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German Steel Knife Set 6pc $29.99 @ ALDI


German steel they said, probably good deal

Premium quality knives made from German steel
Set includes paring knife 8cm, utility knife 11cm, small cook’s knife 13cm, vegetable knife 12.5cm, large cook’s knife 19cm and bread knife 20cm
Materials – blade: SS430 German steel 1.4116, handle: D-shape POM handle with metal cap end, cover: PP cover on blade

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    it's SS430, no matter if it's from German or not, it would be soft, and softer than coles masterchef free ones.


      and whats your point? is softer worse?


        Yes, softer knife would get dull quicker


        I can't really imagine any situation where a soft knife is better than a hard knife……


          Spreading butter, perhaps?

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            @cyssero: being stabbed

            • +1 vote

              @chickenface: Dextor, is that you?

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              @chickenface: i don't know about you but being stabbed with a soft knife would probably do more damage than a hard knife, that is if you associate softness with hardness with sharpness, the later being sharper.
              a sharp knife will probably go in and out better, whereas a non-sharper knife could struggle and cause more damage.
              speaking from experience of course.

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          It's always a trade-off between soft and hard. Most knives site somewhere in the middle.

          Hard steel whilst it holds a sharp edge better, is also very brittle resulting in lots of chips along the blade edge. It's also much more difficult to sharpen or hone.

          Conversely, softer steel (often used in Japanese blades) blunts more quickly but allows for finer razor-sharp edges. Also easy and fast to sharpen.


            @ash2000: Not sure why someone would neg userful info like this this… +ve to balance back out.

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            @ash2000: I think u might be a bit mixed up there chief. Traditional Japanese knives are usually high carbon steel, they are thin, brittle and rust but hold an unparalleled edge. German knives (basically Wusthof) are thicker and softer but use a high grade stainless.

            SS430 is not a suitable grade of stainless for knives. It's not able to be heat treated which is an essential part of knife making.

            German steel 1.4116 and SS430 are two completely different materials no idea why both are quoted. maybe SS430 for the handle?
            Or it could have a 1.4116 core with ss430 cladding.

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        It means it won't hold and edge very well and will require sharpening often, good knives use harder steels so they hold a sharp edge much longer.


      Thanks for saving me $30.

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    At this price its a Steel!

    • +13 votes

      Cutting edge humour right there…

    • -2 votes

      It's not a bad price.

  • -1 vote

    Sounds better than cut throat deal!


    So Japan vs Germany? Which is better for knives?

    • +2 votes

      short answer is Japan.
      That's why Zwilling Henckels acquired nippa in 2004, a Japanese manufacturer who was only one street away from kai(Shun's mother company).
      And then spent a lot of money to invite masters, and transformed it into a new brand miyabi to compete with Japanese brands.
      However, it doesn't mean Japanese knives win in all price ranges, especially in low/medium range.


        However, it doesn't mean Japanese knives win in all price ranges, especially in low/medium range.
        IE - Daiso at $2.80ea


          daiso knives definitely win at the $2.80 price range.


      Who would win in a Hollywood fight?

      🇯🇵 vs. 🇩🇪


    Definitely not 1.4116

    I have the previous set that Aldi sold which looks exactly the same and I also have a good quality 1.4116 steel set

    They are nothing even close in quality.

    But for the price they are still good for a set of hack and thrash knives, they sharpen easily and hold edge well, as long as you don't cut onto hard materials like glass or ceramic plates that is.


    If you are one of those who would use a knife sharpener like this


    Then I say this set will probably do you well

    For $30 you even get a bread knife.


      But it says its a "premium" sharpener

      • +1 vote

        there is nothing wrong with a sharpener like that. I just wont use that style of sharpener on my shun knives.

        for cheap decent knives, I will gladly use those sharpeners. quick and easy.

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    I'm currently looking for a knife set. Either between Global or Bacarrat. Which one is better? I assume Global.

    • +2 votes

      Global, but consider what knives you actually need in your set.

      • +1 vote

        I agree. I got a set of 7 but only really use 2 or 3.