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Apple Homepod Mini $139 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/C&C) @ Officeworks


$10 off RRP, can price match JB or TGG combine with latitudepay deal

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    Great deal.
    It comes with a bundled Apple USB-C Power Adapter too, which is worth $29 (surprisingly brand new iPhone 12's do not).

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      Because apple is trying to save the environment yo


    if you price match with JB then you can't pay via latitude pay.
    I tried this last month and there was no option there to pay via Latitude pay.


      Is it possible to price match online? I thought you had to ask in store or over the phone.

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        Yeah so you price match over the phone and then they send you an SMS link to pay online.

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    On a separate note, these HomePods are best deployed as a stereo pair. What I did is:

    • Buy 2 HomePods Minis ($139 each in this deal)
    • Buy this power adapter. You'll have 2 spare USB-C adapters you can use for something else.
    • Set them up as a stereo pair in the Apple Home app.

    The sound is incredible. I use mine on my desk for background music whilst working at home.

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      Yeah but for $300 you can get a full HomePod which by all accounts sounds better than even two of these. Shame it's discontinued.

      Or you can spend $300 on any other speakers, which will blow this stereo pair away.

      Remember, you're still primarily paying for the feature set.


        Where can you buy the full HomePod models? They're not available new from most places. Officeworks was selling them for $399 before they delisted them.

        If they pop up for second hand most are selling for $350


        I have some regular HomePods, and for room-filling sound I agree that it is superior than what the HomePod Minis can produce… but not hugely so. The sound from HomePod Mini's are amazingly good for their size and price.

        However for a desk set up, a stereo pair is superior to a single HomePod where the sound only comes from one direction; which would normally be off-centre. In a desk setup, you don't need the volume very loud either.

        One of the main advantages of the original HomePod is the amount of speakers and audio tech that is packed into it. The HomePod Mini doesn't come close, however by adding a second HomePod Mini you are adding more kit and it definitely pays off.


    Thanks OP, got one!


    For those who have costco membership, you can get it cheaper here and also includes delivery:


      Now $145.99 at Costco.


      what was the price when you posted the link?

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    What is the main value proposition of this if already owning good speakers connected to TV with AirPlay, and using Siri on the iPhone? Simply a hub for HomeKit stuff?


      I'm tossing it up just for use as a Homekit hub (to enable remote access and automation, already have a number of other Homekit devices). The only thing holding me back is that it feels like a waste just for that…but will probably get it anyway