This was posted 6 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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New IKEA LADDA Rechargeable Battery AA 1.2V 2450mAh $10 4-Pack @ IKEA


New LADDA Rechargeable battery, HR06 AA 1.2V 2450mAh Made in Japan.

$10 4pk

LADDA rechargeable batteries 2450 mAh give you approximately 30 percent more operating time than LADDA 1900 mAh.

LADDA rechargeable batteries come pre-charged when you buy them and you can charge them up to 500 times.

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    Best charger? Ikea charger any good?

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      Nitecore D4. I used for a long time. Not cheap around $40 but charge many types and sizes of battery.

      • It's old though? Surely there's better options from Panasonic or energizer?

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          Nitecore are miles better than both of them in the charging world.

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          Surely there's better options from Panasonic or energizer?

          While some of their chargers are good, the majority of their chargers are dumb chargers, forcing you to buy new batteries every couple of years. There's a financial incentive for them NOT to produce great chargers.

          For charger companies that don't sell batteries, if they want to sell more chargers, they largely depend on recommendations from their existing customers. So they DO have a financial incentive to produce great chargers.

          I don't share Wizard's enthusiasm for Nitecore though. The D4, when charging four batteries, has a maximum charge current of 375mA. So charging four 2450mAh batteries from flat will take more than six hours! Other Nitecore chargers have an even lower charging current, so take even longer! There are plenty of chargers that will charge the same batteries in less than three hours.

          For the record, I have a Nitecore D4, a Maha MH-C9000, a Liitokala Lii-500 and an Aldi charger. I don't use the Nitecore any more, it's too slow compared to the others.

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    Why is this a deal? Its been this price since launch and going to stay this way probably? We dont know if these are LSDs and if these are same quality as the earlier ones.

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      I do agree with you on this. This is RRP, no discount. As Ozbargainers love Eneloop and Ladda, people tend to upvote.

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    Iiitokala, nitecore or maha charger pls.

    Find one in your budget. Do not use eneloop or Ikea chargers.


  • Not quite the good 'ol days of high quality AA/AAAs for $6-8, but $10 RRP is nice to see again, I can justify that (I couldn't score any of the old stock specials sadly).
    The $15 price jack was a shocker.

    • As of today Tempe is still selling the old stock for more than the new stock, 13 and 9 respectively for AA and AAA, compared to the 10 and 6.

  • Out of stock for delivery to Cloncurry :(

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    I did my improfessional test between each verson by weighting them.

    Eneloop pro = Ladda white(old) = Ladda (new, green), they are all 30g each.

    I don't have tester for their capacity. Since Ladda (new, green) RRP is $10.00, I guess it's a good deal.

    Wish my little efforts helps.


  • Just bought but don't own anything that really needs AAs, what to use on??

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      Buy something that does.

      • What do you use yours on?

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          Vibrating things

        • LED Torch - LED Lenser that takes 4 AA batteries

    • what to use on??

      • Cordless (computer) mice
      • Wireless keyboards
      • TV and stereo remote controls
      • Pocket flashlights
      • Wall clocks and bedside clocks
      • Kid's toys
      • Multimeters
      • Kitchen scales, bathroom scales

      One of the best things about NiMh batteries is that they don't leak when they go flat. The number of times I've seen something that was destroyed by leaking single-use batteries…

      • I'll go with flashlights, need something draining! Cheers!

    • AAAs much more useful

  • I wonder if ikea will remove the c&c fees now that they have to shut down their stores in sydney.

  • Saw these a few days ago. The packaging is different (more environmentally friendly as its cardboard only).

    Both are made in Japan (for AA/AAA), but the AAA is less mAh. I think for the AAA these are a replacement for the cheaper/lower capacity cells (which were not available). Didn’t understand why there are two AA SKU’s with the same capacity but different price.

    The 900mAh AAA were reduced. I have no idea what IKEA are doing, what’s discontinued, are they just clearing stock for new lines. I do hope the 700mAh are not replacing the 900mAh.

  • Out of stock for delivery

  • Does anyone know if they will deliver these Australia wide?

    • Yes, however mine have been stuck 'In Transit' for 2 weeks - one day they will arrive im sure

      • just say out of stock always

        • I placed an order and was shipped - Just no idea where toll sends them

          • @MrChum: What is the difference between these and the white

            • @Budju: I don't think there is apart from packaging colour, but once they arrive I will let you know

  • So this or the old white one? What's the difference?

  • Wouldnt mind more AAA, the $10 voucher still valid? Would be at least $5 in fuel, and not having to walk through the maze you get out is worth the delivery fee. Got some of those Coles ones really cheap a while back.

    Ignore that, AAA 900s are $12.99. probably only viable In store, if they approve

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    That's pretty cheap for a Russian car.

  • +1

    $5 extra to click and collect, bit cheeky IKEA.

  • What is the difference between these new green ones and the old white ones ( apart from price?

    • check my post, I weight them, AA ones are all 30g each, not difference for their weight at least

    • Environmentally friendly packaging.

  • The new green coloured AA ones are equivalent to the Original 1900mAH Sanyo/Panasonic Eneloops, the white AA ones are equivalent to the Eneloop Pros, and the brown/beige ones are equivalent to the Eneloop lite. The LADDA's are made in Japan, so from the FDK factory, meaning they are Sanyo/Panasonic Eneloop.

  • pretty complicated for some batteries all the variations and prices.
    Which are the best Ladda AAA's for the price then?

    • The other ones are being discontinued so unless you manage to find a store with them in stock you may not have a choice.

      Also, depends what you prefer, more charge cycles or larger capacity.

      • ok thanks for that, will see what Ikea Logan have later in the week, mostly want to just try and use that $10 voucher.
        hmm, not too phased, easy enough to charge them and would only be using in things like remotes etc.

  • Plenty of stock in Perth IKEA

    • how much is it for a pack of 4 AA?

      • $10 for a pack of 4 AA

  • Interesting that they are supposed to be pre-charged but U put them in my Liitokala and they all showed as 0-25% charged.

    • Mine too - possibly stock has been sitting around for a long time perhaps

      • Possibly, but it's supposed to be a new version. Oh well.

  • -1

    Anyone know why delivery doesn't seem to be available for them Aus Wide?

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