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Microsoft 365 Family 6 PC or Mac 1 Year Subscription (Email License) $97 (RRP $129) @ SaveOnIT


This deal from SaveOnIT is back again.

Microsoft 365 Family 6 Users 1Yr digital license by email with no shipping cost. Latest version suitable for new subscription or renewal.

This includes 1TB of OneDrive Storage space per user (6TB total)

Surcharge if paying by credit card. None if paying by PayID/Bank Deposit

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    Anywhere i can get permanent copy kinda cheap ?

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      You can get Office 2019 from different key websites for $45-70, single use though.

      • Yes, I use King Steuart's technique of buying an outright copy of an older version. It doesn't differ a lot to the latest version. It is much cheaper in the long run, and I get all the functionality I need. I've bought mine from reputable seller's on eBay (e.g. nana_kuva) where you get the physical disc and key on a card insert. Unfortunately I can't see any on sale at that store, but they have a great reputation. I found that some of the significantly cheaper digital keys (saveonit.com.au looks OK though) were just people illegally selling licenses. I want to do the right thing and ensure Microsoft gets some money so they can continue making Windows and Office that work well for me.

        Getting slightly sidetracked - Linux is great, but I have wasted a lot of time finding workarounds (or never finding workarounds) for some software bugs. Eventually I found that the combined time + cost for my personal work and life was lowest with Microsoft's products. I have friends who are comfortable with the extra time spent on Linux, so its whatever works for you, of course.

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      A permanent copy of 6x 1TB OneDrive, how would that work?

      • I don't think its possible to get a permanent copy of 1tb Onedrive.

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          They come up every now and then..


          ..bit like 365 vs 2019 it’s missing some of the functionality but works well ;)

        • I bough one drive from WD with 1TB. I wanted 2 but there only had one.

  • Thanks for reminding me! I've been meaning to extend my subscription.

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    Price beat at officeworks

    • Yep i did that last time i got it - OW did price match them too

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      Bought directly from SaveonIT just to support them. Because of them we have great deals like this.

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        True. Great work saving the local small business

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        Same here. Been using SaveOnIT for years. Safe and reliable. Happy to buy the family 6 user with 1TB of cloud space.

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    Check and see if you are eligible for Home User Program through your employment, I pay $90.30 annually for 6 PC subscription. Good price if you don't have access to HUP though

  • Do people who get office apps from work buy separately for personal use as well?

    I have work access to office apps but i use office on web for personal use on my pc. I am considering getting the subscription but also think it might be unnecessary expense.

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      Do people who get office apps from work buy separately for personal use as well?

      I do.

      I pay separately for M365 mostly for the 1TB OneDrive storage for photos etc. The benefit is I can share the subscription with family members who get their own 1TB of OneDrive and Office as well.

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      yep I do.

      Not a fan of my organisation having "access" to my device.

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      Use the link in above deal to get family subscription for $90.30. You have to provide your work email but that’s just for one time verification and to ensure if your organisation supports home user program.

      • If I use the Microsoft Home Use Program, will the subscription start from today's date or will it start from when my current subscription ends which is November this year?

        • Previous comments on this have said it stacks, and people have been able to buy multiple years worth. Cant speak for this specific one though

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      I think you're confusing Microsoft 365 and Windows 365.

      Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) - Office, OneDrive subscription
      Windows 365 - Cloud PC service

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        Indeed I am; thank you.

  • Worthy noting that this includes 1TB of one drive storage PER USER! Was a great deal for $29 with windows 10 update :)

  • Can I buy this today and activate it at a later date?

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      Yep. You can also stack (extend) a current subscription as well

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        can you buy a few and stack them eg 3 of them and get 3 years ?

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          Yes upto 5 years.

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    Still have space for one more in the family group
    here if anyone wants to join. Will update pricing to reflex this deal.

  • wow this plan come with outlook, can I use this family plan on business and claim gst and expense?

    • We do. Just because it says 'Family', doesn't mean you're not using it for business purposes.

  • can i also add my business domain as the email address on family plan?

  • skype call to mobile and landline 60mins/month, is it per user per 60 mins per month?

    • Yeah, 60mins per user per month

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    Just a heads up - these can be stacked - ie you can buy 3 x 1yr subscriptions, and redeem them all for 3yrs total.

    In addition, if you stop any existing sharing you're currently doing, and redeem a "personal" edition for $69, then add a family edition, you'll instantly be upgraded to family…. for instance, i just got 2 x 1yr personal's (so my expiry was out to 2023) then i added an additional family for $97, so now i have full family until 2024. (69+69+97 vs 97+97+97).

    Lastly, you can't stack beyond some date in 2025 apparently…. that's why i only did 3 years.

    Edit: fixed *some grammar

    • The 3 year thing is consistent with Microsoft. The same occurs when trying to extend Xbox Live Gold. 3 years max.

    • What happens if you try to extend past that date.does it still stop on that date

    • Oh sending much luv your way thanks!

    • What a hack mate..! Thanks for sharing. Because of recent Google photos free tire removal, I am searching for a good photo backup service. I did finalize one drive because of the office suite. Now it turned to be a ~ $1/month/user. Sweet.

      • Google remove tire for free now?

        • Sorry, I mean free unlimited photo storage from July 1.

  • Thanks OP.

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    My current family subscription ends next year, can I preemptively get this?

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      Yes. As per Unclefugger’s comment above.

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    Thanks OP, I needed another top up on my Microsoft account.

    Now if someone could teach me how to get cheap Google Storage that would be great. My 2TB over there is nearly full :(

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    What a scam it is to be forced to subscribe to commodity software. Still running office 2010 perfectly fine on Win 10.

    • +5

      Office 97 is where it's at. Totally destroyed Works 95.

      • Pfft, Lotus notes please

    • +7

      You got ripped off with Office 2010. I saved a load of money just by getting old newspapers and cutting out the letters I need, then gluing them to a blank sheet of paper.

      • What ! You try to blackmail Micro$oft ? LoL

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    In my experience, $97 has been the normal price with SaveOnIt, so not really a deal. Sorry OP!

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      Yeah i bought it last week at that price from them.

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    If you don’t mind office 2019. None of that subscription stuff. Bought last week and works.


    • +3

      Also if you don't mind being effectively unlicensed….

      This is a not a legit way to buy Office, it will be a volume license key not meant for this use.

      It may work forever, it may work until Microsoft find out and blacklists the key.

      Not advocating for or against just saying it's not comparable to this deal which is legit.

      My company could sell it for this price also but kinda pointless as there is no money in it for us.

  • I grabbed the Business Standard from them, much cheaper than from MS, Thanks OP.

  • Thanks, mine was about to expire

  • +3

    Don’t forget to disable recurring billing

    Upon renewal using this key you’ll get a free month extra for enabling recurring

    Then disable it immediately so you don’t forget

    Then rinse and repeat for your free month every renewal

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    One nice little benefit that I didn’t realise was included is Outlook.com Premium with support for custom domains. Definitely an underrated feature.

    I’m in the process of migrating from VentraIP hosted email to Outlook with my family mailboxes. The hosted mailboxes altogether cost me more than a family Microsoft 365 sub.

  • Waiting for office 360 to be included in gamepass

  • So when it says 6 users. Does that mean I'm only using 1 licence when I install it on both my surface laptop and my main pc? or is that using 2 of the 6?

    • +1

      It would be 1 licence per Microsoft account, not device. As long as all your devices are signed in with that 1 Microsoft account, that is just 1 account of the 6.

      • perfect, thank you!

  • You need 1 email address per account?

    Trying to work out how i can harness 6 x 1GB of cloud storage for myself without having to use 6 email address so I can backup my terabytes of photos that I cannot be bothered to cull.

    • +2

      You can add extra accounts to OneDrive but I'm not sure of how many (usually this is to have 1x personal OneDrive and 1x Business OneDrive account).

      I haven't used it, but I have read about MultCloud to have a single place for many cloud accounts (i.e. OneDrive, GDrive, Dropbox all in the one spot) so this could possibly let you add all 6x OneDrive accounts.

      The workaround is to use MultCloud. MultCloud is a FREE web-based multiple cloud storage manager that allows you to link all your personal OneDrive and business OneDrive accounts altogether from one platform without switching cloud accounts.

      MultCloud supports more than 30 mainstream clouds including Google Drive, G Suite, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, Google Photos, Flickr, etc., at present.

      • +1

        Thanks for the MultCloud heads-up. Looks similar to CloudHQ that I've been using. Still neither of them provides a way to combine the 6 x 1TB OneDrive accounts into a single 6TB repository which would be ideal.

    • Yeah you need a separate email address per account and you get 6 x 1TB OneDrive accounts. There's no workaround I 've been able to find to use it as 1 x 6TB. If you find one please let me know.

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        Trawled through ozb for some cheap cloud storage and came across a thread/ comment mentioning software called stablebit. It seems to pool storage from different accounts/ cloud providers into one large virtual drive. If @badmedicine is still lurking around here, maybe they can give more info.

        *sorry. Dont know how to tag users

        • Thanks for the info, looks interesting. It does sync multiple cloud drives into one repository being their CloudDrive. I don't think it meets my needs though as Microsoft would still view the accounts as separate. So e.g. while logged on to your primary OneDrive account, once that account is full MS wont let you sync any more data. I suppose you could move the data to one of the other accounts, but then you wouldn't be able to access that data from your primary account. You could access it with your Stablebit account but it seems they don't have mobile apps and you're also limited to one machine.

  • If you want it, for example, but others in the "family" are not ready or not decided, can they subscribe/download or whatever and install later?

    • +1

      Yep. You can invite people at any time, and once the invitation has been accepted, they can install/download whenever they want as well.

  • Anybody actually buy a key and successfully activate?

    I bought a product key. I've tried activating online -> doesn't seem to recognize the code :(


    Get the following error.
    Error code: TOKEN_NOT_FOUND
    Correlation ID: 5cd8c063-fc64-4cdc-9d58-cf9900be4c7d

    I guess I'm $100 out of pocket :(

    • Doubt you will be out of pocket.

      Just suggestions:
      Triple-Triple check the key you enter.
      Try a different Browser.
      You can call Microsoft activations.
      Last resort, let SaveOnIT know and they will assist.

      ALSO: Try https://setup.office.com/

    • Turns out they had one digit/letter wrong in the email. Not sure how that could happen - but it's all working now.

      • It's called a "Typo", perhaps they had to copy the code from a Card or the likes for the purpose of emailing you :-) Good to hear that it's all sorted.

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