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Asus TUF Gaming A15 15.6" 1080p 144Hz Ryzen 7 5800H, 16GB RAM, RTX 3060, 512GB SSD Gaming Laptop $1750 Del @ Shopping Ex

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    Did they address the airflow/thermal issues with this revision?

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      Technically they made a token effort, but they 'fixed' it by gimping the GPU.

      It's still decent value, but don't compare it with any other 5800H/3060 laptops on the market, because this one is cheaper for a reason.

      • The 3060 is the same or more TDP than the 1660ti and 2060 in it before (at 80w), no?

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    TUF's RTX 3060 is 90W TGP. Legion 5 one is 130W


    • yeah and the tuf is also $120 cheaper than the historical low for the legion 5 so :/

      1.75k is the cheapest ive personally seen around for a 8c16t 5800h machine, sure there are cheaper 3060 machines with similiar wattage, but they come with 4core or 6core chips like 10300/400/500h. If ones not so keen on gaming and want a decent performance beast with more focus on the cpu side. this is still a nice bargain.

    • In most of the games, the difference between the 95W on the TUF to the 130W on the Legion isnt even 10%, some of them are like 1 or 2 FPS. I wouldnt pay $2,339.10 (excluding possible discount) for the Legion 5 compared this one to get 5 more FPS.

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        There’s a bunch more things to consider including build quality, screen quality etc etc. Its not just about FPS.

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        Lenovo has better warranty coverage, lenovo has many enterprise computer running all over. so the resources they use to cover enterprise computer you get the benefits of it.

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          Is it just me or is all the recent positive Lenovo feedback suspicious, Don't have to go very far to find suggestions the CCP insist on hardware back doors in their hardware. Any thoughts?

          • @Gusper: I have a Lenovo tablet, I just don't do any banking, online shopping, or anything serious on it. Files it can access are generally media files.

            $200 savings probably worth the risk of a software error where it contacts servers in china?

    • oh nice link, is there one for the 3070?

  • Would any of you know if Asus have good warranty / customer support / returns etc ? or am i better of going with Lenovo ?

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      Can't speak for Asus, but despite living in regional Vic I've had Lenovo support out to my house to fix a hardware issue. Pretty impressed with that, as I wasn't expecting the 'at home' warranty repair service to cover somewhere 3.5 hours from Melbourne (and at least an hour away from the nearest place that would have an authorised repairer).

    • I reckon you are gonna get mixed answers from different people, if good customer service is what you want, better go with dell/alienware laptops

      • Unfortunately I had the opposite experience with Dell customer service so I can't say they provide anything better.

  • Personally I'd take that Zephyrus S15 over the gimped TUF, but that's not much of deal right now, more like "small discount". I wonder if it'll drop more?

  • this or Legion 5 Pro 5800/3070?, how's the screen on this compare?

  • The last week Legion5 RTX3060 sell at $18xx was much more attractive

  • How long will this take to arrive, does anyone know?

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