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ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity OC LHR $1759 Delivered @ PLE Computers


August 2-8 ETA
Free Delivery
Cheapest 3080 posted in a while.
I need more words :C

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  • I feel these GPUs are high-end entertainment to me :)

    • That's exactly what they are.

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    Well, your faith was strong but you needed proof
    You saw her rendering on the roof
    Her beauty and the raytracing overthrew ya
    And she tied you to her credit card
    And she broke your PSU and she cut your hair
    And from your lips she drew the 3080


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    Paying $500 more for a lhr card..

  • What an absolute bargain!!!

  • HODL!

  • Lots of closet cryptominers in ozbargain, no one here will buy this card lol

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      I mine with my card when not gaming I only have one card tho, not 10.

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    Fair few people are reporting hardware issues with Zotac's 30-series cards on reddit; mostly with the fans and rgb lighting. I had an artefacting issue in the past with my 1070 amp extreme card in the past and dealing with Zotac support was a very unpleasant experience.

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    I've had the Zotac Trinity 3080 (non-OC) from mid-October last year (paid $1139 hallelujah):
    - Out of box memory temps were awful for 24/7mining (low 100s) but $20 for gelid pads + re-positioning a case fan fixed the issue (220w, low 90s C vram, 97 mh/s).
    - Gaming perf is solid + reasonably quiet with a custom fan profile. Running at 1900 MHZ @ 0.85 (no noticeable perf impacts in RTX heavy titles).
    - Not sure how much bigger (or smaller) the other 3080s are but this only JUST fit into my Meshify C with the front fans intact…

    $1759 is a bit much for a LHR card imo.

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      I got the same card, mem temps are fine if you ramp up the fan to 75% - gets a bit noisy thou. Its an ok card just no O/C headroom.

    • Are you using afterburner to tune your card? Ive been trying to find a tune that pushes above 86mh/s without pushing the fans too much cause it's bloody loud

      • Yeah afterburner. Watch your vram temps and try and push your mem speed higher. Should get you above 86mh/s easily.

    • Low 90 is really high, U should consider open case.

      • Low 90 is really high

        Source? Nvidia set 110c Tjunction as the throttle point. I'm ~17C below spec for 24/7 mining (when not gaming). If low 90s was dangerous, they'd set the throttle point earlier right?

        At this point I've already recovered the cost of my card and then some with another 2.25 years of warranty…

        • Most engine has redline at 6K, you dont ride the engine at 4K saying I still have a third of the available rev range left. This is for your own good, I hope manufacturer will honour the warranty (if they dont find out the card is used for mining) as most of them already declared mining will void warranty.

          BTW, I have both of my card mine at 55C Vram 45C GPU die, as I still intended to use them for my server, after Eth proof of stake kick in.

          • @s20525xxx:

            Most engine has redline at 6K, you dont ride the engine at 4K saying I still have a third of the available rev range left.

            This is not the same thing as GPU temps lol.

            What's your source for low 90s vram is high?

            I have both of my card mine at 55C Vram 45C GPU die

            That's really nice. Water?

            • @Noodles93: I don't have proof, just years of running home server told me heat kills performance and longevity. Vram temp is the reason why 3090 is a bad mining card, since vram at the back of the board is not attached to a heatsink.
              Open case, one sits outside case with a pcie extension, and two ML120 blast at each card. It sits in the garage so noise doesn't bother me.
              U should still consider open case, even though it is noisier, better for longevity.

              • @s20525xxx: Thanks. I might look into it.

                So you don't have a source for your thoughts on low 90s vram temps being too high? Cool.

                • @Noodles93: No, but each to their own opinion

                  • @s20525xxx: I get it, too much heat is bad. The real question is what's too much heat. Obviously it's nice to get temps as low as possible but if it's within operating spec, it's not a big deal.

                    In either case, not too sure how a manufacturer would determine 24/7 mining as distinct from something like 24/7 rendering.

                    • @Noodles93: That I cannot say for sure, I never had to RMA a graphic card, I just upgrade, first time mining as well.
                      Since u already paid off ur card, it might not matter to u.

                      • @s20525xxx: Fair. Thanks for the advice all the same. Catch you around.

  • still not original RRP I would wait a few more months it will back to orginal RRP again.

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    Would be great if these 'deals' were less frequent. Only encourages retailers to squeeze as much dollaroos as they can from willing buyers before it all goes to poo for them.

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    Not in stock, not rrp, and yet still upvoted.
    This place cracks me up.

  • once they stop ethereum mining , wouldnt the gpu just mine some other coin instead ?

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    I got this card when it launched @ 1499 in November.
    Great card in terms of quality if anyone was concerned.
    I guess the 30xx cards will improve over time with driver and game support.
    I upgraded from a 1070 and i went from high to ultra in most of my games and fps is constantly a bit over 100 for the majority of games.
    Within a few days it's just the 'new normal' and if I didnt have a clear window on my wall mounted case and a credit card dent, i could easily forget it's there. :)

    Whilst it can raytrace much better than previous generations, i don't really want to game at sub 60fps for most titles (2k res).

    (I have been mining ETH every day during daylight hours (solar home) to help take some of the edge off purchase price).

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      How many ETH have you mined do far?

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    LHR yet forgot to adjust down the selling price.

  • lHR really should just be gaming price………. we just want to play games, why is this so fking hard

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    Scroll down and look at all those beautiful 3080 Ti's and 3090's in stock. Sooner or later it will come down from the sky.

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    $1759 for LHR?????

  • Can't miners just circumvent the LHR features? Also, this is a lot of money to pay and a long time to repay by mining, who's really going to invest that time? Maybe it's more of a hobby to some so don't mind the investment of time.

    • no can't circumvent, need hardware modifications

      • so then lhr is a hard cap and not a soft cap through drivers?