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Decor Cook Refillable Oil Sprayer $6 @ Woolworths / + Delivery ($0 Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


This deal is back at both Woolworths and Amazon.
Very popular based on previous deals I've seen posted for this product.

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    hard to find stock in woolies.. ordered with Amazon.. Thanks OP

    • Glad i could share! Had a hard time finding stock as well with previous posts

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    Will this work fine with mustard oil? As it a bit heavy

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      not sure, but you fingers could be stronger

    • Is it heavier than olive oil? Works well with evoo

      • I reckon mustard oil may be heavier than the olive oil .

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    This works amazing as a spray bottle for the hair as well. It's a similar design as those continuous spray mist bottles the barber uses. Gives about a 1-2 second stream of fine mist water.

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    Amazon has the 'bladder' version

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      I’ve ordered one anyway. From previous comments in the older post, it’s the newer version but they haven’t updated the description.

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        I've ordered them twice in different orders, both were always the newer non bladder version

  • Had 2 of these - threw them both out and went back to disposable ones.

    Too messy IMO…

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      Did it leak near the trigger by any chance? Had one made by a different brand and found it would always do that.

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      threw them both out and went back to disposable ones.

      Too messy IMO…


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      Yep agree, it dribbles a bit, but for me the biggest problem is that its not so much a mist as it is a stream, going quite fast. So ofc it splatters when it hits the pan or whatever, making a mess everywhere. Not sure what disposable ones you're talking about though. I've moved to squeezy bottles.

      • Just get spray oil

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          spray oil is not just oil though. They contain other stuff which ruin non-stick pans

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            @Aequitas: Why are you spraying a non stick pan ??

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              @SubNoize: 2 possible reasons. Most non-stick pans aren't that great after several uses + always good to have some oil to create additional heat xfer or charring or flavour.

          • @Aequitas: Yes apparently it does but the surfaces go bad anyway. Depends how much the pans cost whether it matters or not.

            Like i said cooking with a spash of water and stuff best.

          • @Aequitas: There are real ones, but obviously cost more. Worth it, IMO. But, this refillable one is a gamechanger

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          Then you don't get to pick the oil

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    Figured I'd give this a try to save some waste from the ones you chuck out when you're done. Thanks.

  • Legend, been after something like this for quite some time.

  • perfect thank you for sharing

    Intent to replace the disposable spray type for my cast iron

  • Had my current one for a couple of years but the spring in the trigger has crapped itself so have to manually push it back out. Nice to grab a new one for cheep cheep. Great device for cooking, baking, cooking, salads, all the stuff.

    Thanks OP.

  • Don't need one but purchased

  • it's a good bottle just keep it clean from first day of use then you will be fine, if you become lazy and don't clean it then oil will get sticky outside and it may block the spray too.

  • Thanks OP. Melted my last one. Always looking on the woolies shelf, but it's never in stock AND on sale.

  • Good for fake tanning?

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      Probably if you plan on tanning yourself in the oven with oil

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        Onlyfans here I come. 🤣

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    I have this and it leak near the trigger. The spray is uneven.

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    This bottle, the victorinox wavy knife and eneloops are the ozbargainer starter pack

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      starter pack survival kit

    • I haven't had a need to buy eneloops yet, what does everyone still need AAs for?

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    Mine shoots a stream rather than a mist.. since day 1 so not dirty or blocked nozzle. Have the older bladder version.

    • It simply needs to be a firm constant pull. Otherwise, yours was faulty & simply needs returning/replacing

      • omg I've been so frustrated that the two I bought when I first saw them on ozbargain promptly seized up and I've never been able to fix them. I can't believe I didn't think of returning them.

        No way I have receipts though. I wonder how that will go (woolies).

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    I, a random person on the internet, highly recommend this device for use when cooking. Get the one without a bladder, it's great.

    • How do I ensure I get one lacking the bladder?

      • Just don't buy ancient stock, which shouldn't be a problem at Amazon/Woolworths as they've had the updated version for quite a while now.

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      What's wrong with the bladder? I got one and it's fine.

      • I got 2 - I for vinegar, 1 for oil. Neither worked after a few uses, and no amount of soaking in hot water has fixed.

        I don't understand why most don't seem to have a problem, and those that have have easily unclogged.
        Is vinegar any more likely to clog than water!!??

        I'm really hoping the bladderless version is better, because a spray bottle for vinegar and oil are great ideas.

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    seems unadvisable to be spraying a mist of oil near an open flame

    • I've done that with an aerosol can while camping. Hopefully it won't happen with this one.

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      Not really as mist, more of a spray.

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    Sold out on Amazon

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    OOS on Amazon.

  • OOS on Amazon

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    Thanks. A good alternative to the spray can my wife buys.

  • I have sunflower oil in old bladder version. Works well. I have avocado oil in new version without bladder. First spray works, then not again. Haven’t tried swapping oils around to see if it would make a diff.

  • Partner bought it and says it works fine. Also recommends to clean the nozzle periodically no matter what type of oil you use in it for it to last longer.

    • how to clean nozzle? usually used 12 -20 months and have to replace a new.

      • She says she only had it for 7 months and cleans with vinegar and no soap water as there's a chance that soap water could reside. She cleans only after the oil mist comes out steady, like a jet.

        May be you're right its max lifespan could be up to 20 months.

        • I think quality control isn't there. I was using "cleaning fluid" (vinegar) in one and it didn't last any longer than the one with olive oil - I would say a few weeks.

  • I ordered the previous one from amazon and washed it out as per instructions - mist works great.
    I then poured my oil (i think canola) and straight away the oil comes out as a jet. Any ideas? Do I need to swap oil for this to work…?

    • spray a few more times… it will thin out and come out as a mist….
      try to lightly press the trigger..

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        I find that if you press lightly it doesn't come out evenly

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          Same, I find it mists better if I press it hard. Reverse of what you'd expect, but probably it's because the extra pressure makes it disperse better

    • Message Amazon sounds like you've got a faulty one

      • I actually did replace it. This is the replacement one and i tested it new out of the packaging and was working perfectly with the water and couple drops of detergent. Then after flushing that out and swapping it to oil, it immediately went to a jet spray.

  • Is the sprayer discounted in store as well?

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      I believe so. Different to the last deal which was online only

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      Don’t think so, with the last sale it scanned at $12, spoke to the lady at customer service desk and she said it’s the online price not store price

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        Instore. My scanned as $6

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      Had another look and it doesn't look like it's an 'online special' this time. I can't see the logo on it like some Airwick products which are online only

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    I was today’s year old when I found out about the air valve at the bottom. I thought the small bladder was by design.

  • Bought this on the previous sale, I do not recommend…barely works, shoots out a stream not mist!

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      User error

    • shoots out a stream not mist!

      Pure oil is too thick to mist alone. The commercial spray cans achieve this by diluting the oil with propellant and god knows what else!

    • just dab a bit of olive oil in the pan and wipe around with a paper towel perhaps?

    • It's actually between a stream and a mist for thicker oils which is to be expected. I use it for olive oil and it works fine - Obviously a thicker coating than a spray can. Much prefer a bit more oil vs god knows the junk in spray cans.
      PS: Clean the nozzle every now and again with an earbud or shove a paper towel inside as much as possible.

    • I'd gladly trade mine for ones that barely work

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    Thks OP bought the last one at Moorabbin VIC

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    Are these the same as the Koh ‘atomisers’?

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