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Baseus Portable Digital Display Battery Powered Pump 45W - $52.19 / ($51.03 eBay Plus) Delivered @ baseus_official_au Store eBay


I have one of these and it's been surprisingly useful. I've used it for all our bikes and balls as well as pumping up inflatable boats and mattresses when camping. Battery lasts a good while before needing a recharge.

The price before the eBay discount is the lowest I've seen it. The eBay code just sweetens the deal.

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  • Car?

    • Seems so

      • I've got one of these, works for a car - just be prepared to wait as it takes a while.

        • +1

          Yep, dead right. I used it on our Golf and definitely took a while. Thankfully you can just set the pressure and it'll stop when it's done, so you don't have to watch it.

          • @bigrizz: how long is a while? and how long would it be able to run for before needing recharge?

            • @kirbycake: Depends on how flat your tyre is. It took prob a couple of minutes to add about 8psi to a tyre.

              Not sure on how long it'd be before needing a recharge. I had no problems inflating all 4 car tyres. Probably only used 20% of the battery. Inflating other stuff uses next to no battery.

  • I wonder how this compares to the popular Xiaomi one that's been on here a bit. The design doesn't seem as intuitive.

  • +1

    I tried to make a $50 offer. Wish me luck. :/

    • Let us know if you got it, I will try my luck too if you are successful.

      • no reply from them, mate. :(

        • Will it be making an offer of 56.82? so after 12% off it will be 50? Or were you thinking of getting 12% off on $50?

        • +4

          Hey, I have just bought from this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313353708772?ssPageName=STRK%3AM...

          You can use baseus20 to get further 20% off and end up much cheaper. Hope you see this message before midnight. So no need for negotiation.

  • I have a mobility scooter- shoprider. I need something like this for my tyres, any advice as to what I should buy would be apreciated,this model or something else.

  • Just wondering which one better Baseus or Xiaomi?

    • I was just comparing the two. Xiaomi has only one internal battery. This has two.

  • Those deciding between this and the Xiaomi: definitely go with Xiaomi. Don't expect warranty support from Baseus.

    • Lol don't expect warranty from Xiaomi.

  • +1

    Was tempted by the extra battery capacity in this v Xiaomi but too many fake reviews on Amazon.


    • So 445 fake reviews?

      • Too many ≠ all

        • I am curious, how to tell if reviews are fake.

          • @htc: Getting bored in lockdown are you champ! Me too.

  • up to 120PSI, is this true. my suv only put on 36PSI.

    • +1

      Many Bicycle Tyres inflate to 120. Pretty standard.

  • Thanks OP! Was waiting for a deal on the Xiaomi for a few weeks without success. Saw your post and have jumped on it.

    Lighter at 440gm vs 500gm and with twice the battery capacity of the unit I was looking at. Time will tell how well it performs. Cheers…