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Renew Membership and Get $20 Gift Card and M&M 1.2kg @ Costco


I have received email form Costco .It could be targeted. Renew your Costco Membership before 29 August and receive $20 gift card and M&M peanuts or chocolates 1.2 kg.
Can be redeemed online or in person as per the email. I showed at the membership counter this email and they renewed membership and gave a receipt which I redeemed at payment counter after my grocery.
The staff member just saw this photo on my mobile phone so it is worth to try at your nearest COSTCO if renewal is required for your membership before September!!

For online: Renew online and collect your offer at the membership counter on your first visit by showing this offer digitally or printed.

Terms and Conditions: Valid only when renewing membership between 12/07/21 & 29/08/21

Note: My membership was expired on 31st March 2021. And after renewing today it will be expired on 31st July 2022 as per membership officer. I am assuming if membership is not renewed for 3months or plus then customers are receiving this mail as per below comments!

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    • You need to be a continual member

      Difficult at the moment with lockdowns etc. The Costco stores in Sydney appear on the case location reports with alarming regularity. That makes visiting them risky if you're trying to minimise the chances of having been shopping somewhere that turns up on the lists a few days later, then needing to get tested and potentially not being able to go to work for two weeks.

    • +1

      No you can always renew a long expired membership if you need to return anything under the satisfaction guarantee. It does not need to be a continual one.

  • great

  • Membership expired in June and have received no such email myself.

  • It's targeted, once your membership expired for several months, Costco will start to send similar E-mail with different discount/free stuff.

  • Is there a landing page for this deal if renewing online?

  • free obesity and diabetes

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    My membership just expired on 30/6, I would if I renew on 29/8, would my membership expires on 30/6/2022 or 31/8/2022

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      You have to wait 3 months to get a new expiry date. So if you renew on 1/10 then you will get it upto 1/10/2022. I do this every year, and normally do receive some kind of gift car offer (like this $20+m&ms) after a few weeks that I haven't utilized as yet for various reasons.

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        It is always valid till the end of the month. If you renew on 1/10/2021 the membership will be valid until 31/10/2022.

        • @truetypezk, Good to know the membership expiry rule. Now please READ what alex804 is saying and what I SAID, and then remove the neg you placed on my comment, thanks

          • -1

            @MAQ: I am sorry? If you renew within 2 months of original expiry date, your new expiry date will be 1 year after the original date. If you renew after 2 months, the new expiry date will be at the end of the current month next year regardless of the exact renewal date.

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      Unfortunately it will only be valid until 30/60/2022, but with the freebies you still come ahead IF you really need the membership:)

  • I cancelled my membership. Can I renew it?

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    Please tag this as targeted.

  • I'd like to renew, but I live more than 10 kms away from closest Costco.

    • Then it's absolutely 'essential' you go get this deal.

    • 10km is only for exercise. All retail is considered essential. Just please don't browse.

      Edit: This only applies if you're only worried strictly about the rules and not reducing the spread of covid.

      • Nope, “you may obtain food or other goods and services in your local government area, within 10km of your home, if reasonably practicable but not if to do so means that you would enter a local government area of concern”

        • +1

          Yes, they updated it in the month since my comment. It was only against exercise at the time.

  • Is Costco actually worth paying a membership for?

    • +1

      Generally yes, the fuel savings most the time are 30c cheaper.

      • Fuel savings = 7/11 price lock hacks mate.

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    Can you walk in and shop only with giftcard?

    • The canteen - probably?

      In-store - not sure.

  • -2

    So annoyed, I had to renew at the cashier late last year during one of the VIC lockdowns, and I got nothing for free for doing so even when I mentioned the signs for free bags, and gift card. So never do it when you are paying for stuff because you get sweet fa.

  • Mine just ended in Jun, would be good if I get a similar deal like this in a few months.

    I let it expire due as I can't really afford the $60 atm.
    I do believe I got my moneys worth over the year, Eye's tested and got some glasses also, heaps of hand sanitiser, vest.
    I do like their food also, so was worth it for me as I had someone refer me for the $10 credit.

  • I'd fly to a state with Costco just to take advantage of this.

    You know if you put smarties or M&M's in a bowl of milk it's a good breakfast food. No worse than Nutri Grain, or Froot Loops.

    • Nutri-Grain has >20% protein so I think it might win out there

  • +1

    Be nice if Costco would actually deliver to people living in regional and rural Australia.

    In my case I live in Ballarat and Costco will not even deliver here not that far from Melbourne !

    I don't mind paying extra for delivery so it would be nice to have the option .

  • Can anyone forward the email in case they don’t accept the photo?

    • Same! mine expires in 11 days

  • So have anybody tried redeeming it with the screenshot provided by OP?

    Otherwise can somebody please forward me the original email? Please PM me and I will share my email address. Thanks heaps

    • +1

      Yes, just used the screenshot successfully in-store today. They asked me for the actual email, I said I didn’t have it - and she then checked my membership and went and looked in some folder for about 30 seconds - then said “no problem, you’re eligible” and gave me the coupon. Was touch and go there for a moment!

  • So I assume no good for someone who hasn't been Member in years LoL

  • Went to Costco and to my luck, the lady ask for the original email.

    Can somebody please forward me the original email? Please PM me and I will share my email address.


    • If you happen to get hold of one, let me know too please!

      • Me three please. Got asked for the original email at docklands

        • Me four please? It's a long drive to get there for me and I don't want to risk the bisc by using the image.

          • @rustyaxe: Me five please….wondering if you guys have expired membership?

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I was due to renew my membership, but didn't receive an email from Costco. I thought I would try it anyway and show your screenshot. They accepted it with no scrutiny! Thank you!

    • You are so lucky, I went to the store and the lady asked me to show the original email

  • If anyone is willing to share the original email I would be very grateful too. I haven't been a member for years but want to join again

  • if anyone has an original email they can share i have to renew mine before 31st of August so this fits in well

    send me a pm thanks :)

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