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10000 Rewards Points (Worth $50) with New Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy @ Woolworths Insurance


Must Use Code. I chose the drive less pay less option and have a low value car, am only paying $22 a month. Much cheaper annually. Also get 10% once a month off groceries.

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    isn't 10K points = $50 ($10 per 2000)?

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      really? OH no, I have the option of a $100 gift card too, better check now

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      $100 gift card is better.

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    That's nice for those able to obtain cheaper premium..I did a quote for my wife's koleos and it was the most expensive quote at a whopping $600+ more than others. There was an option to price match competitors but it gave me a result that they are not able to, and asked me if I wanted to continue…..


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    I still found Bingle to be a lot cheaper.

    I tried to price match Bingle with them and they also said they could not. Can't remember the reason, but it was dumb.

    • Bingle customer service is bit funny.
      You cant ring them.
      You cant call them or email them.
      Last time I was charged $55 for change in address within same state

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      From what I know, Bingle claims are always treated as at fault with excess payable. No option to claim not at fault and get insurer to chase the at fault party.

      • Lol so not true. I am with Bingle and have made a not at fault claim (worth > 11k after being t-boned by an uninsured pensioner). My upfront excess was refunded.

        • How did that work? They took excess from you?

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            @bigbadboogieman: Yeah you have to pay excess up front even if it's a not at fault claim (this is of course if you are the one making the claim, which I had to cos the other party didn't have any insurance). Bingle determines if you are indeed not at fault, and if they agree then they refund you the excess that was paid.

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    What's the value of the car for the premium to be 22$ a month? That's pretty decent! you'd make your money back with just the 10% on Woolies shopping a month possibly.

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      its only an old Toyota Corolla, 1000 excess, 1540 value, Insurance mainly to protect others. Car only cost me 2500 nearly 3 years ago

      • Just in case it helps anyone out there with comparison/indication of deal we are on in case you have a comparable-ish vehicle.

        Been with Woolworths Insurance since I picked up car new at dealer.
        $56.17 per month
        Covered for Third Party to $20M, Property Damage, Fire, Theft and Malicious damage, Collision, Natural Events
        And includes Excess Free Windscreen Cover
        Basic excess is $500. We are 2 fully licensed long term drivers with zero adverse incidents historically.

        Oh yeah and the 10% off groceries each month is amazing. Especially as we seem to get a 10% of home delivery and 10% off store bought groceries each month, seems to double up for some reason.

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          Yea ouch that's far more than I pay with Youi for my 2014 mazda 3 sp25 astina. $458 per year with $900 excess. I can get woolies for $398 with 7000km/year.

          • @onlinepred: To be fair think it's a little cheaper if I pay yearly. My car is 5 years younger than yours. More kms and also a mere $500 excess. I also add possibility of a free Windscreen each year and the rental car option. Very happy.

            • @seamonkey: I've had the car for nearly 6 years, and never paid over $500 per year for insurance for it. Maybe because you do more KM's, which you can't really help I guess.

              • @onlinepred: yeah that's roughly what I aim for. Threw a few extras in with this as that $500 excess is too attractive for us (piece of mind).
                No regrets. We are deep in the Woolworths ecosystem. Home delivery, multiple phones, car insurance.

                • @seamonkey: Convenience can trump value!

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                    @onlinepred: haha. Just realised it's you. We need to catch up one day man. You and I are everywhere :) Hope everything is ok with you and yours. Probably more likely you are locked down than not. Like us. Guess half of us are. Take care.

        • how do i use the 10% online?

    • I agree it's pretty good value, especially for comprehensive insurance.

      I have 3rd party property insurance only from Woolies and that's costing me $221 paid yearly ($18.40/month). It's a 23 year old Camry basically only worth it's rego, tyres and the fuel in its tank but you really do need 3rd party property as a minimum.

  • Try Bingle before jumping on Woolworth's insurance and it's rewards. The premium may be cheaper with Bingle

    • You also need to factor in 10% off your Groceries bill once a month. On an average $100 - $150 a month, thats an extra saing of $120 - $180 a year.

      In general, Woolworths car/home insurance for us was amongst the cheapest without the 10% perk.

      • Yep seems good if you shop at woolies. Although road side assist is free with some other providers, but cost $88 here.

      • No good if you live in Tasmania though - according to the Ts & Cs, we're excluded from the 10% off groceries offer, which make WW insurance much less appealing. Woolworths have a bigger presence here in Tasmania than Coles, and store locations are much more convenient for us so I do almost all my shopping at Woolworths. The quote I got for my car was cheaper than my current insurer, so probably would have gone with it if we could get the 10% off.

        • That's strange, did they give you a reason why TAS was excluded? Doesn't really make sense on the surface of it.

          • @TilacVIP: No, makes no sense at all, they just point you to the Ts & Cs which state the offer excludes Tasmania. Not the decision of the customer service staff though, so no point in giving them a hard time about it.

      • nvm answered below

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    Okay, at the end of ,my transaction they gave me the option of a $100 gift card so I have redone the whole transaction, and got a new policy number. Tomorrow I will cancel the first one.

    • How exactly to get the $100 gift card? Would prefer this to the $50 worth of points…

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        someone has a code here, search woolworths car insurance. In my case, after I had done the insurance a thanks page came up. giving gift card options, eg 125 for home and contents, 100 for car. I redid the whole thing clicking on link, and have 14days to cancel, so I will cancel the first one.

        • Make sure you follow up the Gift Certificate. They never sent mine and I had to follow up on the chat. Then they only sent me a $50 one so I had to follow up on the chat again. I've heard from the last time this was posted that this is quite common.

  • Just a quick question, how does the 10% off groceries work if you are already on the Woolworths Mobile plan that has the same?

    • You don't get multiple 10% off groceries - you would need to link it to a different EDR card.

      • Can you have multiple EDR cards on the same name?

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          based on my experience, the name on the EDR card and the policy can be different.

  • FFS. Just tried getting quotes both Woolies and Bingle and neither insure my car :(

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      Try Shannon's

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      Time to upgrade that robin reliant.

    • Is it the driver, the car or the location that's causing a problem for them not to insure you?

      • The car (C63S AMG).. I hadn't even answered any driving history questions yet.

        I'll stick with my current RAA insurance which is pretty good deal. Was just curious to see if it could beaten.

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    I signed up to Woolworths car insurance on Monday using REW20K.

    Was from an expired deal, though seem to work, and gives 20k points.

    Worth a try, as the 20k points show up on the final quote page.

    • Thanks, This worked for me. Hopefully they credit the points.

  • Well - I get this message

    We'd like to thank you for requesting a quote with Woolworths Insurance. Please call us on 1300 482 451 as we require a bit more information.

  • I’d like to highly recommend Allianz insurance. Good quotes in past. Paying about $550 this year. Had one claim at fault by leaving the door open reversing from garage. Choose my own repairer. 2nd time other driver at fault. Fixed nicely, quick service, no complaints. I worry about other cheaper providers. So even though it’s $50-100 gift cards being offered, is it worth it? Good if they provide a similar service :)

    • I was with allianz and they undervalued my van when a drunk driver smashed into it, I had their rego number. their market value was way off

      • actually now i think about it in that regard, yes i do remember they seem to undervalue the market value a bit. I usually always go agreed value except when the car gets too old and its based on market value so i guess thats their big down side. HOwmuch was the difference in your opinion? thanks

        • quite a bit. The van cost me 6000 and was worth every cent. Toyota Hiace one tonne van. But it was years ago and I cant remember the price they gave. Was much less. There was no way I could get another van. at the time

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    Woolworths Comprehensive is almost 3x what Allianz is for me. 0 claims since i've had my licence. I dont know how other people even sign up with them.

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      I just got quoted $3k per year for comprehensive on my 2013 Mazda 6.

      Had one not at fault claim earlier this year, due to a carpark incident. If I don't include that, it's 2.3k.

      Not only are both insanely ridiculous prices, but they're also charging $700 per year for 1 minor not at fault claim.

      • how does it go up when its not at fault? mine actually went down…

        • Same way they haven't increased "market value" on their end, despite the used car market appreciating since covid. Insurance companies get away with whatever they want.

          My current insurer raised my premium too when I renewed, and when I questioned it they told me it was because of the claim, even though I still have the highest no claim rating and the claim didn't impact it.

  • Insured my old Magna with them last year $320 comprehensive. $100 gift card and 10% off one shop per month it has almost paid for itself. We do one major shop (around $200) at Woolies per month

    • how long until the gift card? I forgot to look it up and page is gone

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        Less than a month from what I recall

  • I saved the url of the thanks page and it says it has timed out

    • CARX03

  • AAMI has been cheaper for me than WW. Especially with the AAMI 50% off deal which expired 30 June 2021, unfortunately. This deal was on for almost a year I believe.

  • Pity they're $200 more than my current one.

  • Tempting with the 10% off groceries - are the claims as bad as the online reviews say?

  • With insurance, you get what you pay for, the big test is when you have to make a claim.

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    CARX03 - $100 Gift card
    JUL2021 - 10% discount (only works for some)
    REW20K - 20,000 points (only works for some)

  • Is there a way I can check how many kms I drive pa online, via the RMS or someone? Would love to know the annual mileage on my car.

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      No lol

      Just divide the current reading by the number of years you've had the car (if you bought it new). Otherwise if it's secondhand, subtract the current reading and the kms when you bought it (surely you'd know that) and divide by the number of years. Or check the service logs if you've done any logbook servicing.

      • Cheers buddy. Yea, that's an approximation. I just wanted to know if RMS had a record, say, when I went to do my pink slip. So big brother ISN'T watching this one?

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          You can always add more km at a cost during the policy. I added 3,000 more KMs with one or two months left and it was an extra $20 iirc

          • @TEER3X: Are they checking your kms by requesting picture of odometer etc?

        • Big brother is watching… but in this regards there's no way to retrieve it online.

  • I chose 38kn a week beause I dont go that far. Probably could have gone with 19

  • My missus signed up for the first time with Woolies yesterday. Only saw this post just now :(
    What do you guys suggest she do regarding contacting Woolies and asking for the points (or giftcard) deal??

    • you can cancel the policy withn 14 days I saw somewhere, and start again. I messed up by signing up for the points when I could have had the giftvard, so am planning to cancel the first. Both if necessary

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    REW20K - 20,000 points (only works for some)
    I used this 2 weeks ago for the new comprehensive car insurance + limit km + higher agreed price comparing to Progressive, much cheaper.
    though I haven't seen the 20K point yet in my card.

  • Getting ~$2302 per year on a VW golf valued at $10,600. $500 excess and 15,000kms a year. $22 a month is about what t I'm paying for just third part property with Huddle!

  • Signed up for 3rd Party (not comprehensive) using REW20K - 20,000 points

    450AUD - 100AUD gift card = 350AUD for 1 year and two drivers (incl. my wife on P's).

    Much better compared to 1200from NRMA

  • Their quote was more than 2 times more expensive than AAMI. Ridiculous.

  • If you buy a policy staring a future date, when will your credit card be charged? The time you buy it or a date your policy starts?

    • when policy starts in future

  • Be careful guys - Just realised this policy keeps your credit card details on file and auto renews annually!!!

    Can't believe it, usually when I get the renewal I shop around for the best price, with Woolworths insurance it would auto renew and it I got insurance from another company I could end up paying twice !!