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Oxford Men's and Women's Coats - $149 Delivered (70% off RRP $499) @ Oxford Shop


Discounted price shown in cart.

Puffa Jackets also $99 today (RRP $299) - Cheaper than I could find the same jacket for on Myer and David Jones.

Lowest I have seen the coats sell for this season were $199 last month. I just got myself a Dunbar Overcoat and a Daniel Puffa Jacket.

Mens and Womens Coats: https://www.oxfordshop.com.au/collections/all-coats

Mens and Womens Puffa Jackets: https://www.oxfordshop.com.au/search?q=puffa

Free Shipping within Australia also Cashrewards 1%

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  • Can anyone speak to the quality of these coats? Interested in the henry peacoat or the dunbar coat and they have 40% and 52% wool respectively

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      Plenty of reviews if you click on the store and check our previous deals.

      Example - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/564541

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      I was looking at the Peacoat they actually have an extra 30% offer with the coats so at checkout this one was $118.30 which is about 70% off. I have Wool dress pants and Chinos from Oxford and they are good quality.

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      At their regular 70% off they're pretty decent. I'd never consider 50% wool a bargain at $150 though. Definitely a step above brands like Tarocash though.

      • Nothing wrong with Taro mate

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          There's plenty wrong with Tarotrash.

          • @Munki: I certainly wouldn't go put on my fitted suit to go to a court hearing

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      I got the Dunbar coat back in 2018 when they had it for around $150. Very happy with the quality, fit and look. And kept me quite warm in the Sydney chill as well. Still running well as my primary overcoat for office travel during winter months.

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      I've had one of their coats for about 3 years now and it's still going strong. No issues with quality, and it's warm af. I'd recommend them, especially at 70%.

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      They are decent quality but I think their true worth is $149.
      They are definitely not worth $499.
      I have 2 of their coats.

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    Worth checking their outlet stores before buying. I find it strange but for the same item (be it coat, pants or any items really) I always find the outlet price is lower than their online store. Provided that you can find your size at the outlet of course.

    E.g. a coat I purchased was about $40 cheaper in my local outlet than online.

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    WEST2020 code for an extra 5% off still works, so $141.55

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    If anyone prefers The Iconic, they have the same items but some items cost slightly more ($8.50 more for the Roger Overcoat).
    Shopback from The Iconic is currently 15%.

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      Bought the herringbone coat during the last Melb lockdown and the cut and quality was rubbish. Had to pay for return shipping as the online store doesn't offer free returns. If you do wanna try their stuff better to go with the The Iconic.

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    Oxford RRP is total BS by the way. I’ve bought plenty from there and it’s ultimately just Chinese made stuff with a “label” on top.

    Decent enough stuff over all, but the RRP is certainly inflated. And they always have a sale on.

    • Yup, they have good stuff but you never pay more than 50 percent because there's a sale on every fortnight

    • 100% agree, their lining is cheap polyester.
      Same quality as stores such as Zara, Forever new and other high street stores.
      (Who normally sell these types of coats for $100-200.)

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    I bought an Oxford Jackson leather jacket online through David Jones. Took it back for a refund the same day it arrived. The leather was so wrinkly and thin it felt like it was going to rip if I accidentally bumped into something.

    Ended up buying a most plain looking motorcycle jacket with all of the paddings and protections removed.. far better quality and looks better as well

  • Jackets and coats went as low as $99 last year

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    despite the BS INFLATED RRP, to put a dodgy 50-70% discount every week (or equivalent combination), the after discount sale price is still pretty decent and the quality isn't bad. I mainly shop there for the jackets and accessories. Sadly pants and shirt doesn't fit my physique. The store manager knows me quite well so I always get another 10% off

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      friends with benefit..

  • Oxford is constantly on sale - just like Myer. An interesting tactic to say the least.

  • actual wool percentage is pretty low

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