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Tesco Peanut Butter 700g $1 + $4.95 Delivery ($0 with $25 Order to Sydney & Melb during Lockdown) @ The Reject Shop via DoorDash


I was curious to see if I could get that Toobs knockoff delivered to my place during lockdown in Sydney (sadly not) and was surprised to find this.

I'm guessing the Tesco partnership isn't working out quite as well as they'd been hoping…

Smooth Tesco PB (only 340g) is also listed as $1. Had a look at several different locations of TRS on DD and it's the same price.

Obviously it's only good value via DoorDash if you buy at least 3 or 4 jars so keep that in mind.

Though to be quite frank, The Reject Shop's pricing on DoorDash is actually excellent if you buy a whole bunch of other stuff. Everything appears to be regularly priced, you just need to pay $5 for delivery. Also appears there's a lockdown $0 delivery offer which is for Sydney and Melbourne - https://www.rejectshop.com.au/customerservice/online-same-da...

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    Was that price instore at my local too. Havent tried it yet. Their tesco freeze dried coffee is awful though.

    • hmm. Interesting. I've updated the title, wasn't sure if it was also available in store at that price.

      • No photos, sorry. It was about a week ago, there were a few tesco (or similar brands) things at $1. I only remember the peanut butter, pesto and microwave rice sachets.

    • +1

      FWIW coffee culture in the UK is terrible compared to Australia so this is not a shock in the least. That being said Douwe Egberts smashes the moccona junk since the reformulation. Also this Tesco freeze dried coffee will be cheap/store brand level even in the home market so don't expect much.

      Surprisingly coles organic instant here is really good for a supermarket instant coffee!

  • Can we assume these are the same products that Tesco in China would have stocked?

    • +2

      Last time I bought Tesco PB from The Reject Shop to try it, it had the UK standard labelling with an Australian nutrition sticker slapped on top of the nutrition panel

  • Ingredients?

    I personally wouldn't touch anything unless it was just peanuts and salt. Plenty of regular half price deals for the good stuff at Colesworth.

    • +1

      from their UK site:

      Roasted Peanuts (93%), Peanut Oil, Certified Sustainable Palm Oil, Sugar, Salt.

      • +1

        hydrogenated palm oil , aka trans-fat

  • +2

    Have only seen the 340g peanut butter in store at $1.

    It seems to taste OK. It looks quite oily. Comes in a plastic jar. It doesn't look that good when instore, so perhaps people have been hesitant to purchase it for that reason. (by not looking good, it doesnt seem to look nice in the jar like other brands do. Some seem to have air gaps inside, and some jars are slightly sucked in - i picked a sucked in one).

  • +6

    I saw this and didn't buy it. Made with palm oil

  • Great now I want Toobs

    • This week.

    • These BBQ Tubes taste nothing like Toobs… not even close… no tang!

    • I was addicted to those 20 years ago (or maybe even before that)

  • +1

    Spent like 45 mins browsing, added 50+ items in the cart, signed up to doordash only to be informed that my address is "outside the delivery region of the restaurant" at the checkout. 🙄🙄

  • +1

    I had a few problems ordering including them telling me I was outside the area and then trying to charge me delivery. In the end, I got on to chat, who couldn't sort it but gave me enough credit to cover what the promo should have given me so I could complete the order.

    Mind you, while I am waiting, I get the message that they cancelled the order!! Still arrived so no idea what happened.

    All very strange.

  • Saw this at our local. It was short dated (August 2021 expiry) so double check before you stock up.

    • Good observation. I just checked my jar and it is the same. Very hard to read the expiry date - it is black print on the top of the dark blue lid.

      I guess that means it is 12 - 18 months old?? (not sure what the normal expiry date on peanut butter would be).

  • Is doordash a legit site to order off? I just read some reviews and nearly all of them are saying they are scammers etc. Or is that just the American doordash reviews? Thanks.

  • How do we advise OxB when something's expired?

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