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Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Toothbrush + 2 Brush Heads & Travel Case or 4 Brush Heads US$44.99 (~A$60.83) Shipped @ Banggood

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Great price, US$15 cheaper than next best price posted on OzB. Pretty sure this is near cost, as Muchen Technology (distributor) sells for around the same

You can choose either the Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Toothbrush + 2 Brush Heads & Travel Case or Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Toothbrush + 4 Brush Heads, same price for both options US$44.99 (~A$60.83)

Coupon also applies to items listed on this page 50% Off Discount for over $1 Summer Clearance Sale including Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Smart Toothbrush + 4 Brush Heads US$39.43 (A53.31)

To get price in title:

  • Select ships from CN warehouse.
  • Apply coupon BG29780 at checkout.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD. Don't forget to remove shipping insurance at checkout.

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  • Does the travel case have any special features? Is the 4 brush head a better deal?

    • +3

      It doesn't have any special features, I guess it depends if you need the travel case or not. For comparison, the travel case costs $18 & two brush heads cost $14 so the travel case + two brush heads appears to be the better deal.

      • +3

        only better deal if you actually need the travel case..

        If travelling you could just put it in a small toiletry bag + tooth brush head protector etc..

        The replacement brushes are more likely to be used as each one wears out.

        do you know what is the link for the toothbrush heads on bangood?

  • Thank OP. I was just shopping around for this very toothbrush

    • +4

      Found the New South Welshman.

  • What's the difference between the pro and elite?

    • +1

      Key differences listed in skido's previous post

      • Ultra Quiet with Quiet Mark certification (operating noise lower than 45 dB)
      • Wireless Quick Charging (compatible with QI wireless chargers - 35 day battery life per charge)
      • OS Upgrade
      • Intelligent wake-up (pickup to wake)
      • Nano Hydrophobic Layer Technology
      • is this the elite pro selling here the top of the line model?

        • Yes elite is the flagship model.

  • +2

    I have one of these. If you care. The app is really trash. I would not go for it again just because of that

    • +9

      Who needs an app to brush their teeth?

      • +2

        Sheldon Cooper 😅 bazingaa

      • +3

        omg lol so true…an app for brushing teeth. Soon we'll log into apps to wipe our ass. I couldn't wipe my ass, the app wouldn't load!!1

        • +5

          Computers only recognise 0's and 1's, not 2's. Ipso fatso.

      • I mean why do you need a smart toothbrush anyways. I believe if it’s a feature, then it should be usable

        • +2

          You don't need a smart tooth brush. It's just fluff companies add just to increase perceived value. Shit just needs to adjust strength, turn on/off, and vibrate. The app being shit really doesn't matter.

          Source: my partner and I have used a singular oclean brush for 2 years (we swap heads each use). Haven't missed the app for a second after the first night of use. Solid battery life and works. Would buy again.

        • neetsingh

          I have one of these.

  • Can these be used with kids?

    • +25

      Toothpaste works better than kids

    • Illegal in most countries, maybe all countires actually

  • When does this deal end?

    • +1

      Can't find any mention of the end date on the promotional page, so not sure.

    • +1

      Looks like it ends in 5 days, but only 260 in stock.

  • Pretty good reviews

  • +1

    From past experience, chance of receiving goods from banggood is a hit and miss - is there any change recently? are they reliable?

  • +1

    thanks, snapped up 2 of em with the 4x brusheads.

  • +3

    Just go Oral B instead. Brush heads are easily available and often heavily discounted on Amazon and eBay. The more expensive models are made in Germany and not China too

    • +1

      Discounted at coles at the moment too. One even has a travel case

      • Cool. I recently got the 9000 Pro, massively discounted on Amazon Day. The best toothbrush I've ever owned

  • What's the difference between OP and this


    It's $20+$8 shipping to Sydney

  • +1

    I just started using this and its so quite and actually feels like it's not vibrating as much as the previous Oclean X (despite being 42k VPM instead of 35k VPM) and my Philips Diamond Clean before that. However, my teeth feel really clean after so I think it has a lot to do with the quiet motor and maybe it being smaller but faster vibrations.

    It's seriously well built and trashes the Philips Diamond Clean.

  • -5

    Yea there literally trying to coerce and sink our economy and we should keep underwriting it through buying their junk? Stick to something like Oral B. Tried and tested, good value for what you're getting and made in Germany. They probably just tried to reverse engineer a European/US product to produce a lower quality replica like this anyway.

    • -1

      Yes instead we should support the EU who blocked vaccine shipments to Australia at the port. Big brain moves.

  • Don't mean to be paranoid but are the replacement heads Oclean ones or generic?

    • +1

      According to the pic in the reviews, they're genuine.

  • +1

    highly recommend this toothbrush. been using mine for about 3 months - brushes well and super quiet.

    absolutely worth it for price/performance

    • how is the app and battery life?

      do you know if the batteries can be replaced
      ie a small screw is located underneath the brush?

      • battery easily lasts ~3 weeks per charge and holds its power even then. I’ve noticed some tooth brushes lose it’s power (gets weaker) as charge run out - this one doesn’t.

        batteries are non replaceable - the unit itself is completely sealed for water resistance

        I used the app at first - it’s nice to keep track of your brushing score but haven’t been bothered after the first weeek lol

  • Any deals on ocean Heads alone?

  • Is shipping insurance necessary ?
    -there disclaimer is they won't compensate if lost in transit without it.

    So if we get this with the 2 brush head + travel case
    that is a total of 3 brush head?

    • Shipping insurance isn't necessary if paying via paypal.

      Correct 3 brush heads in total.

      • bit hard to decide..

        which one would you get or gotten?

        -4 brushes (total 5)
        -travel case with 2 brush (total = 3)


        -travel case + 2 brush head, + another 2 brush head

        Guess the main benefit to getting the extra brush head now is to avoid more shipping cost later on..

        Do have link for the replacement head on bangood?

  • How do these compare with Phillips Sonicare?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. got one. in need for a new one!

  • Good find op, grabbed one as well

  • Thanks OP

  • Is this better or the Oral B Pro 2000 for around the same price?

    • wayyyy better

      this competes well with Philips sonicare diamondclean which retails for about $400

      • How does this differ from the Phillips diamond clean?

        • +1

          I don’t have diamond clean so can’t really comment but another user had shared their thoughts in a different post - compared to the Oclean x (non pro). Keep in mind this is the pro elite version which is a double step up from the non-pro.


          @C0mbat can tell you more

        • +1

          See my comment further up on a comparison to the Diamond Clean. The other big differences are:

          • Battery life is at least 4 times longer
          • It has a nice textured effect that feels like paper
          • The LCD screen is pretty useful and is much better than the previous version
          • It charges much faster and the charger is much compact

          The jury is out on the brush heads. They have deliberately made the outer bristles softer so I'd like to know the science behind that. It feels like it's not as intense a brush due to that and the quieter motor but my teeth feel really clean after.

      • Is this like one of those sonic tooth brushes or does it oscillate like the Oral B ones? It doesn't look like the head has any capacity to rotate?

        • +1

          It’s a sonic toothbrush - I used to own oral B and now have gotten used to the sonic vibrations after switching over to Oclean. They seem to clean better imo as brush heads cover a larger surface area of teeth.

          • @skido: Thank you! I think I'll pass on this one. Already got the Colgate sonic ones but not a big fan of sonic toothbrushes.

  • Got an error when trying to use coupon code: Coupon is only allowed to use in special collection list.

    • +1

      yeah,looks like too late. i was trying to get one as well but got the same error. Good deal for whoever got it.

  • +2

    Anyone else getting coupon only allowed to be used in special collection list?

    • +1

      Got the same. Seems like they removed it from the list? The X Pro can still use this coupon.

    • +1

      Was just about to ask the same thing

    • yeah same here.

  • +1

    Been waiting for a good price on these for a while. Grabbed 2 cheers OP.

  • Just be aware, I still haven't received mine. Ordered like 4 weeks ago.

    • That sucks, was it ever marked as sent? I already got shipment info.

      • It arrived in Sydney like 3days after I ordered.

        It's been stuck with PF Logistics since then. If you're lucky, they won't use PFL for your order

        • Fingers crossed, mine says arriving early August.

  • +1

    missed out, coupon doesn't work for elite anymore

  • Not a bad price. Still prefer my oral b io9. You get what you pay for.

  • C

  • It doesn't matter which option I choose or package this is what comes up for every one of them.

    Coupon is only allowed to use in special collection list..

  • +1

    Anyone else ordered 4 brush heads? Mine arrived today but it came with only 2 additional brush heads.

  • Yes I ordered 4 brushhead and 2 was sent. Went to raise issue, they kept asking to send photos blaming parcel damage, when they clearly did not send out 4 brush head.

    • I'm going to ask a refund I think.

      I got a response from PFL saying they never received the item.

      • Yes, same for me, i've ordered 4 brushhead and received 2 only

  • Banggood customer service is really omg, they are so tight over 2 brush head and making it really hard. It’s like speaking with martians.

    “ Thank you for your e-mail.
    We know that you are missing two brush heads, but we now need what the product 1822492 you received is like. We need to confirm with the sales department what the brush head you received for the product 1822492 looks like.
    The picture you sent is product 1822492.
    So could you send all the items you received for product 1822492?
    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Best regards,

  • I opened a ticket on banggood and they said:

    "According to your order, we found that you actually only ordered two brush heads."

    • +3

      Go in the oclean listing, go to description where they describe the #1-5, then print out as pdf.
      Go to print your order invoice, where it shows the type u ordered.
      Print the invoice for goods fulfilment with 2x brush
      Lodge a dispute on PayPal and ticket on banggood.
      After all the stupid pictures they request, they will offer u $9 refund.

      • Thanks for the tip, I've got PayPal involved now

      • Mate would you mind to share the screenshot where it says the #1-5? Seems like they updated the listing and removed it from the description…

        • I don't have that as well, they changed it. But you can still show them your order is type 5

  • +1

    mines been stuck in sydney since the 22nd :(

    • is it with PFL?
      does it say manifested?

      Mine's been stuck for over a month now.
      I really want the brush but don't know if it'll ever get here.

      Anyone here can comment on their refund process?

      • ahh, forgot to update, it actually came 2 hours ago. They shipped with chinapost and they transferred to auspost when it landed in Sydney, and since they used International Economy (Air and Sea), it didn't include tracking from Sydney-Brisbane. Sorry for the misunderstanding

        • oh lucky you. Yeah i'm in brissy too but I guess it's been lost or left in a warehouse somewhere.

          Mine came via YunExpress and then transferred to PF Logistics.
          PFL says it's not with them. :(

  • +3

    Mine arrived today but only the travel case? No toothbrush and no brushes? Bruh

    • They ignored me for two days and once I got PayPal involved they magically replied

      • That's the only way to solve this problem I think

    • Same thing happened to me today, any updates?

      • +1

        Nope nothing at all.

    • I ordered direct from the oclean website on June 24 and my item never arrived. Today they confirmed they'll send me another one. Hopefully you get your items coz I know how you feel lol

  • +1

    I bought the bundle with the travel case. Yesterday I only received the travel case but not the extra brushheads nor the toothbrush itself.

    Raised a support ticket and they demanded for more evidence despite me already provided them with photos of the package.

    Opened a Paypal dispute and now they offer me compensation of 200 Banggood points LMFAO and still does not want to send me my missing items.

    Also, has anyone managed to successfully unsubscribe from their maketing emails? I've tried countless times to unsubscribe (via unsubscribe link in email and account settings), but they still keep spamming me weekly. Is this even legal? Given they're not an Australian company and probably out of the ACMA's control.

  • when I check my order history on Banggood, it shows that the travel case and the toothbrush were sent separately. I have received the travel case and the toothbrush says estimated delivery 14/08

  • Ordered the one with 4 extra heads and only got 2 as well.

    In my case BG customer service was good. I opened a ticket with a couple of pics (just the brush and only 2 heads), they got back to me in a day and offered a $5 refund stating the pictures were wrong, I replied with make it $10 and they refunded the $10 next day.

  • ordered 2 x pro elites with 2x 4 brushes…

    2 packages sent. Only received 1, with the replacement heads and only 4 of em… so 4 missing.

    They offered me $10 refund lol.

  • I ordered the Toothbrush + 2 Brush Heads & Travel Case, on 17/07, and have only received the travel case.
    It appears the tracking numbers they provided for both orders were sent at the same date.
    Customer support are now saying that the toothbrush was dispatched on 05/08.
    ETA is 25/08. In my experience Banggood often take several weeks to deliver and items are often faulty. It can take several more weeks to receive a refund.
    I often wonder if it was worth the few dollars saved for several weeks of delay..

  • Only received the Travel Case, they asked me to ship it back to China in order to receive refund through Paypal.

    They did not provide shipping label, so I'll lose out on shipping and receive nothing from my order?

  • An update. I got mine today. The product itself is very good.

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