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Cygnett 27,000mAh ChargeUp Edge USB-C Power Bank $100 (C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Stock around Brisbane, but none near me unfortunately and delivery not available to my postcode, so limtedish stock. 60W charging.
RRP $199.95
This has the same model number as the edge + at JB-HIFI so i'm assuming they're the same product.

I had to go with the new Xiamoi from Indiegogo, who knows when it will arrive.

Product Description from JB-HIFI

The ChargeUp Edge+ 27K delivers professional-grade power and connectivity with the capacity to keep all your devices powered with ease. This power bank boasts an incredible 72W (max) total output, unlocking the ability to power a wide range of USB-C laptops and fast charging for both tablets and smartphones. A class above, the Edge+ 27K is the next generation in our line of award-winning USB-C Pro PD power banks, with the versatility to charge four devices simultaneously, including one device via 10W Qi wireless charging.

All in one charging solution
The ChargeUp Edge+ 27K features 4 charging output options (72W max) giving you the capability to charge a wide range of devices, including USB-C charging laptops, tablets, smartphones, Bluetooth earphones, portable gaming devices and Bluetooth gaming controllers. This power bank even has the capacity to charge 4 of your devices at once.

Charge a laptop for up to 16 hours
Laptops give you the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want, but now you can maximise this freedom by pairing it with the ultimate portable power solution. The ChargeUp Edge 27K can charge a USB-C laptop anywhere, for up to 16 hours. Our 60W Power Delivery technology enables this power bank to generate four times the standard 15W for USB-C ports.

Fast wireless charging
Simply lay any device that supports Qi wireless charging on the power bank and it will immediately start to charge. No cables required, with our 10W wireless fast-charging technology, devices like your Air Pods or wireless charging smartphone will be restored in no time.

Integrated Cable
Always be prepared with the integrated USB-C to USB-C cable. The cable is securely stored in a specially designed cut out on the side of the power bank, allowing convenient access whenever you need it. The cable can be used to charge your USB-C device, or to recharge the power bank itself.

Key Features

60W USB-C Laptop charging

Power a laptop for up to 16 hours

Fast wireless charging (10W)

Charge 4 devices at once

Integrated USB-C to USB-C cable

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    Got this charger via points redemption previously and it is big

    Size roughly (WxLxH) 11x18x2cm


    Not as good as OP's deal, but it's cheaper than other B&M stores at Anaconda (of all places!?) https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/power-cooling/...



      Yeah 149 on ebay too


    Will officeworks match this price if I have the commercial account?

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      I don't think so but you can try. They normally look it up on their computers


    How to get a commercial account? Abn required?