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Culinary Co Enamel Cast Iron Various Sizes $10 (Was $40) + Delivery @ Spotlight


Spotlight VIP members (free sign up), use code BIRTHDAY10 for an extra $10 off during checkout.

Various sizes of enamel cast iron skillet on sale for $10 (Was $40)

Culinary Co Enamel Cast Iron Oval Casserole

Culinary Co Enamel Cast Iron Fry Pan Cream

Culinary Co Enamel Cast Iron Sauce Pan

Credit to poster at FB Markdown Addicts Australia

Warning: Some users are reporting cancellations and issues with fulfilment. Note that your order may not be fulfilled even if website accepts your order. Proceed at your own risk.

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        The Fry Pan description says it is

        • the pot and the pan are the same and these are all decent enough, just like the one i bought from harris scarf, they are very very cheap, but they do the job, so much better than paying 500 dollars plus on the real thing. you can always buy another one if it gets scratched up.

  • Does this work on induction cooktops

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      Apparently all enamelled cast iron does from my brief google search

    • +1

      Yes - I have these. Cast iron works on infuction.

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  • Can we use this on stove top and oven.?

    • +2

      as opposed to the fire?

      • Yeah can use normal cast iron over direct flame but apparently enamel not ideal

        Ie if camping or wanting to cook over an open fire / fire pit I guess

    • +1

      Where else were you planning to use it?

  • Already bought but assume a casserole dish is same as Dutch oven since it's cast iron?

    • No. Dutch oven normally requires bedding.

      • Ah OK

        Ah well, will keep eye out for a 5L lodge deal

    • it's the same thing

  • +3

    For anyone thinking of making their own sourdough, the casserole pots (especially the oval one), albeit a tad small, would be just the ticket. Save you destroying your $500 Le Creuset under high temps.

    • excellent-o

    • Does yours get browned and burnt to hell also?

      My similar $29 Kmart one has served me well so far with my loaves, but it does not look pretty inside..
      Clearly not designed to handle the ~250c temps sufficiently but so far structurally it still seems to be holding up.

  • Logged in as VIP but promo code is not working. What am I doing wrong?

    • don't put a space in-between.

      • Thanks was using BIRTHDAY10, some reason it worked on mobile but not on desktop.

  • Thanks OP.

  • +3

    Picked a few of these up free using $20 off spotlight voucher months ago. Price varied then between $19-28. Don't think ever was $40.
    Recommended them as a great freebie in that Deal.
    Like using them, but they're heavy.
    Still look like new.

    Saw a pallet of these in Brisbane store yesterday. Has been in same place for months.

  • Thanks OP .. got 1 of each .. charcoal colour .. pick in store .. so 7.50 each .. good bargain .

    • so got a cancellation email today morning .. saying 2 out of the 4 items have been cancelled ..

  • Thanks OP, got one.

  • +1

    Code doesn't work for me

    • Try using a different device. Code didn't work on iPad but worked on chrome browser on desktop.

  • Thanks! Picked up a set of all for pieces for $30 click and collect.

  • The rating looks pretty low? Why is that?

    • +8

      you need to know how to use it. can't stress this enough

      It's enamel coated - so start off on the lowest heat - this is to avoid putting it on high heat straight away rising temperatures really quick between the outer coating and enamel which could cause a crack in the enamel. It could take ~5ish mins. - after that you can do what you want with it - just use non-abrasive cleaners and plastic/silicone stirrers and towel dry immediately after use to avoid rust on the exposed bare iron rims

      doing the above will give you a good 5-6 years of use at minimum I reckon.

    • +2

      From years of using the site, All Spotlight ratings are 3 stars, no matter what the product.

  • Thanks OP!
    Just about to move into our new place, so picked up one of each until we can afford some fancy Le Creuset.

  • anyone got email order confirmation?

    • Yeah, ordered and received it within a few minutes.

      • +1

        yes was in junk mail

  • What is Ironstone mean? Is it made by Iron or Stone?

  • Thanks OP! Not sure I needed this but for postage only I’m sure I’ll use it! No confirmation email yet and Spotlights inventory control is pathetic… so I’ll wait until it’s received 😉

    • As expected, order cancelled!

  • 13$ shipping fee to6167 ? Rip I guess

    Nvm forgot to apply the code

  • Thanks very much.
    Grabbed 4 for $30.00 pick up and will be using them for the no knead bread loaves I make.

    Will easily get 4 in my oven.

    Much appreciated.

    • +1

      big oven guy!

  • +1

    I don't need it. But I bought one

  • Any other barcodes or codes available at the moment?

  • Can you use this on a gas stove top?

  • +1

    What size is the frying pan? Couldn't see dimensions on the site anywhere.

    • +2

      just buy :D

  • Thanks OP. Bought one pan, hopefully it will be good for cooking steak.

    Oh and also bought unrelated notebook and coloured pens. Haha

  • Is it possible to use the code in store if I'm not in Vic or WA?

  • Does anyone know if these can be used over gas burner cooktops (as in direct flame)?

  • +1

    very surprised this is still active with 7000 clicks. Just how many pots have they shipped?

    • hahaha yes I can't believe they have 7000+ pots ….

  • Thanks!

  • +1

    Didn't know I would wake up this morning and buy a casserole pot.

  • i think it's so old :(

  • *out

  • *sold

  • +1

    great price

  • BIRTHDAY10 i forgot this code. should i cancel it and re-order?

  • Managed to order this for free and just paid for shipping, but just now I received a refund from Spotlight.

  • Oval one is sold out, just got a refund email from spotlight. Purchased it 15 hours ago

  • +1

    Umm. Okay. I just received a partial refund from Spotlight to my PayPal. However, no contact from Spotlight themselves. That's ah, not reassuring.


    I ordered two complete sets. One to gift. Would be handy to know what I'm not receiving!

    That fact the refund is $17.50 is particularly peculiar. Does anyone know anything about Spotlight's refund policies? Each item was $10 (one of which was covered by the code), shipping was $12.99. So I'm a little lost on how we end with $17.50 as a feasible refund amount.

    EDIT: They've done (70/8)*2 = $17.50 i.e. are claiming I've $8.50 per item, rather than the $10 advertised. That's clearly not going to stand up to scrutiny. Sigh! Now I have to waste my time contacting them not just to find out what's not arriving, but also to get a proper refund. Fun time.

  • My order just got cancelled…

  • I must be the lucky one, just got it delivered today.

    Ordered around when there were 100 votes.

  • Unfortunately we are unable to fulfil the item(s) shown below as part of your order.

    These unfulfilled items have been refunded to your original payment method.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this cancellation may have caused.

  • Did anyone else buy this only to have the order cancelled and refunded?

  • They've cancelled my order :(

  • Order cancelled and refunded. PayPal used for 1 Casserole Pot ordered around midday yesterday.

  • Thanks OP. Managed to get two (originally 6 pieces that kept on disappearing from my cart due to no stock and going back to pick another colour). Also got some silicon spoons as others here mentioned about the scratching.

    Since this purchase is for the wife maybe I should get something for myself. Anyone know how I can set up an alert for LG C1?

  • +1

    I placed an order for the Cast Iron Casserole Pot, and received a mail this morning that that item is not available anymore. Even after following up with them multiple times, they weren't able to cancel my order which includes few other items, which I have no interest in. I'd only added them for the sake of it.

    • I called and had to go Karen on them and say how BS it was that they'd randomly cancel half the order but then proceed to ship out the one or two little ~dollar knick-knacks I also added that I could have honestly done without.

      Eventually they gave me a reference number and said that once my tracking number had been emailed to me from the courier service that had already been dispatched, that I could call back and get a refund on my $12.99 delivery fee.
      Will see how that goes..

      • Called back today after receiving tracking, they refunded me my $13 delivery fee on my one little item, thankfully.

        Didn't spotlight do the same thing with a weighted blanket last year or so with mass cancellations? Getting really over these guys -_-

        • In the same situation where they have shipped my item, other than the online enquire, do you have a number to called?

          • @Laz167: I just called the 1300 number on the site and selected enquires.

      • +1

        It took them 3 weeks to get the order sent back to their warehouse and now I got the refund… phew.. it took forever

        • Heh nice. Yeah I'm a bit over dealing with spotlight these days and sort of ignore the deals I see posted from now on..

  • Got one set delivered today and they are really heavy.

    Sauce pan was damaged, so will be seeking refund.

    • Mine also got delivered today and Frypan was damaged. Did you manage to get refund or yet to try?

  • Bought the 3 for $10 each. Bargain. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    I had all my Cast Iron Casserole Pots cancelled and refunded despite ordering immediately after the deal was posted and the store showed stock. Cleaarly they don't process their orders in chronological order. Neg from me due to issue with retailer not following standard practice.

  • Far out… about to pull the trigger. Lucky read the comment section. Seems like a headache waiting to happen due to stock level.

  • Pretty terrible service from Spotlight.

    Ordered 2 of each one, showing as not in stock locally, but available for delivery.
    Signed up for VIP, the $10 voucher basically off-set delivery. Order when through fine, contacted next day saying most of them were unavailable, then they said they'd partial refund me, but not for the full value of the pans because I used a discount code.

    Told them to cancel the entire order and refund me the full amount.

    Shame, they seemed like decent everyday pans for a few bucks.

  • mine arrived today, must admit was expecting much but quality is better than I expected, can confirm they're heavy, haven't used it yet. thanks OP

  • i bought 2 item ( the fry pan and the Casserole) and I received 3 item , the extra Sauce pan.

    checked my invoice yep i indeed paid 22.99 (5$ +5$ + shipping 12.99$)

    o.0 ok i guess.

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