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[Switch] Astral Chain $47 (41% off) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Been waiting for a good price on this for a while!
All time lowest on Amazon according to camelcamelcamel.
Enjoy :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Price matching EB Games for those that prefer.

    Good price.

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      and the $15 shipping cost :) , Amazon no shipping cost

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    Spewing i missed this for $20 at BigW.

  • Thanks OP, I've been waiting for this ever since I missed the $39 Big W one earlier.

  • good game, decent price. One of the only ones that really stands out for me.

  • Thanks OP like everyone was waiting for a sale

  • Good game and decent price. Thanks

  • +3

    This game really snuck up on me. While I love platinum games' games, I gave this one a miss for a while.

    Picked it up on black friday one year and never looked back.

    If you even remotely enjoy action games then you NEED to get this game, it's so good!

    • +3

      Personally I found it a bit hard to get into, but once I did I loved it.

      I on and off played the first three chapters over a few months before all of a sudden the game clicked for me and I really starting enjoying myself. Then I finished it over two days.

      • Yeah the opening parts are a bit slow admittedly, but once you start unlocking more and more combos it gets so good.

        • Good to hear, because I've only just played the first bit and wasn't sure if I'll stick with it.

  • Hmm reviews are saying that the game doesn't come in the plastic wrapping…

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      A lot of switch games don't come factory sealed.

      • Is that so? I thought it depends on the retailer, e.g. Big W they take the cartridge out and put it into the locked cupboard behind the register, same with JB and EB to prevent stealing but allowing for the case to be on display.

        • Mmm love it when they season the game cases with 100s of grubby hands before purchase!

      • +1

        Yeah, all my Amazon games come not sealed

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          All Nintendo First Party Games in its first print (and sometimes second) print dont come sealed - this one will be the same

          • @Swapware: Mainline Pokemon first print does come sealed

            • @sss333: Mainstream Pokemon is the only exception because it was manufactured in Australia, however Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX, Pokemon Snap cartridge was imported , all imported cartridges from Japan are hand packed at Nintendos Head office in Stud Park Victoria to stop leaks from happening, there are still leaks with pokemon but thats up to 'The Pokemon Company' to sort not Nintendo Australia.

  • +1

    This game has an amazing anime-ish premise, but gets repetitive REALLY fast. Could not force myself to beat it after initial ~10hours.

  • picked one up for my group - thanks

  • Incredible game, I loved it!

  • Damn I was just about to buy it now it's OOS

    • Same. Will it be back in stock later? Or it's gone?

      • its discontinued can't get it anymore through nintendo

        • What? Completely missed out this game……

          • +1

            @icewindxs: Its been discontinued for quite a while - amazon must have just had a flurry of stock imported , because what they do (same with EBGames) they order a massive amount and they ship it overseas for tax write off, and then they import it back when they need it. Reason why EBGames still has stock of games, many of us can't get anymore. Anyway EBGames sales unless you can pickup aren't worth it anymore unless the items you want are in the same location because you get charged $15 for each item in a different location.

  • Damn, missed out because the voucher took too long to come through >.>

    • Same price at EB.

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        add $15 for shipping lol

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          IF they have plenty of stock i think you can get it store transferred.