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TCL 55P715 55" 4K Ultra HD Android TV $432 Delivered ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


4K True HDR 10
Android TV with Google Assistant, Netflix, Stan and Google Play
3 years warranty

I believe this may be an original ticket price error as the 55P1615 model is more expensive

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    Tempted to replace my 8yr old Telly with this, but I just gave the old one a new lease of life with a Chromecast with GoogleTV.

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      My Panasonic is ten years old. I see cheap TV deals all the time. I use Fetchtv. I recently got one of the free Foxtel Now boxes off of a Foxtel deal on here. I'll buy a new TV when mine blows up lol

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      My Sony XBR is over 10 years old, made in Japan. Added Vodafone TV to it and see no reason to upgrade.

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      I was using a 10/12 year old Samsung until the start of this year. Upgraded to a new 55in Hisense for under $800 Money well spent i reckon. Picture quality is tons better.

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        I replaced a 5 year old Samsung with a TCL and the TCL was night and day better.
        Both picture quality and smart TV interfaces have improved leaps and bounds in the last few years. Of course a top of the line Samsung would be better again, but if your budget is the $1000 range you can't go past TCL

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    May help someone.. Picked up the 43" version last week (GG Ebay 15% off) to try as a casual use monitor/tv. Does have PC mode and supports 4:4:4 chroma but the cross hatching/subpixel dimming when viewing close is annoying.
    Also BGR pixel arrangement, so may need tweaking for Windows Cleartype (I tested with Mac)

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      May I ask how much you had purchased it for?

    • I have also been thinking of using a 4k tv as a monitor. How are you finding it in general? Do you need to use the remote to turn off the TV everyday or does it go into sleep mode when the computer does it?

      • If you use your computer from TV viewing distance then would be fine.

        • I am not so much worried about the image quality as you can easily find reviews on the internet that covers the image quality, just more concerned about the little annoying things like having to use the remote to turn on/off the TV everyday, etc.

      • Goes into sleep, sort of OK. 'No signal detected' and then takes a few minutes. Wont turn out automatically though (i'm using Macbook Air) even though I have enabled CEC control on TV. Not too onerous having to push a button on the remote to wake it up etc.

        Overall the experience is 'OK'. The cross hatching effect is getting to me a bit, so have to keep ensuring my head it back far enough so I dont notice :). Am thinking a 43" Philips IPS panel would be better, but is more $…

        Bang for back, I would say its a 'great value' setup.

        • Basically no PC devices do CEC for HDMI equipped TVs, it sucks.

    • whats the input lag like?

    • +8

      The LG CX has a 3.3 score on the same site. It must be a bit hit and miss too? Dude, it’s a $400 55” 4K TV. Your expectations and reality seem to be on different planets.

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    Is this better than a Panasonic Plasma? I still have one that I hesitate to replace.

    Also what's the input lag on this?

    • Having owned a Pana plasma that died a long time ago and now have a 50" TCL smart tv I would say yes.

    • +4

      I have both Panasonic Plasma and TCL cheapie, and I would not call it better.
      For sport plasma is better, less jittery.
      Viewing angle on plasma is much wider.
      Sound from the speaker is better on Panasonic Plasma.

      Where the TCL is better is of course 4k content, Android TV and price.

      • Where the TCL is better is of course 4k content, Android TV and price.

        And size. Plasmas topped out when 42" TV's were big so there's not many over 50" floating around, whereas LEDs over 80" are more common now.

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      For high quality content, 4k yes it will be better. For SD, HD, Sports, the Plasma will be better in most situations.

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      I have a Panasonic Plasma (Pioneer Kuro tech) and an Aldi 70" LCD TV.
      LCD is simply no match for a Plasma tech: Cotrast (blacks) are far superior on a Plasma TV. The only technology that beats Plasma is OLED.
      Until micro LED technology becomes widely available (it's not even in shops yet), OLED will be top-of-the-range.
      When my Panasonic Plasma dies, I'll be replacing it with an LG OLED TV.

      • +4

        Wow amazing the number of Pana plasma users in here - I'm one as well! Still happily chugging away with a TH-P50V20A bought back in 2011 - never had an issue from it and amazingly it was a factory 2nd then.

        I've had to fight back replacing it loads of times but with a Mibox and all my content being FTA + 720p/1080p there's even now not been a huge rationale to do so.

        • Yep I've got a factory 2nd TH-P50V20A as well. Still using it as my main TV.

      • Power consumption???

        • +2

          If you already own a Pana plasma then power consumption cost is minimal vs the price of a new TV that's going to have a better picture.

      • I subscribe to the same Panasonic Plasma deity as yourself. Totally agree.

    • +2

      I just put a comment up further. My 55" Panasonic plasma has lasted ten years. I was told by everyone not to buy a plasma. It's been an excellent tv. I use Fetchtv. I recently got one of the free Foxtel Now boxes off of a Foxtel deal on here. I'll buy a new TV when mine blows up lol

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        i have a panasonic plasma that's 13 yrs old and still going

      • +2

        Amen to that. Just imagine in the 10-13yrs it lasts how many Bauhn/Yumcha calibre TVs many folks go through - crazy landfill!

        While I get the downsides of plasmas, its shocking that more than a decade on their picture quality (which i think has to be the biggest factor in choosing any TV) is only bested by OLEDs and a handful of top tier LCDs. Tad oversimple I get it (as LEDs do better in bright room, 4K content etc) but they hold up incredibly well on the picture front.

        Glad to see there's many others still hanging in with them - I thought surely it was only me but is good to see.

    • I have the 85 inch version of this and the interface is very very laggy and slow and kind of buggy.
      It will frequently fail to recognise the LAN network connection until the cable is unplugged and plugged in again, though wifi works OK if a bit slow.
      The unit also has bad backlight bleeding visible in the corners.

      Contacted TCL support and they didn't want to know about it. Said the shocking backlight bleeding was normal. Replaced the motherboard then when it didn't fix the problem told me the network connection issue must be due to incompatibility with my modem (Exetel's standard NBN modem, had no other problems with any other TV or device).

      I think if I'm going to go cheapish brand again I would try Hisense, definitely won't be going TCL again.

  • +5

    I have this TV and paid $550. Worth every penny at this price

    • Does it have a long reboot / startup time?

      • No

      • I have the 85 inch version and while it does start up fairly quickly, the interface is laggy and apps do take a long time to load, among other issues.

  • +2

    error or not, old TV is due for upgrade and that's my budget so..

    thank you OP

  • +1

    I have 4 TCL TV's including the 43P715, they are great for the price. They are very economical when it comes to power use too.

    • I have a 50" one from a previous Ozb deal and I agree with Cheapskate. Great value for the $.
      The only thing I can complain about is the FTA guide which only shows what is on at that time. Not sure if the guide in this one is the same. Great picture, everything works including the smart functions. Get one!

      • This feature of the annoying FTA guide should be able to be disabled. Look up settings and disable hbbtv thing ..

  • Apparently unavailable for delivery in Brisbane 4000. Have tried my work address (4128) and both locations say that delivery is no longer available, closest click and collect is Maroochydore.

  • I gave one of these to my Grandmother for Christmas last year,
    She liked it a lot.

    Price seems close to what I paid at GG through GG Commercial.

    Sorry, my mistake, I got her the 43"

  • similar in quality to hisense S8?

  • What are the viewing angles like on this? Is it a VA panel?

    • probably

  • Any gift cards available at the moment?

  • +5

    Thanks OP bought the 50 inch for mum for $380, came down to $361 with suncorp gift cards

  • the whole size range is on sale but why is the 43 inch more than the 50 inch?

    • Cause ( as inidicated by the OP) they're selling the p715 line at p615 sale price. The p615 line is on sale too with original ticket prices of the p715 line. Looks to be a pricing stuff up

    • Can get the 43" HD for $320

  • Man I literally bought this from JB the other day for $540 and haven't even received it yet. Trying to call support but no answer :(

    • JB has a 2 week price guarantee; call your store, give them the receipt and they will deposit the difference.

      • Thanks mate. I bought it online. Know if it's the same?

        • Yes mate.

    • Don’t worry, JB offers 14 days price guarantee.

  • Very nice TV for bedroom. TCL TV has good picture quality and I have an old TCL (non-smart TV) for the past 5 years. Tempting to switch to smart Android TV at this price.

  • +1

    I currently have a TCL Android TV in my bedroom. The UI is really slow, frequent crashes, and just generally frustrating to use.

    I'm tempted to jump on this, but it's obviously the same brand. Has anyone used this and can vouch for it?

    • I have the 85 inch version and the interface is very laggy and kind of buggy. LAN won't stay connected and the unit has terrible backlight bleeding.
      TCL support didn't want to know about it.

      • +1

        Not sure why you were negged, but thanks for the feedback. Sounds like my experience with by 43" S series. I decided to jump on it and it has been OK so far, especially as 2nd TV. Fingers crossed it doesn't go wonky like my last one.

  • damn no stock anywhere near me, would have finally jumped on getting a TV after being in the market for nearly 2 years… (obviously not urgent)

  • How often do JB go on sale? I kind of want to go see this in person before I buy, but that ain't really possible for a while in Sydney

    • This price end tonight I rand a store he said lol it in today $432 tomorrow goes back to Rrp over $800

    • They also have this TV at Good Guys and I price matched over the phone for pick up.

  • +6

    This TV was on sale a couple of days ago ($540 down from $695)
    I missed that sale, but a manager at the DFO store was happy to do it for $540 yesterday (all other stores refused to)
    I was happy, till I checked their website again last night, thats why you shouldnt revisit the websites after your purchase

    Anyway, I bought this TV for my mum, she uses KODI and the built in android would be good
    When I first powered on the TV, I was presented with a blackish grey background with horribly uneven backlighting and shite black levels
    The audio is okay but sounds hollow, has absolutely no bass, and if you connect a sound bar to the optical input and mute the TV audio, the mute logo will stay on the tv, so i set the volume on tv 1 noch above mute. If you connect the TV to the soundbar using headphone to RCA, you cant control the volume from the TV remote

    The specs for this and the P615 look very similar (other then the contrast ratio). The p715 comes with a bluetooth remote which supports voice commands (as well as the IR)

    For my mum it will do the job, and its pretty decent for the price especially for the 3 year warranty, but if you want superior picture quality this isn't it imo
    Then again I'm a bit spoilt with an OLED, so maybe i'm being biased

    There is also the ffalcon 55" which is on sale for 399
    Apparently also made by TCL though with only 1 year warranty
    If you don't need an android tv and use an external media player, thats also an option

    ps. I found the android system on this tv to run fine, it didn't lag
    though if you install a heavy skin in kodi, it will bring it to its knees
    Also, transferring files to and from usb on the TV will take you daaaays
    I was trying to load a kodi backup onto the TV, and it was transferring at 48KBps so i gave up

    • +1

      Interesting to hear your review as I bought the 50" p715 a couple months back and yeah, had exactly the same uneven back-lighting issues, (was like a vertical line in the back light about 30% of the way across the TV. When camera panned watching footy or when gaming looked bloody shockin). Claimed warranty with TCL to get replacement for it and the 2nd TV is much better. Quite even and decent, (I also have an OLED in the living room so yeah gotta constantly remind yourself this is a 500 buck tv 😉).

      Anyway I was nervous the replacement would have uneven back lighting also and it's just an issue across entire model but seems it isn't. Replacement really is heaps better and backlight is acceptable whereas first one was definitely unacceptable. Great tv for the money I reckon. Crazy good price here 😀

    • If you connect the TV to the soundbar using headphone to RCA, you cant control the volume from the TV remote

      Is that right? I can imagine it being the case with the optical out, but with the headphone out, conceivably you might want to connect a pair of headphones or earphones, most of which don't have their own volume control. What are you supposed to do then?

      • +1

        Sorry my bad
        I tried again and you CAN control the headphone out volume with the remote

        • Thanks for clarifying! I've ordered mine on Saturday and should be coming in tomorrow. Plan on hooking it up to a small amplifier that doesn't have remote control, so good to know that I'll still be able to control the volume from the TV. Not expecting the TV's DAC to be the greatest but I'm sure it'll do.

  • +8

    Insane price for the specs.

    For anyone who can't go instore to look at the TV, below are some photos i got from my phone recently.


    Below is the photos for the 50" version 50P715.


  • Just got one from goodguys price match free delivery monday morning

    • Good Guys did free delivery as well for $432 delivered ?
      Would be awesome as I can use my $20 Conceirge credits and get it quicker than JB

  • +2

    Thanks OP! I haven't owned a TV for about 8 years and have been lurking for a good deal for a while. This will be much better than my cracked 17" laptop screen!

  • Thanks ,ordered one.

  • How is this compare to the $556 Hitachi 58QLEDSM20 58" 4K Ultra HD Android QLED TV?

    • If warranty isn't 3 years, then the one posted here.

      If trying to be cheap, the ffalcon 55" and buy a Google Chromecast with google TV.

      • The Hitachi one also has 3 year warranty.

  • Is anyone else getting the same message - This item is not available with this shipping option

    • Depends on location

    • I am getting the same in Sydney.
      Bascailly JB tells me it is ok for me to drive 15km to pick up but will not ship to me at all.

      If they dont want to ship anywhere why whould they says "Free Delivery" '?

      Who go out to pick up a TV these days especailly with the COVID lockdown!!

      JB you need to do better than this !

  • Thanks OP got good guys to price match

  • +3

    Just picked on up at Moore park (Syd)

    Took about 5 minutes to get the “ready to collect” message. Very seamless setup at JB, waited no more than 3 minutes once I arrived at pickup.

    Tv is great for $432.

    Sound quality is fine, picture quality great in my dark bedroom.

    Doesn’t pick up my 5ghz wifi but 2.4ghz seems fine.

    Can’t recommend enough tbh. Happy to answer any questions.

    Fit in my VW golf too :)

    • +1

      "Fit in my VW golf too :)"

      Thats all i needed to know lol

    • Does it come with 1 or 2 remotes in the box ?
      If just one remote, hope it's the smart Bluetooth remote with the microphone and not the old IR one

      • 2 remotes

    • How's the boot up time and is there much lag on the UI?

  • Thanks OP! Price matched and picked up in nearest GG. The salesman was happy to do it and mentioned that JB is likely doing it below cost. Good deal! P.S. Fits in Prius just fine :).

  • +1

    Hi everyone. I just got appliances online to price match the tv to $432 with free delivery. Better option than click and collect.

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