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GL.iNet GL-AR750 (Creta) Travel AC VPN Router $49.90 Delivered @ GL.iNet via Amazon AU


Amazing what they can fit in a router. I have the tiny yellow one but it caps out at 2Ghz wifi speeds. This one is much faster for not a lot more.

Not quite the lowest price ever. Think it was $47.90 at one time.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    And here's what it actually does…

    • Convert a wired or wireless network to your private network and share the Wi-Fi signals with all your devices and your travel companion(s)
    • Save time from connecting all your devices one by one every time when you access a new Wi-Fi
    • Support wired and wireless bridge, switch between router and bridge mode using the configurable switch button
    • Tether data from a USB modem or a smartphone to all devices
    • OpenVPN: Secure Your Online Privacy Wherever You Go Its outstanding security protocols and data encryption technology offers an extra layer of protection wherever you go. It is the best travel accessory for business travelers, journalists, frequent flyers and anyone who feels the need to protect their privacy while surfing the internet. It supports 20+ popular OpenVPN service providers.
    • Hey @McFly, unsure if you know, but does this create a seperate wireless for personal devices?
      I.e HomeSSID -> Device -> AnotherSSID?

      Would this work in keeping Google Home's etc seperated from others in a household?

      • +3

        Yes it does. It can take a signal and propagate it’s own SSID.

        Like what Rooter can do.

    • So when travel is a thing again, and I want to take my chromecast to hotels, I can connect this to the hotel wifi, and then connect my chromecast/switch to this?

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        Essentially yes - you can set everything up at home first and have your devices (chromecast, phone, laptop) connect to the router's wifi so its all remembered, then when you are at the hotel the only thing you need to set up would be to plug this router into the room's ethernet port, or concurrently connect it to the hotel wifi (via its web interface in case it needs login, etc). It also means your devices have a local network to talk to each other i.e. your phone to chromecast.

        I have the model before this one, took it with me to overseas. It works okay - but I find that it sometimes drops the hotel internet connection. It will try to re-connect (e.g. if the hotel has a time limit etc) but it doesn't work 100% of the time. Normally, if you connected your laptop directly to the hotel it would bounce to the login page, but since its the router doing this, your laptop won't know any better and it would just thinks it has a wifi but no internet.

      • I have a smaller version from this brand, and this is one of the many uses I’ve had for it. It’s super useful!

      • Correct.

        If you are at one of those hotels which require logging in (ie Login and Password at the welcome page), you just need to log in from your mobile, then log into the router and allow the router to spoof your MAC address and net will continue to be sent to the router and anything connected to the router (ie all your iDevices, Chromecast, laptops etc) will have full connection to the internet.

        My normal setup at home is for the Chromecast to log into the GL-AR750 normally and so when I take the router and CC with me when traveling, the CC automatically just logs into the router normally.

        I also have a VPN which I added to the router for additional privacy when traveling.

        To be honest, this is a MUST BUY and don't forget to claim this next year during Tax time (if you can).

        Happy to answer any questions on this device.

  • I have the yellow mango version and I love it.

    Just got back from a weekend stay and it has my Chromecast and any other devices connected (organised at home) then all we do is connect it to the network where we're staying and it renews the already created SSD and Chromecast and other devices just auto connect. VPN if needed for protection and great value for what it does.

    I might grab this one also.

    Edit: or is the slate a better option?


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      It think it was Gigabit ethernet was one one of the major changes plus the external antennas. I'd personally prefer the white 750 for travel due to size (and it doesn't have those bulky antennas) and might consider the 750S for a home setup that had gigabit ethernet at home.

      There is a comparison chart here in case you wanted to know more.

      • Thanks mate

        Think I might be served okay with the Mango. Don't really need dual band or a microSD slot. Not sure there's any other benefit to grabbing the Creta for my use case? I don't think it's any faster on 2.4Ghz is it and the extra ethernet ports are of no use to me.

        • +1

          Yeah, I think they made the 750 a pretty much perfect device. The only things I'd have liked would be for inbuilt power over ethernet so I could just whack it into an awkward space like the garage or back yard without having to power it up.

  • What's the difference to this TP-Link here:

  • How is the range? Could it cover something like a single story 2 bedroom unit?

    • It should cover a significant amount of a typical single story unit, it just depends on where you put it and what interfering walls and objects you have in place.

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