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Korg Minilogue $649 Delivered @ Turramurra Music


Need a rabbit-hole to escape down? Well, here you go: an essential piece of kit for surviving the current lockdowns.

Great because it is an analogue synthesizer with four-voice polyphony.

Good price, too.

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    I read this as Kylie Minogue for $649

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    Would love this, but 3-4 years old now?

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      Maybe even older, but in no way obsolete or dated (bearing in mind it is made for lovers of analogue tech in the first place). There is a newer model - Korg XD - but a slightly different beast. Many will prefer this and I don't imagine it will be discontinued any time soon.

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        Yep, I have an XD and it's extremely versatile, the possibilities with the added multi-engine and user effects are endless, but it also lacks some of the features of the original. Would much prefer the ADSR envelope over the XD's implementation, and the lack of 2 pole/4 pole switch on the filter is a bit of a bummer too. Both are great synths and you can't go wrong with either. I just want bigger keys and more voices now, should have got the prologue…

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          Interesting - price wise the XD is still around $1k so the original is significantly cheaper. Ive got a Novation Xiosynth already but like the idea of having seperate knobs for everything

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            @Squeezy: I love the early Novation VA synths.

            I've got a K-Station and it's such a monster.

            I thought my Blofeld was the only synth I needed but I find myself going for the K-Station more often.

  • I have my daughter 6 years old starting to learn paino, which one suitable for her as I need 88 key? Korg B2 is ok?

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      I have absolutely no experience with that model, but with musical instruments for beginners, you can not really go wrong with Korg, Roland, Casio or Yamaha. Also, if you want to upgrade later, they are easier to sell! But you may want to get the advice of her teacher first, as it can be helpful for the teacher to know the instrument the student has.

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        Good point thanks, will ask her teacher.

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          Definitely make sure it has 88 keys.

          Also get weighted keys too.

          On a piano, the lower notes are "heavier" to press, and higher notes are a lot "lighter".

          If you're learning, it's best to get the feel for proper keys. When I was very young, I even found it hard playing on a grand piano compared to an upright - as the keys were heavier still and I'd have to push a lot harder which distracted me.

          Keyboards vs digital pianos generally have a lot less feedback on the notes, especially if they are plastic and on the cheaper side of things.

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      B2 is a keyboard and a pretty decent one at that with good weighting.

      The Korg item listed is a Synth - totally different beast and the keyboard wont be anything like a piano in terms of feel. Its more about sound FX

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  • Is this the one that Aphex did the presets for?

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      I think that's the Korg Monologue, which is a bass synthesizer and cheaper again.

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        Ah cool thanks, very similar name

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    As much as I would have like to get the XD version I found a Minlilougue at Scarlett Music Ebay store which with coupon came in at $616 delivered ( last one ) and bit the bullet.