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[PC, Steam] Control Ultimate Edition $23.98 @ Steam


Control: Ultimate Edition dropped to $23.99 again (happened in April 2021 before)

many of you (myself included) grabbed it on Epic giveaway for free, but that was a base version, and I don't think it's possible to update it or install DLC's

this is the best price to get DLC's and latest patches on PC

I think DLC's alone are worth the cost

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  • +1

    I concur about the DLS, Shabaka. 1 of the best titles I've played this year.

  • Apart from DLCs, what does this offer over the free Standard Edition game offered previously on Epic? The last thread referred to "next-gen free upgrades", but struggling to find details.

    • yeah same. I took those words at face value, but couldn't find any details either.

      could be BS I dunno.

      at any rate I immensely enjoyed whatever version Epic gave for free, and I want to give some money back to the developers, and I would rather do it through Steam (just personal preference). if it gets me DLC's and potentially better experience in return, that's fantastic

      credit where credit is due

      • I thought "next-gen free upgrades" referred to the graphical bump when you go from PS4/XB1 to the PS5/XBX? Console players who bought the base game + DLC on last-gen don't get the next-gen upgrade, but those who bought Ultimate Edition did get the upgrade.

        • yeah that's all I could find, that the ultimate updated experience on consoles, no word on any benefits for PC

      • I have a natural tendency to prefer Steam too (been using it so long), but as far as I know Steam still charges up to 30% commission (it slowly drops as the game company revenue increases), whereas Epic is only 15%. If you'd like to give your money to the developers - which I applaud - they'll get more through Epic.

        • yeah in general. but Steam is just a better platform overall

          matter of preference I guess

    • actually looking at the history of steam packages, there are patches for this game every now and then, so I guess there's something there

      I haven't seen any updates rolled out by Epic

  • Run from room to room and shoot stuff simulator

    • it was dull, was disappointed - gave up after about an hour

      • Same, looked great pre release, had high hopes but nup.

        • +2

          Starts off slow, but really worth putting in some extra time. Mid to end game is exceptional.

          • @corremn: I am trying too. When does it get a bit more engaging. I feel like I am just running around the office building. Graphics and physics seem great but yeah not loving it

            • +4

              @dainese: I think it's worth mentioning it's a damn amazing office building, I like just stopping and looking around from time to time, it's so good it's cinematic

              also curiosity is the operational concept here, makes you think why was this or that space designed like that, and what were people doing in this space when it was business as usual (I am in the same situation pretty much with Melbourne lockdown, I am often the only person in the office that is designed to fit 300)

              and when you dive in other areas like maintenance sector or at the very bottom of research, these things are reminiscent of Portal 2 kind of settings with natural growth slowly taking over declined industrial whatever they were doing there

              it's so much more than just FPS which it occasionally is of course

              so what I am coming back to again, it's probably the first game in a while that makes me want to give money to whoever built it, and hope they build more of the same

          • @corremn: the combat was unrewarding, I got lost a couple of times (probably my own fault but still).

            Compared to titanfall, or red dead redemption, or resident evil, its just bad.

            I found the story preposterous. Just trying so hard to be spooky, but forgetting what actually really matters.

      • This was my experience with Alan Wake(same dev). Didn't help I got a bit nauseous too.

    • +1

      I mean the mechanics aren't ground-breaking sure, but I found the combat to be pretty slick and enjoyable. The real reason this game will shone for people though is if they are into the world-building and exploration side of things. Anyone who enjoys SCP stories, X-Files vibes or Lynchian horror should find a lot to love here. I thought it was one of the best single player games I've played in quite a while.

      • +1

        yeah it's one of those centrifugal kind of titles that separates boys from men. or cool guys from assholes

        damn I lost my point there. it's bifurcating for sure, one either loves or hates it. I guess I am with the former crowd

      • -1

        Have you played resident evil 7+, titanfall2, or red dead redemption 2 ? Its just incomparable imo - control just bad, storyline trying so hard to be clever but failing. No variety at all, unrewarding combat - might aswell be playing space invaders.

        Shit, I enjoyed rayman legends more and Lovers in dangerous spacetime

    • End-game, it's more of a Fly from room to room and throw furniture at stuff simulator. Worth enduring past the initial standard shooter phase to get to that.

      • looking for Marshall I took a wrong turn somewhere and got surrounded by level 6 monsters all a sudden

        even though I had only seen a couple level 3's by that point

        that was kinda fun

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    Couldn't you add the control season pass for $22 on the epic one and it gives you the 1st and 2nd expansion? Or does this have more?

    • Yeah, that's what I would have thought. If anything it encourages people to buy the expansions through epic. It would be good to combine with the occasional $15 discount voucher.

      • The epic $15 coupon never seems to apply to DLC which is frustrating. I've tried buying the season pass for Control and it never works

    • in Epic giveaway thread someone said that this still leaves you with the older game engine, fwiw

      only buying ultimate edition outright gives the best experience, according to them. but I struggled to find any details confirming that

  • I've been playing the free Epic one and thought it included the expansions. Isn't the jukebox one of them?

    Edit: Nope, jukebox was a free expansion, the DLC is Foundation and AWE story missions. Guess I'll need to get them.

  • +1

    Obligatory comment about Control standard edition is on Xbox game pass.

    I personally bought ultimate edition before getting GP. This game is amazing, first title I played with my 3080.

    • +1

      The only way this game should be played