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[Kogan First] Kogan 8kg Series 8 Heat Pump Dryer $599 + $64.99 Delivery @ Kogan


Seems like a decent deal if you were interested in the Aldi heat pump.

Seems to be the identical model as the one in Aldi, same price (+ delivery) and don't have to deal with the Aldi masses.

Free 14 day trial for Kogan First to get this price. Make sure to cancel if you sign up.

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    I'd take waiting at Aldi over Kogan…. any day of the week…


      Why is Kogan so bad? Is it ethical reasons or are they just shit service?

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        Even the toothless ACCC went after them.

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        I did see they get a lot of complaints, on the NSW Gov complaints register looks like they get 10 to 20 complaints most months, with the majority coming from Retail - Electrical, Electronic, Whitegoods and Gas Appliance and the main issue being Quality of Goods over what looks like 24 months?


        Interestingly I've never had any issues myself so, so far they seem fine to me. But the vibe I get is that if an issue does occur after purchase, is when things aren't great.

        Taken from: https://www.cas.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/pubreg/tabNew.html

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        For me it's the product itself! here's a few recent purchases:

        • Smart Things E27 bulbs: Had no cool white feature (just turned on all LED's to make a white substitute) which made them very dim in the room, their warm white was excellent though. If you set the bulb to a color and turn it off/on it'd always come on as the color which got frustrating if you forgot your phone and are out of earshot of google. Replaced with Philips hue and never looked back.

        • Samsung super fast charger x 3: this one is interesting. They didn't come in a box, but the product looked identical to a genuine samsung. no matter how many cables I tried, my phone would say 'super fast charging' but the battery would deplete even if only being used for basic things, any battery monitoring app would give and error when using these chargers and yes it was the same for all 3. Spent the same money at TGG, it came in a box and works flawlessly.

        • Kogan smart plugs: I bought a 4 pack of these and they all randomly turn off for a few seconds and then back on again.. I have no idea why as there's no wifi dropouts or anything. It's not an issue on a device that doesn't really do much, but for a PC or TV, it can prevent things from starting back up again as they were and is very frustrating.

        • Kogan Smart watches: bought these for the kids, they would come home from a quiet day at school ( no sport, all classroom lessons) with upwards of 20k steps, the display was shocking, the features were incredibly basic and the app was pure garbage, constantly had to re-sync it. They ended up wearing no watch at all because it was that much better.

        Some good things though:

        • Shangri-La bed x 2 - these are great, under bed storage (gas lift) is a real godsend in a small house and the beds are of decent quality also. The slats are still in the same bowed upward shape after 2 years which is a surprise and nice change from older beds we've tried

        • Stainless knife set: had these for 4 years before moving up to global, gave them to a friend who has used them for the last 3 years and they're still going strong. the steel is a little soft so regular honing is essential, but overall very impressed with these

        • Elliptical machine: despite being a little noisy (nothing wrapping the 'female' pole in tape can't fix) it has been flawless for many years - sure it doesn't see regular use but for the price it's been pretty good!


      Agree, I grabbed one of the Aldi ones this morning. There was only 2 in white at my store, so posting this for anyone who missed out.

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      I'd second that. If you've ever had to return anything to these guys I don't think you'd be keen to buy from them a 2nd time. Especially for large items TVs, appliances ECT & please have a look at reviews.
      Not worth the risk for a small discount imho


    Great, this is where my $5 kogan gift card becomes useful.

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    Aldi = 3 years warranty, Kogan = 2 years warranty


    I haven't used a dryer for years as it used to blow out my electricity bill majorly but from what I've read I'm tempted to buy one of these heat pump models for those times the weather is crap or you need something dried overnight. Can anyone tell me what the energy usage is like? For example a queen/kind size sheet set? Thanks Guys


      Heat pumps use bugger all.


        Agree, we switched form the old vented dryer (2000w when running for a good 2 hours) to a heat pump, they work like an airconditioner in they have a compressor to heat the air / remove moisture. It gets a little frustrating to find the container filled with water and stopped drying half way through but they're so efficient! I find mine draws around 400-600w depending on the setting when running and does so for the same 2 or so hours.. basically 25-35% of the energy usage of the old one. Plus we went from a 4kg vented to 9kg heat pump so double the capacity and maximised the savings.

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    Had to line up for 2hrs from 6am and then still run and grab a Aldi heat pump version, as there was 40+ people by 8:30am, this morning and not surprisingly was pretty f$&ked up.
    Now is that worth the 65 dollars saving on delivery and extra year warranty… mmmm maybe?
    Also bought the match washing machine so was worth the trip I think.


      There was 8 at our local this morning - still 4 there when I left at 9 and grabbed ours just after opening.


    Cheaper on ebay, espcially if you have ebay plus, which gives you a further 5% off.


    This or Bosch?

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      If you can afford it, then go Bosch…

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    " and don't have to deal with the Aldi masses."

    But you'd rather deal with Krooked Kogan ???????


    expected usage life of 2 months apparently https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/630420

    i suggest you buy from someone reputable

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    Kogan in the title is enough to neg the deal.

    The last unfortunate times I bought something that was a pre-order from Kogan, they always were delayed and new ETA emailed. Never again.

    Get it from Aldi instead.


    Kogan one is "SOLD OUT" when I put my Perth metro post code in