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Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB Carrier Version (White) $999 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ Select Area) @ JB Hi-Fi


Pretty great deal. $999 for 256gb/12gb ram, exynos 990

  • Australian carrier variant only. Device is unlocked, and works on all Australian networks
  • 108MP Triple rear camera with Laser auto focus, 50x space zoom & 8K video recording capture
  • 6.9" Dynamic AMOLED 2X edge Display
  • The most precise and responsive S Pen yet

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  • Time to make price protection claim

    • Hi mate, i purchased this from samsung edu for $1076. Could you please comment how can i claim price protection from Anz credit card. Thanks

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        I used 28 degree card to purchase at original price $1999.

        • Do you claim on the same colour? I have the bronze :(

    • Gonna do the same but I'm worried about them rejecting it for it being a 'carrier' version even though that means nothing. Let me know how you go.

  • So it has 1 physical sim, 1 esim and 1 sd card slot, can someone vet this ?

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      Telstra (JB variant) don't support dual sim, unless that's changed which I highly doubt, then it'll be single sim.

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    The Note is awesome, have been using them since the original Galaxy Note, got a lot of shade for carrying around a portable TV in my pocket, mostly from iPhone users, was fun pointing out the size of their iPhone XL a few years later..back to what I was saying, great phones, true flagship (Ultra) with some of the best pen input and features on offer, I am not buying this as I'm hanging out for the Fold 3, otherwise is very tempting.

    • Fold 2 is no good?

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        It is great, but I was waiting for more durable screen, pen support and IP rating

        • Rumour has it slightly smaller screens on the Fold 3, only IP 67, and smaller battery (now powering a 120Hz on the front display too).

          I wanna go in on a Fold, but feel that the Notes remain the stronger flagship. I think it's smarter if I make a small upgrade to the Note20 Ultra and give the Fold another year or two…

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      990 is crap yes… 2100 is excellent this year.

      • yep. enjoying my s21 ultra. although gaming still isnt up to snapdragon standard but amd partnership should improve things next year

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    Don't forget that this Samsung phone comes with a charger plus has SD card slot!

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    Express delivery for free.

    • Express is showing as $5.99 for me

    • Who the f**k negged. It was free express during my check out, NSW.

      • Fixed that for you, take a +

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    But guys, it's $1000 for a phone released a year ago……

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      it's very expensive for an old phone

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        Was released in October last year, and no Note coming this year, price is right for Ultra, still flagship spec.

        • oops. I was waiting for Note 21 lol. Thought it could be released anytime soon this time of the year haha

    • It was $2,000 when it was released.

  • for $1,000 now days you can get much better than this

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      Some examples plz?

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        Tossing up between this and hanging out for a deal (guess it is 10% off tonight) on a Zenfone 8. Zenfone misses the S-Pen, but gets a headphone jack and SD888. Both have Victus glass and 120Hz.

        • No volte on ZenFone …. waste of time

      • If you want the pen then nothing. It's the utility with these devices.

    • I’m listening

  • Can someone please clear up if this Note variant supports two physical nano sim cards, or one sim and one micro sd?

    • one nanosim, one esim and one micro sd

      • thanks, is the micro sd slot also able to be used as a second nanosim? Which carriers support esim? Assume only postpaid?

  • This is a good price for this phone. Got my brother the note 10 plus 5g and also similar specs. I would recommend people get this for major upgrade, or if they want something similar, the refurbished note 10 plus 5g for $650 is excellent. It's 90% of the note 20 ultra. I actually spend so much time on my phone and use dex a lot the 1500 I dropped on it 1 yr ago has been zero regrets. Definitely worth it for me. If granny wants a phone for the occasional call it's not suited for that situation. This is master race leet level 9000 and still dabs all over crapple hardware. 12gb, 512gb dex, s-pen and that's also for the refurbished note 10 plus for 650 buckaroos.

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    Temped, still got iPhone XS tho….

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    What the….

    How long was this deal?

    Saw this post late last night after 12:30, going to let myself to sleep on it to decide between Snapdragon vs Exynos

    Already expired?

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      I suspect it was mispriced. As when I looked other carrier versions at the time were 1499, but only this white version was 999.

      • The Bronze was also on $999 when I was checking out…..

        • are you sure it was ultra 5g as I was looking for other colors but could only find white for 999 others were 1499.

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            @mannyTheMemmoth: Nope, it was the non-5G Bronze at $999

            Only white Ultra 5G at this price

          • @mannyTheMemmoth: i did see both (bronze and white) on $999 late last night

            doesn't matter as i can't show you with a screen shot

            i put my laptop to sleep…when i turn the back on i was annoyed the price gone to $13xx

            • @ac108: I can assure you it was not the case around 11PM. I checked all Note20 ultra 5G handsets and except this white handset there is no other for $999

            • @ac108: These were 4G variants.

    • Same :(

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      Expired at 7am and looked like it was part of the after hours sale JB were having. I found out the hard way too after I missed out on ordering one too, waiting for today.

  • I successfully ordered 1 last night around 10 pm.

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      Yeah me too - happy to have gotten in there quick.

  • 50x space zoom

    Bezos and Branson approve.

  • Specs says dual sim. Hope it's true for carrier version

  • Note 20 Ultra cannot do 120hz in WQHD+ resolution, S21 Ultra can.
    One review site says when placed flat on the desk, the phone wobbles during usage due to raised camera group at the back - prob easily addressed with a protective case.

  • anyone received shipping notification? hope they don't cancel stating price error

    • Mine was just marked as shipped by shopify

      • Got it today

    • Mine has just shipped too (to WA)

    • Mine is being shipped too (WA) ordered 10pm last night.

    • Just got email saying waiting for courier pickup.

  • Does anyone know if this phone comes with a basic protective case, similar to the Note 10+?

    • I'm wondering this too .. from what I've heard it has the factory screen protector, unsure about case though

      • Yep… You're right, basic screen protector on the screen.

      • Google says no protective case - although I couldn't find any AU results. But I expect no included case.

    • <strike>Nope… Nothing in the box except the phone and a USB-C to USB-C cable.</strike>

      My bad… thought this was an S21 Ultra… Please disregard.

      • Good thing about these notes is we get the decent charger, headphones and sd card slot

  • can anyone who received this confirm if it supports 2 sims ?

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      Looks to be 1 physical Sim and 1 esim. ..not 100% sure how to test this though as all I did was go in to Sim card manager and notice I could add an esim (on top of my existing Optus sim already showing)

      • Thanks Mate.

    • Missed this deal. Any idea if its coming back anytime soon as I am looking to buy Note 20 Ultra?

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    Just opened the box and turned it on. Appears to be Optus Carrier - only things I can see relating to Optus are preinstalled apps, MyOptus and AmazonShopping. Can't uninstall but can hide. Will flash with stock OS.

    • I was surprised too as I thought it was going to be Telstra branded, but mine let me uninstall the myoptus and Amazon pre installed apps in full

  • Missed this deal. Any idea if its coming back anytime soon as I am looking to buy Note 20 Ultra?

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