OzBargain's Favourite Cheap Torch?

I know there are some serious torches like Olight and Sofirn that get posted semi-regularly, but for me, crazy brightness is not a factor, just decent build quality and useful features.

So what's the best bang for buck in terms of build quality? Not super cheap and nasty like from a $2 shop, probably more like $10, no more than $20 tops. Preferably running on AAs or AAs, so I can have these as spares all over the place that I know will work when I need them.


  • I love these. I don't know why, I just do. Really great for outdoors and camping. Ideal for static position, not hiking/moving around.


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      OzBargain's Favourite Cheap Torch?

      • Torch
        a portable battery-powered electric lamp.


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    I'd recommend not visiting r/flashlight
    It's a whole bunch of enablers.

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      Yes, just be sure you do not accidentally go to r/fleshlight

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    whatever you can get with a $10 BCF voucher?

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    Nitecore tube. Been using it for 7yrs and only changed twice, heavy use on night shifts.The best torch is the one thats always ready

  • Hmmn Our favourite cheap torch?

    Maybe we need to poll the community first.

    Unless someone wants to claim to be the "ozbargain cheap torch insighter"!

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    Budget Light Forums are the overlap of OzB attitude and the r/Flashlight or candlepower forums.
    Their best are the flashlights they specify and get manufactured for a group buy.
    I have a bunch of AAA bright pen lights that were about $10ea, but are very bright, very small and very durable, which is what I wanted.
    All their models are here:

  • Your mobile phone is the cheapest torch you'll get.

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      Until you drop it

    • Huh? It's waaaaay more expensive than a torch. Also, there's only one of my phone, several cheap torches around the house can be used by the kids or even me if my phone is in another room charging when the lights go out.

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    Have bought quite a few of these cheap torches all with different brand name but looking like these Go for the t6 emitter. Can run off aaa batteries but do much better. As long as you can wait months for delivery, $6.20.

    • Do you always have to cycle through the 5 modes?

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    I miss those aluminium pocket torches with CREE LEDs and an AA battery that were commonly posted here about 6-7 years ago, sometimes for less than a couple of bucks. I've lost a few but still have some and still very useful.

    • They are still around, but not that cheap anymore - US$3.27 + GST

      • Still good value.

        I know there was variation in the batches but all were good a brightness, the best ones were bright AF.

        • Most people have got AA batteries lying around so they are very handy, however once you go to 18650's it's hard to go back.

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      Yeah I had a few but the build quality was very inconsistent - one was good, a couple of the others have since died.

  • The Dolphin wins…

  • I have an alloy one I got from Aldi. 2xAa batteries, adjustable beam decent switch. About $15.

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    I did a search on Aliexpress for Torch and sorted by orders.

    This one is the most popular, V6 Brightest - US$5.39 + GST, package A (without battery)

  • You can also consider headtorches. It's very useful to keep both hands free for whatever you're doing.
    I have a couple of these ones from Amazon which are nice and bright and very lightweight:

    The same model can probably be found elsewhere for less if you're willing to wait for longer shipping times.

  • I bought this for my son after the cheap led one we got at Officeworks crapped out: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OLIGHT-I3E-EOS-90-Lumens-Pocket-...

    I realise it's an Olight, but I knew nothing about them when I got it, and that's not why I got it. It's seriously about 1.5-2cm longer than a AAA battery, which it runs off, and has very impressive brightness for $13.

    I personally have a LED Lenser P2 (I think - small, single AAA battery), and I replaced it shortly before I got the above for my son. It cost me $35 though, and although my previous one lasted about 10 years, when this one goes, I will get one like the above instead.

  • Convoy, thorfire and sofirn.

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    iPhone 12 Pro Max. Has a long battery life, adjustable brightness, and is less than a cm thick.

    • Where can you buy it for

      no more than $20 tops?

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    This cheap Kmart $6 torch is surprisingly very well made https://www.kmart.com.au/product/small-metal-torch---black/2...

    • it costs more from eBay overseas sellers
    • the same torch in a fancy big box costs $15 in BigW
    • it has Cree XM-L LED
    • at high level and 1.5A current it delivers around 600 lumens
    • it can be easily modified to use 18650 instead of 3x AAA batteries
    • all internal components are standard and can be replaced or upgraded with parts from Fasttech

    BTW on Fasttech I found and bought the cheapest Convoy S2+ A$16.9 https://www.fasttech.com/products/1653/10002364/1826804-conv...

    • Convoy T2 runs on a single AA, and can be had for just over $20. Seems like the only option with decent quality control.

      • Yes, all Convoys are very reliable.

        I posted a teardown of the Kmart/Anko torch here https://null.imprint.to/post/anko-small-metal-torch-teardown

      • Actually the Sofirn SP10S is very similar and can be had for about the same price.

        The differences I could find:
        * Size - Sofirn is slightly smaller
        * Colours - Sofirn comes in red, blue and black (but black is sold out on Aliexpress), Convoy is only black
        * Button position - Sofirn is on the side, Convoy is on the back
        * Modes - Cycling through modes seems simpler on the Convoy (the revised version has no strobe mode apparently, but most sites still use the old item description)
        * Power off - Needs a long press on Sofirn, which most people hate

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          Sofirn SP10S - "an e-switch light, there is parasitic drain, which I measured at 0.14mA so if you plan to store this light for a while unattended, it might be good to unscrew the tailcap slightly to lock it out." https://1lumen.com/review/sofirn-sp10s/

          This is a serious problem. I do not accept any devices with off/standby current larger than 5uA (here 140uA).

  • Aldi has torch on sale once in a while, around $15. The best small torch I ever had.

  • Personally I love these:

    Blocklite LED 9V Battery Light | Jaycar Electronics

    Add your favourite 9V battery and bam! Torch!

    • My favourite 9V battery is a pair of AA eneloops :P

      • But that only gives you 3V…

        • Only 2.4V technically.

          But at least I actually have plenty of these available and I can recharge them…

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      https://www.bunnings.com.au/lytworx-9v-battery-clip-on-flash... $4 at bunning and only 30 lumens. Nitecore tube 45 lumens and weighs as much as a house key. Perfect keychain

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        Nitecore tube 45 lumens and weighs as much as a house key. Perfect keychain

        You just reminded me of the one I have on my keys: Olight i1R 2 EOS that I picked up for free (+shipping) from this deal

        Haven't had to charge it since I got it, but rarely use it so that's not a great metric.

        • Yea I missed that one. Great buy