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$40 Referral Bonus for Referrer and Referee (3x $10 Purchase by Referee by 4/8 Required) @ Revolut


Seems like the offer is back! $10 more than last months offer!

$40 for both the referrer and referral.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll be credited $40 to your Revolut account for each referral that meets the criteria above, up to 5 sign-ups

What’s in it for my friend?

They’ll get $40 credited to their Revolut account once they meet the above criteria

What do my friends need to do?

  1. Sign up to a Revolut account using your unique referral link
  2. Verify their identity and pass our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
  3. Add money by connecting their bank account or debit card
  4. Order a physical Revolut card

Complete 3 purchase transactions with their new Revolut card (this can be through a virtual card while they wait for their physical one) of at least $ 10 each

All by 4th August 2021, 11:59 PM GMT

Note: Only those who received email invite with their unique referral link should update their referral link on OZ. Mods may need to delete all existing referrals in the database as link appears to be different for this offer.

Physical cards cost $9.99 to order.

Note: Some referral links do not qualify for this promotion. Eligible referrals will display "⚠️ Expiring Soon" on the landing page.

If you don't see this message, close the window and obtain another random referral link.

Mod Note: Referral System for Revolut has been flushed, please enter your new Referral Code.

Referral Links

Referral: random (229)

$60 for the referrer only ($100 targeted offer until Apr 19 2022). Referee gets $0. Each referrer can refer up to 5 sign-ups. Three minimum $10 purchases by referee required.

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        • LOL, Good hack!

        • I bought amazon gift card $1 from Amazon AU using the disposable cc but revolut charged that as $1 USD so they also converted that to AUD for $1.36, and now the transaction status is 'reverted', not sure what that means. This is too much work for $40 and they should rename themselves to "Convolut" lol

  • +1

    So can I claim $40 for a random Ozb generated referral, then sign up my partner for another $40 for me and $40 for her?

    • +1

      Provided your newly signed up account has the offer of referring and getting $40. Not all accounts get the targeted offer.

      • So u have to get an email from revolut to refer others to get the $40?

    • +1

      This won’t work, I tried it last time!

      • I wonder why it didn't work for you. Same IP / address maybe? Did you use separate phones to get the app or the same one?

        • +2

          No it’s because when you sign up you aren’t eligible to refer and get money. It take a while for that setting to ‘kick in’ you can still refer people but neither one of you gets money.

          • @cc23: Oh okay weird. I signed up last night and it says that I can refer for $40. Did that still show up on your account when you did it?

            • @TravellingSquid: Mine says the same and my link has the jul1agg thing on it

            • @TravellingSquid: yes i signed up, and on my app i can see that $40 offer referral details, with my unique link..
              but i didnt get email about it. is this enough to refer others and get $40 ?

              • @ChiMot: yes mine was like that so I tried it and my referral went through successfully.

  • Is the rewards instant? I clicked on a referral that said expiring soon and made 3x $10 purchases on gc from Shopback.

    • Have u ordered the physical card too? Yes, it's normally instant after all conditions fulfilled.

      • is there a fee with the physical card?

        • Free but you have to pay a delivery fee

      • Thanks for that. Just ordered the physical card and got paid instantly :)

    • what's gc?

      • +1

        gift cards

  • +1

    So far I've:
    - used an Expiring Soon link via ozbargain
    - verified email, passed KYC
    - added $40 to my account
    - paid the shipping for a physical card

    Now do I just use the virtual credit card to buy amazon gift cards and my reward will appear?

    • Yes, was instant for me last time after 3 purchases

  • do i need to wait for the sms to download the app?

    how would it track the referral if i download the app from the store and continue?

    • Putting your phone number in on the referral page links your number to the code used. So it should be fine if you download via app store after that. Just make sure your correct number was entered (receiving a text from them will confirm this).

      • tried three different referrals (all had expiring soon notice) but no sms yet :(

        mobile number was correct. not sure if i should proceed to make an account.

        is the URL in the sms unique? or a standard google store link

        • Hmmm strange. Did you have the correct country code selected?

          • @TravellingSquid: yep AU +61

            • @kehuehue: Maybe they're getting too many sign ups and it broke the SMS thing. I guess worst case contact support if it doesn't work. Save your referral links used just in case they need that

        • I had the same issue. Try the referral via incognito mode in your browser and I got the SMS immediately (which will still be the standard link - somehow it links your number to the referral)

  • I added my phone number on a referral page without the "Expiring Soon" sign, because I didn't read carefully this post before trying. I didn't signup yet, as I came back here and read properly, I then went onto another referral page and put my phone number on that one and then proceeded to sign up.

    Will they pick up the last referral page I entered my phone number into before signing up?

    Is there a way to see I will get the bonus before I order the card? eg. like a bonus status page or similar.

  • +1

    Got that torturous thing of someone clicking my link but then not completing their sign up, noooooooo

    • eh :D i had to click three time to get the a sms come through (never did)

      sorry if i was one of them

  • After paying for the physical card and making 1x30 dollars purchase I got the 40 bucks and my refferer got his too


  • Seems Revolut may by default share data with credit reporting agencies.


    If users do not want their information shared with credit bureaus, however, the process is a little more complicated. Customers need to go to the chat button, also in the top-right of the dashboard tab, and then scroll down to the very bottom and click ‘new chat’.

    From there, users will have to write in saying that they do not want their data shared with credit bureaus. Upon doing so, users are instructed that the changes will be implemented within 24 hours, and that sending any further response will reverse the opt-out instruction.

    • +4

      Tried and got this

      It seems like you have contacted us to opt-out of sharing your personal data with credit bureaus, due to the recent update in our Privacy Policy.

      Credit information data only applies to UK customers right now, so you don't need to do anything. We won't share your data with any credit bureaus. The part in the updated privacy policy which mentions this does not apply to you.

  • Well that's good to hear then. Does anyone know if a credit check or search is conducted when signing up?

    Appears to be no credit checks on sign up, as per comment from oswade on 21/05/2021 - 23:31


  • 3x $10 purchases have to be done one by one right? so for example buying $10 amazon giftcard check out one by one not quantity 3x $10 ?

  • Strange but I bought 1 x $10 Amazon Gift card through Shopback but when I tried to buy again, it kept getting rejected. I then went back to the Revolut app to check my balance and I've already been credited with the $40 bonus and only one transaction went through so i only bought one Amazon card.

    • Same thing happen to me too but mine was through woolies gift card.

  • Is this a credit card? do they do a credit check - planing to buy a home and don't want another credit comes up in the credit file …

    • +1

      its like a bank account. no credit check.

  • I have someone as a completed signup showing in my app, but I never received any $.

    • hmm.. my first invitee.. revolut just says they didn't complete all the steps.. blah

  • Spent 3 x $10 on amazon gift card but didn't get credit for $40
    Used referral with Expiring soon

    • Order physical card

      • Yea didn't do that part:)

    • Did you use any of your existing cash-out credit for any of the $10 Amazon gift cards?

  • +1

    first i tried to use the physical card to buy $10 amazon gc - this is mistake as the card is not ready yet, got rejected/cancelled
    then i used the virtual, ordered 3x $10 in separate transactions - i thought after the first one the 2 &3 will get rejected as the number will change/disposable ? but no all 3 got through, so total attempting purchase 4 times.

    but yes i got the $40 reward after the first 3 according to the transaction page (1 fail 2 okay), so actually i can just stop after the 3rd time.
    and now sending out the balance back to my ING

    • I got the bonus after 2 fails and 1 success. So you might not even need to do a proper transaction.

      But the app is pretty good, I'll try it out a little before transferring out.

  • wew

    took me 4 hours to get this done. no getting around without spending 9.99$ for delivery for the card (in hindsight the premium would have been better)

    joined using link (didnt get sms)

    signed up > did verification

    make temp virtual card, placed 4 orders for amazon gift cards ($1, $10, $10, $10)

    only $1 and $10(declined went through)

    made permanent virtual card, bought 3x10$ coles gift cards

    didnt get referral reward, went to help, asked to make payment for non-virtual card (9.99 delivery fee)

    got referral reward instantly.

    • No, the premium was more expensive. $10.99/month with 12 months contract (not sure if u can break it). $9.99 is the minimum for the physical card, u pick the right choice

      • You can’t break it without paying a $20 fee or something. Learned that the hard way since it doesn’t really say much about a contract when signing up for premium

  • +4

    Big thanks to the 2 people who used my referral!

  • How do I know they are going to pay the $40? Is there any indicator anywhere?

    • It should say "Expiring soon" on the link. If you still need a valid one though (and to be sure it's going to work) then I can send one along if you want

  • Do either the physical or virtual card work for geo-locked sign ups like Hulu where they somehow know the credit cards origin country?

    • Just answered my own question. Doesn't work.

      Thanks whoever Billy is. Got my $40 instantly after $3x $10 Woolworths gift cards purchases.

  • I used my CBA and got charged $3 x 2 for the 2 deposit, they treat the money as cash advance.

    • I got charged $4 for the cash advance fee also using Latitude (28 degree).

    • Probably depends on card. It didnt on my CBA Ultimate Awards.

      • I am with CBAUA, you better check again, my friend also got the same charge

        • What name does it come up as in transaction statements?

          Definitely not added to my transactions, and definitely no separate charges or pending and its been 2 days. 3rd day lucky I guess.. lets see if it does.

          I only have ones from 2393 (via Revolut) Melbourne

          • @dsp26: ah sh*t. and so it does come up as cach advance 3 days later.

            And direct deposit with 1-2day lag (ANZ) kinda makes the whole process a deal breaker

  • I made 3 x $10 woolies giftcard transactions and done all the other requirements but still bonus. Is this because the transactions are pending?

    • Might have to contact support. Unfortunately there's a cap of 5 referral per user and with random referral here, it's hard to control as you can perfectly subscribed with good referral but when ur referrer hit 5 before u completed, their rewards payment stopped for both sides. Happened to my partner. The referee can still contact CS for manual credit but unfortunately u might need to know who referred you (or the link)

      • Lucky i screenshot the link that referred me. Waiting for support now

        • Keep the community in the loop or PM us.

  • -1

    They want name and number of the person who sent the invite to further process $40 bonus.. Whoever is my referrer 𝐣𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧𝟎𝐦𝐮𝐧!𝐣𝐮𝐥𝟏𝐚𝐠𝐠 (𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧) pm me please :/

    • Same, is Steven out there? Oh no…

  • I didn't get the bonus, so basically $9.95 down.
    I get it, it's because I used the random referral above.

    I'm still butt-hurt though so I'm going to close my account / add revolut to my personal blacklist.

    I really like these single-use credit card numbers though, any competitors with this feature?

    • I’ve used the disposable virtual credit cards on revolut before, they’re great for signing up for multiple accounts on something for trials/comps etc.

      In the past I’ve actually paid $5 for a virtual credit card with a $1 balance for trials. Never found anything close to Revolut

      Keep in mind though signing up for premium is a 12 month contract (or pay $20-30 to break it)

      • They’re great for signing up for multiple accounts on something for trials/comps etc.

        Yeah they seem great for free netflix, buying from dodgy sites which might get hacked later, etc.

        But sometimes I hold grudges, I'll wait for a competitor :)

    • why are you not getting the bonus?

      • +1

        maybe like many said, the link isnt valid ie doesnt have that expiry soon logo under the name of referrer

        • Nah, I'd read that and saw the :caution: expires soon :caution: thing

          It's most likely because I was late to the party and these links weren't meant to go on the random generator.

          • @idonotknowwhy: have you done all these?

            • Verify their identity and pass our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
            • Add money by connecting their bank account or debit card
            • Order a physical Revolut card
            • Complete 3 purchase transactions with their new Revolut card (this can be through a virtual card while they wait for their physical one) of at least $ 10 each
            • @PissLUR: Yep.
              Used an Expiring Soon ozbargain link after the mod reset everyone's links.
              Loaded up $40.
              paid $9.95 for their physical card.
              Bought 3 x $10 amazon vouchers using the virtual card.

          • @idonotknowwhy: As I raised above, there's another possibility that ur link already hit the cap of 5 after you subscribed (they allow the link to work until all 5 completed). It's a bit of a glitch. See my comment just above. If you remember the link though, u can contact Revolut CS for manual credit.

            • @hanofee: The problem with that is CS want referrer name and number to proceed.. Anyone getting the bonus without having that information when doing manual credit?

              • @dingdong3000: Someone PM’d me asking for name and number to get referral credit after asking support.

                I doubt they used my link originally as the ozbargain thing is random, but it did work for him and we both got the $40 bonus

                • @Narchos: Yes i got it in the end after someone Pm'd me too thanks to him :). It's not instant but said will be deposited within 10 days of campaign.

                • -1

                  @Narchos: good to know . anyone having issues just pm

            • @hanofee:

              As I raised above

              Yep, as I said, I was late to the party.
              I'm pretty experienced with cycling accounts / getting free shit, I didn't make any mistakes.

              If you remember the link though, u can contact Revolut CS for manual credit.

              I don't want to encourage anyone to dox themselves on here.
              I'm letting this cost sink.

          • @idonotknowwhy: Change your username to howcanthishappen

            • @Rosace: No way mate, my username fits me perfectly most of the time.
              See above where I didn't know why they were getting excited.

    • Just for prosperity's sake, it turns out that I did, in fact, get the bonus eventually.

  • Worked for me, thanks!

  • Requesting @Zura (ZS) to complete the steps as my referral spot is taken up but due to incomplete steps, i haven't got bonus.

  • Signed up with referral and done everything but not sure where I do the 'pass our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks' ?? Same as verifying identify i.e. drivers license?

  • +1

    hmm tried buying catch gift cards via my RACQ discount gift card portal but says Revolut visa virtual card is not supported :(

    • Weird, I used the virtual card to get some Woolies gift cards via NRMA and it worked.

  • -1

    ok done test $25 add fund via app, linked to citi premier card.
    money arrived instantly on revoult, on citi app it says pending "Revolut**1234* internet AU"
    if citi see as cash advance, when i will get/see the charges ?

    so far nothing there just that one pending of $25

  • Anyone know why some referral links don't get expiring soon message?

    • Cause they're either not targeted or already exceeded the cap of 5 for this period. Don't use that one. Only the one with Expiring Soon works

      • It was actually my own revolut referral link i got my parents to sign up for but looks like there is no expiring soon on my own referral link! DOH

        • It's targeted. Even for new signup, one of my friend got lucky with the $40 link right away, while other friend got none

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