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Renew Membership and Get $20 Gift Card and M&M 1.2kg @ Costco


I have received email form Costco .It could be targeted. Renew your Costco Membership before 29 August and receive $20 gift card and M&M peanuts or chocolates 1.2 kg.
Can be redeemed online or in person as per the email. I showed at the membership counter this email and they renewed membership and gave a receipt which I redeemed at payment counter after my grocery.
The staff member just saw this photo on my mobile phone so it is worth to try at your nearest COSTCO if renewal is required for your membership before September!!

For online: Renew online and collect your offer at the membership counter on your first visit by showing this offer digitally or printed.

Terms and Conditions: Valid only when renewing membership between 12/07/21 & 29/08/21

Note: My membership was expired on 31st March 2021. And after renewing today it will be expired on 31st July 2022 as per membership officer. I am assuming if membership is not renewed for 3months or plus then customers are receiving this mail as per below comments!

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  • Any clue how to redeem? Is it online Or in warehouse?

    • Renew online and collect your gift card and m&m from payment counter.
      But I visited Casula store in person today.

      • I got this offer too, mine one expired in December. I have a new card with different email address as I used my other email address to get a card instead of renewing.
        Not sure if I can cancel the current card , get refunded and then renew the old one.

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    You mean Costco ?

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    I think it’s targeted

    • Not sure , the staff member just saw picture on my mobile and gave me the receipt to redeem. It could be targeted though

  • I would like that!

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    Hi OP, is your membership already expired or very close to expiry date?

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      I got the same offer. My membership expired in December 2020.

      • Mine expired in Jan '21 and I didn't get it.

        Edit: logged in and I definitely have the box ticked for marketing emails.

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      Yes it expired on 31st March 2021

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    I'd do this just for the m&m's…

  • They usually do these when you haven't renewed for a few weeks after expiry.

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      Wish I knew that.

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      Thanks. I will wait for it to expire then renew

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    My membership expires June 2022, wonder if I can renew for June 2023???

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    I'm currently not a member. If I sign up now, any ideas if I will qualify for the voucher and diabeties?

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      Just the diabetes I reckon

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    Hmmm and here I was about to cancel my membership….

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      I think you will find you will not qualify unless your membership has expired for more than 3 months. Costco don’t offer deals like this to loyal members, just lapsed members.

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        Yeh unfortunately not targetted, gonna cancel anyway as I don't shop there ever often.

  • How much is membership?

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    Thanks OP! Just checked my email and I've got the offer sent to me too! Will head down to the store this weekend

    • Has your membership already expired or about to expire? Mine expires next Month but I didn't receive this offer. Only got a general "your membership is about to expire" one.

      • Mine was expired. Didn't want to renew because we live 30min drive away from the closest Costco and Vic lockdown had distance restrictions. But for this offer it's definitely worth it. Kiddos love the pizzas and hotdogs there at least.

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    Worth being a member just for the “cheap” fuel. Saving at least 30c/L at the moment

    • didnt know they do fuel in Oz yet…which state is this?

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        They do fuel in QLD.

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        @ homersyd
        At most costco except for few like Auburn, Docklands etc.

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        also in WA

      • and ACT

      • Marsden Park NSW

      • AFAIK they have fuel outlets in Sydney and Canberra for sure

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      Sounds like you need a choppa

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      Cheaper with faking location hack using 7/11. I have a Costco membership and exclusively fuel up at 7/11 as it always ends up cheaper

      • need some help in how you are faking the location. I tried it but the 7-11 app always figures this out

      • Today the best price is U98 151.9 11-Seven Mayfield Mayfield NSW 2304 as per https://projectzerothree.info/prices.php.
        But I filled from Costco at 147.7 U98
        I have found COSTCO is consistently cheaper and we can trust on Costco without any extra effort of locking.

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          Maybe on this occassion, but 7/11 in my opinion is more likely to be cheaper more regularly plus:

          1) don't need to drive far to Costco (in my case anyway). Convenience of fuelling up at any location is better. Trips interstate on camping is convenient to fuel up on the way where you are nowhere near a Costco
          2) avoid long lines
          3) 7 day fuel lock price
          4) occasional freebies for locking in fuel including free coffee
          5) don't need to pay a membership fee

          If Costco works for you though I won't knock it, just providing my experience. Mocking and locking fuel takes mere seconds on my phone. Cheers

      • Not always cheaper though. Costco is sometimes cheaper (their fuel in Vic).

        Good to have both.

      • IF you have a Costco handy

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      Meh, I got 7 eleven membership for free and won't cost a cent to drive to servo, wait in a long queue just to save a measly $8

  • My membership expired in May 2021, did not receive the email :(

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    How long had it been from membership expiring when you got the offer?

    Edit: logged in to account and apparently we just recently renewed. Doesn't expire until 31/5/22. Nevermind then I thought we were up for renewal, bleh.

  • Mine expires next month no deal yet

    • I think you may meed to renewal in-store and show them this picture.

      My membership expired September and no deal for me too.

  • Renewal not until Dec :(

  • Can this be done online or only in store?

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    Keep in mind, if your membership has expired and you renew it, it back dates your membership from the date of expiry, within 2 months.

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      That's ridiculous if true. Considering you can't make a purchase if expired anyway. It's not like insurance where they usually still cover you if you are late on payment.

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        Their hot dogs are huge though

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        IMHO that would be worth it if you’ve bought anything that needs extended warranty. Like appliances, for example. Costco have a generous warranty so long as you keep the membership active

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          You can always renew a long expired membership if you need to return anything under the satisfaction guarantee. There is no time limit.

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      @guckykins :This is not true as per my experience.

      • That is true as per their membership T&Cs.

  • Aware of it and it is targeted.

  • Mine expired 31st August 2019, I wonder if renewing it with this offer just gives me until 31st August 2021.

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      It should be 1 year from the date of renewal

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        expiry is indeed 1 year from date of renewal, if the date of renewal is 3 months after the previous expiry date. I have done that lots of time. (Removed the neg on SnoozeAndLose)

        • Thank you,as I forgot to clarify it better. I just want to comment on OP's situation and forgot the bigger picture.

  • We got this email too, wish it wasn't just 1KG of coloured sugar in a jar

    • Don't forget the peanuts.

  • Damn.. just renewed 2 weeks ago

  • Can anyone forward Costco email - just in case?

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      Yes would not mind the email sent as well

      • yes plz

      • Please ;)

      • Can I have the email too? My membership expires this month. Thanks

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      Just insert this photo in a regular costco advert email and forward it to yourself. Then you have a full email to show if someone happens to take particular interest in you, which is highly unlikely.

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      That would be great. As I went to the store today and showed this image and they said, that is from OzBargain, they had a few of us earlier in the day and did not accept it. They asked for the email.

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    Renew Membership and Get Diabetes

  • You need to be a continual member in order to claim costco satisfaction guarantee. Just fyi.

    • I am member only from last 1 year!

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