  • My subscription expired last year. Does it show anywhere that you will be charged $0 today while resigning with AMEX. Or you just enter your card details and hit pay now button and it won't charge the card today?

  • how does one know they are eligible before signing up?

    • I got an email from AMEX

    • People are having success signing up with cancelled cards so i'd say if you hold an amex or have a cancelled one that hasn't expired you're eligible.

  • Thank you so much! Registered with my cancelled card, and it let me sign up. Great offer!

  • If I follow the program will I look like a Hemsworth?

    • +31 votes


    • Maybe you end up looking as his double.

    • +3 votes

      maybe Luke, not Chris.

    • It's a pretty decent programme, run by the same trainers that look after Chris Hemsworth. But yeah, you need some decent weights, a lot of time and perhaps a chef to really match his results.

      His stunt double Bobby is also a trainer on Centr, and he is even fitter than Chris!

      • If you think any of these guys are natty, your dreaming! News article shows his trainer put on 10kgs in 8 weeks, whilst reducing bodyfat, sorry that just isn't possible without being enhanced.


        • It's funny i got upvoted then downvoted, i guess people don't like to hear the truth. FYI i trained as a powerlifter for nearly 20 years and could make these guys look very ordinairy in the gym when i was training (natty 200kgs+ BP) and i never came close looking like that.

          • @Austrian Oak: Yup. It's unfortunate that most people have no idea that the physique in the photos is completely unrealistic.

            Then again , social media makes it seem like the norm now. Every person seems to be "shredded" and pushing their next latest protein powder/pill/app/fitness group/supplement that will get you looking exactly like them. Because that's all "they take"

        • The 10kgs is probably BS. The photos look staged to maximise the visual differences. That being said, that kind of mass gain while dropping fat for a guy who was already fit and well-trained to begin with is total indication of being juiced

          • +4 votes

            @OzBarAnon: Just look at the difference between his arms and shoulders… in 8weeks?

            I find it very annoying that they'd release this. They're cheating. No way a natural trainer could get these results.

            • @Sxio: Oh I definitely think he's juiced, I just think that the 10kg mass increase is an exaggeration. Probably a few kilos less than that

            • @Sxio: "boulder shoulders" or 3D shoulders are a tell tale sign of steroid use.

              It's due to the deltoids having more androgen receptors so they grow faster than other parts of the body

        • Spot on. I don't care how good your genetics are, how many meals of chicken, broccoli and brown rice you eat a day or how much creatine you put into your daily protein shake; it's literally impossible to get his results naturally.

          I saw somewhere recently someone said 'i'd love to see an Olympics where everyone was on gear'. Well, we have that. It's called the Olympics (joke shamelessly stolen from Philion). Point being, more people are on juice than most think.

        • There is literally no reason for Batman/Thor/funny Indian guy from Silicon Valley to actually stay natural.

          Reasons to stay natural:
          1. Competition Rules. USADA/WADA/etc say can't take drugs A, B, C. Ok, just take drugs D, E, F instead. Regardless, doesn't apply to actors.
          2. Risk. All things in life involve risk (as would taking steroids), but anyone who works in any industry knows, you Mitigate Risk. How's this done here? Among other things, I'm sure they:
          a) Take highly specialised professional advice - no, your local gymbrah, not even a GP will do. You go to the guys with all the PHDs and experience that scientifically specialise in this.
          b) You also do exceedingly regular bloodwork, body scans, etc and don't just eyeball it like everyone else at Derrimuts on arm day has to.
          Yes, this costs money but you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.
          3. Sponsorship. Money talks, but you don't have to BE natural, you just have to let anyone know you're on steroids. Admitting taking steroids would make endorsement money dry up, just as mentioning the word Corona on a YouTube video gets your video immediately demonetised. There's just too much controversy and your agent will leave your chiselled ass if you sabotaged your career like that.

          So in summary:
          Follow the enhanced regiment, flirt around the questions, and collect them paycheques baby.

          • @So lo: Bobby's pre-photos strike me as natural. The deltoids, traps, lats and vascularity gives it away. I wonder what kind of drug's are floating around in his system to look like that… Might have involved insulin for that transformation.

            Anyone can put on 20lbs in 8 weeks… on McDonalds and KFC but 20lbs of pure muscle is not a natural response to resistance training and Amino-Z Strawberry WPI

            • @OzCheapo: Would definitely be a Testosterone base for his cycle.

              Probably 600mg of Test E a week for starting point.

              He's not completely shredded so it wouldn't be something like Tren.

              I'm probably going to say Anavar or Winstrol.

              And I have a sneaky suspicions Growth hormone would be used too.

              The ironic thing is minus the GH costs.

              The steroid cycle probably costs not much more than protein powder for 3 months.

        • +3 votes

          Totally. I always had my doubts but they've now well and truly crossed over. No natural trainer looks like him.

        • Let me introduce you all to the loud world of Greg Doucette, in which he is having none of this fake natty rubbish:


        • I've seen this discussion on bodybuilding forums, and they give him credit for not denying it (and share his reporter-responses). Steroids doesn't lift the weight for you, but jeezus it helps ya cause.

      • . But yeah, you need some decent weights, a lot of time and perhaps a chef to really match his results.

        You also need to be juicy juicy.

        People don't realise the amount of stuff these guys put in to their body to achieve "Thor" like results.

        Sure he still has to work out like an animal. But you won't come close to looking like a Thor body double by doing this app.

    • You may end up looking pretty ordinary like Larry Hemsworth, does that count?

    • depends which part you want to look like

    • With great genes, if you tren hard, eat clen, anavar give up, you just might be able to

  • Nice will give this a go. It's a pretty crowded marketplace though, plenty of apps that offer similar. Hopefully the programs are better here? Has to be right if Thor endorses this.

  • It's a shame AE is such a pain to use ('We don't accept AE", "We charge extra for AE", etc.) because they seem to have good offers.

    • That's honestly a super old argument. They literally started Amex offers to expand the card network and also show how many places Amex is accepted at and don't charge extra.

      Apart from a select few smaller retailers, most places I visit accept Amex and don't charge anything more than the usual CC fee (if there is one).

      Your mileage may vary, but yeah, that argument you make is 5 or 6 years old.

      • Eh, it's much more prevalent than I was hoping for. 90% of bills I've tried to pay don't accept AMEX. Most smaller cafes and restaurants don't either. Not even a fee, just straight up don't accept it. Pain in the ass.

      • I literally grabbed the first invoice I could find (City Council Rates) and nope, they support Mastercard or Visa only. Coincidence, I think not.

      • It's safe to say it's come a long way from where it used to be, but I still struggle in places to use the card.

      • +29 votes

        I keep a personal list based on my experience, makes it much easier for me when I have an Amex open - will include it here in the hope it may help.

        Where Amex is or is not accepted:

        Category 1: Where Amex is accepted (with no surcharge) :
        • Wesfarmers: Coles/Kmart/Target/Liquorland/Vintage cellars/Officeworks/First Choice Liquor [including via PayPal]
        • Woolies/ Dan Murphy's / BWS. But buy eGift wish cards using Amex instead first, better value as used to get 5% off (now reduced).
        • PayPal (can then pay with this at eBay, Groupon, others).
        • Some restaurants (various, always ask).
        • 7-eleven for petrol
        • Australia Post, Kogan.
        • Hoyts, Event cinemas.
        • My local council.
        • 3 local pharmacies
        • Some IGA, IGA xpress
        • A previous car mechanic
        • Uber, and UberEats
        • Misc: Myer, mecca, BBQs galore
        • Hotels.com.au
        • Domino's
        • My local GP
        • Power company: Origin Energy [paying via postbillpay and using PayPal linked to Amex, also avoids the credit card processing fee]; Pay at: https://paypaperbills.postbillpay.com.au/postbillpay/default...
        • Power company: Globird energy [pay at: https://www.globirdenergy.com.au/PayOnline ; can prepay as far in advance as you want]
        • Harris farm markets
        • Decathalon
        • Ikea
        • Our local Hairdressers
        Category 2: Has surcharge, but this is the same surcharge as for VISA and MasterCard:
        • Virgin Australia [has 1.3% surcharge, same as for VISA and MasterCard]
        • Jetstar [0.93% surcharge, same as for VISA and MasterCard] [have to pay directly, cannot do via PayPal]
        • [using workaround] Service NSW rego renewal - a surcharge of 1.54% will be added for Amex, versus 0.44% for VISA or MasterCard [WORKAROUND: Pay with PayPal, and then link PayPal to Amex, and that only has a 0.44% surcharge, the same as VISA and MasterCard, so no downside to paying with Amex with this workaround]
        Category 3: Accepted with surcharge, when there is no or smaller surcharge for VISA or MasterCard; may or may not be worth using, usually not :
        • My local Chinese restaurant with a 1.5% amex surcharge vs no surcharge on VISA or MasterCard.
        • My current local car mechanic [has Amex-specific surcharge, but not on VISA or MasterCard ; don't know how much the surcharge was though]
        • My ISP (has 3.0% surcharge for Amex, no surcharge for VISA or MasterCard)
        • The ATO. As per: https://www.governmenteasypay.gov.au/PayATO - it's a 1.45% surcharge for Amex, versus 0.78% for VISA and 0.73% for MasterCard.
        Category 4: Amex not accepted at all:
        • Aldi (this is by far and away the biggest one that's a problem; Aldi in the US and UK both accept Amex, but not in Australia).
        • Most comprehensive car insurance companies
        • Some Greenslips: e.g. QBE CTP greenslip —> However GIO greenslip can be paid with Amex (with no surcharge), so I switched to GIO even though it they were $1.40 more (which is roughly equivalent to a 0.4% surcharge).
        • The Reject Shop
        • Various restaurants or eateries
        • Opal top up machines (WTF? Can tap on and off, but not top up with Amex)
        • After school kids activity 1
        • After school kids activity 2
        • Public school - cannot pay with Amex at school office (have tried when buying school uniforms, Amex was not accepted when tapping or inserting the Amex card).
        • Local swimming pool car park payment machine.
        • AGL rewards "VISA and MasterCard only" [so cannot pre-purchase Coles supermarket eGift cards with Amex this way, for example]
        • Some IGAs - just not accepted at all.

        Basically you want to use Amex in category 1 & 2, and avoid using it in category 3 & 4.

        And Amex should look at some of the big items in category 3 & 4 (e.g. Aldi, Reject Shop, all IGA stores, the ATO, comprehensive car insurance companies), and try to find a way to get them on board with the same charges as VISA and MasterCard (moving them into category 1 & 2).

        • JB hi-fi also accept amex

        • Not accepted at Costco as well

        • Important Accepted / Not Accepted List:

          Maccas - accepted
          Hungry Jacks - accepted
          Red Rooster - not accepted

        • Interesting that you have AusPost & Kogan in the same dot point.

          • @TimeOrMoney: Ha 😊! I guess mentally I think of both as sellers of eclectic things - AusPost shops now seem to contain just the most random things that are completely unrelated to the postal service (TVs, air fryers, mobile phones, gift cards), and Kogan also appears to sell random things (TVs, air fryers, drones, freezers, mobile phones, pillows).

        • Surely doing a cash job with local mechanics comes out cheaper than any value your amex points have

          Kogan has its own marketplace similar to Amazon/eBay where you can list up whatever you want to sell as a third party seller so that expands the usages on there.

      • Some things never change. Amex has grown thier list from tiny to small. They're still very much a pain.

    • True ozbargainers have amex and 28degrees/Coles MC with price protection enabled :p

  • Will I be able to lift Mjölnir at the end of this program?

  • The best results I got for building strength and muscle mass was the 5X5 program, it's simple and works better than any program, assuming muscle is your goal

  • I paid in full last year nooo

  • Just eat chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli.

  • Just be aware, there's been controversy with this app about free trials and being charged…



    • I tried the app during the last 6 week trial. Cancelled a day before payment was due and it was all good.

      • From other comments in here you can activate the 1yr trial and then cancel immediately and the trial still runs for the whole year. No need to risk waiting until the last moment.

    • Signed up via website then in app. Cancelled via app and screenshot it. It’s very clearly marked as cancelled. But will keep it on file.

    • i'm looking forward to another round of sob stories in 12 months time

  • I was about to pay for this like a schmuck. Someone send me their cancelled card number!!

  • Not working with my DJ AMEX. Anyone have that prob?